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Published: Sunday, Jan. 30 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Honolulu, HI

I well remember Wayne Estes as a player and his tragic death when he stopped to help others after a traffic accident only to be electrocuted by a downed power line iirc. A great guy and a great player. When Billy "The Hill" McGill played at Utah, I was too young to be aware - no internet and no tv for me back then. But I heard his name echoing around for many years after that. All great players as are the others you listed. Many others were great - Jerry Chambers, Merv "The Magician" Jackson, and a few others in SLC and down in Provo as well. But Jimmer is already up in the elite group you named and it is way too early to tell how far he will climb - maybe to the very top.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nope.. BYWho basketball has never won anything, Untill they can meet the U's 1944?? championship.. they or who is the best!

What's up?
Salt Lake City, UT

Not even near "best ever" in state. not sure he in top 5 at BYU. All he does is score and we know that doesn't mean win,

Richmond, VA

Does it really matter if the team once again doesn't advance beyond the 2nd round in the tourney? Short of doing that, the BYU haters will continue to mock and hurl their venomous insults! Reach the Sweet 16, or better yet the Final Four, or the Championship game, and all else will be fine, including the scoring title, because by then, Jimmer would have by passed everybody else on record. Go Cougars!!!

Resolute Voice
Salt Lake City, UT

He might be if he takes BYU to the Final Four or Elite Eight. That is the where the bar has been set. So until then he is just very, very good.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Another day another Jimmer article. It would be nice if there was just one non-AP article about the Aggies,who will move up in the national rankings today.

West Jordan, Utah

Yes - from an individual standpoint, no one at BYU, Utah or USU has ever had a season comparable to what Jimmer is having - NO ONE. And this comes from a huge Ainge fan.

BYU is not the best team to ever come out of the state of Utah - not even close. However, Jimmer is the best player and has the chance to lead this team to places no BYU team has gone before.

We shall see.

Albany, NY

Jimmer is a great scorer. Jimmer is a great scorer. Once again, Jimmer is a great scorer. Jimeer is NOT a great basketball player. Assists versus SDSU last week? ZERO. Can he rebound? NO. Can he distribute and create FOR his teammates? NO. Jimmer is a fantastic scorer and he will stick in the NBA for a few years. But I wouldn't even put him in my top 15 players all time in the state of Utah. I wish Jimmer all the success in the world, but that is my view.

Appleton, WI

What is the obsession with declaring everyone and everything "the best" at this or "the best" at that? How can you accurately compare different basketball players who played against different competition in completely different eras?

Can't we just agree that Jimmer is a gifted and exciting player, capable of doing just about anything on a basketball floor? He'll only play in Provo 5 more times. Can't we just enjoy it while it lasts?

Let history compare these players 20 or 30 or 50 years from now. When it does, we'll be able to write to the Deseret News and say we actually saw Jimmer play. That will be the time to reflect on our memories. Now is the time to be making them.

Sandy, UT

All scoring numbers are misleading because many of these players did not have the 3 point shot, for gunners like Ainge and Estes it may have changed things.

Estes, had he lived, would possibly have been the leader.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Wow, throw 47 on the Utes and you can generate some vicious hatred.

You cannot compare generations. The 3 point shot did not exist and offenses are run differently now because of it. McGill was "only" 6'9"" and while great size back then, may have been undersized now. Estes was incredible, but may not be quick enough now. Van Horn, Cosic, both Chambers, Miller were all really good. Athletes are better now. Lets just say that Jimmer is really good and enjoy the show.

Phoenix, AZ

I generally agree with the story that Jimmer will not go down as the greatest to ever lace them up in UT. He can't compete with Van Horn, Miller, or Ainge until they go to at least the elite eight. But man, he is fun to watch and I am going to savor watching him and the Cougs this year. Enjoy the moment.

Good comment on the three's for Estes and Ainge. a three point line could have put those scoring numbers beyond reach forever.

Go Cougs. Come back from the loss at the Pit and show us what you are made of.

Ann Arbor, MI

How could anyone consider such a defensive liability the "best"?

Put it this way, if jimer was an "average" shooter he would not be playing D1 basketball.

Now, if you want to rank the states best shooter of all time maybe jimer should be in the discussion.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Who is the best? I don't know but enjoy it when he is still around and who knows what going to happen when ncaa comes around. Come on, blame it on ncaa for putting in 3's, no foul boddy contact and shot clock. Who knows ncaa going to allow first time 4 pointers beyound 40 footers. Get a life and enjoy it and I think today is the day SI going to release about Jimmer and T.J.

Murray, UT

McGill posted his numbers when there was no 3 point shot and freshman couldn't play. He put 60 points on BYU in the Smith Fieldhouse on February 24, 1962. He was also the NBA's number one pick that year.


I hope that you are not disrespecting Utah's 1944 championship. If you are, I suggest that you read up on it. Because of the War many programs like Utah had to rely on freshman players because the upper classmen were at War and the freshman and sophs were waiting to go. The Military set up training camps at some Universities and ordered the best athletes there to train and play their sport. Utah was not one of them. The Navy set up training and virtually took over Dartmouth College ordering some of the best college basketball players from other schools in the east to go there. Dartmouth inherited a great basketball team in 1944 thanks to the Navy. Utah and its freshman beat Dartmouth for the 1944 NCAA championship.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

It is nice to see Estes mentioned. He is certainly one of the best. Extremely sad story. He had the game of his life and then died tragically trying to help others.
I will echo what others have said. Jimmer is fantastic, but not the best. If he takes them deep in the tournament, you can revisit the subject. But I still think he would fall behind a few others.

Fresno, CA

Go Big Blue!!!

I used to wonder why you guys get ignored so much by the Utah papers as well, because you have been consistently good for a while now. But then I went over to the Aggie board and saw that hardly anyone comments there. Newspapers write articles for the people who read the paper. Get your fellow Aggies to read and comment more and you'll probably get more coverage.

Good luck with the rest of your season.

Cedar Hills, UT

If Jimmer takes his team to the NC game on his back, we might have a discussion.

That's what Andre Miller did and he is not even considered the best to have ever played at the U.

Albany, NY

Lots of short memories in the press corps but the comments on this board are pretty honest. Being a great basketball player is much more than being a great scorer. Bogut made everyone around him better.
He dominated both ends of the floor. He affected the game in more ways than scoring.The consumate teammate. Andre Miller and Keith Van Horn were also incredible basketball players. Van Horn would defer to Miller and Miller to Van Horn. And Travis Hansen was a heck of a player. He made his teammates better. I don't see that one bit with Jimmer, although I concede he is lethal on the offensive end. His defense leaves much desired.

Bountiful, UT

Ainge was not only better than Jimmer, but far better at BYU. He was tenacious on both ends of the court. Scored more efficiently that Jimmer - even without the 3 point line. Don't get me wrong, I think Jimmer is absolutely incredible. I love watching him shoot - I even applauded him when he beat my Utes. But he's not nearly as great as Ainge.
Van Horn was great, but also had the benefit of playing with numerous other NBA talents, including Andre who is in the running in this conversation as well.
I'd put Jimmer somewhere along the same lines as Luther "Ticky" Burden at the U. An amazing scorer (28.7 ppg before the 3 pt line) who captured America's admiration (leading Team USA scorer until Kevin Durrant came along), but was a defensive liability and had to dominate the ball to be effective.
McGill was unbelievable.
Bogut was great but left early.
Kresmir Cosic was an international legend
Estes was awesome too.
Chambers and Vranes were a national story.
Even if Jimmer takes the Cougs to the Final Four, it would be really tough to call him the best.

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