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Published: Sunday, Jan. 30 2011 1:00 a.m. MST

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Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

You made some good points Dick...especially pointing out Crowton's folly...but without really pointing out the key fact... of recruiting more non LDS athletes than usual...which because of their off campus activities ended up getting them and him in trouble. Those same problems would have basically been overlooked or swept under the rug at other universities.

Quite a significant number of athletes across the board in all sports have come out of the military service as well... so for other universities to point out the mature factor of LDS missionaries is just sour grapes and besides if they are recruiting LDS prospects they have the option to do the same thing. It's not, as you mentioned, an exclusively Utah thing. They choose not to....but stll harp about it anyway. The precedent was established long ago... so all their harping is just hot air. The system works and Both Utah and BYU use it to their advantage...and balances out in the long run.


Payson, UT

How many years has Bronco coached BYU?
Does this mean that the 2011 team will be the first that is entirely built out of his recruits?
2011 could be the best year to really judge Bronco and how he will do going forward from here.

Recruiting strategy is a major driver of how a team does. Can he (and his staff) identify players that will perform well in their coaching schemes?

It will be fun to watch 2011 for this and for the other changes (independence, Utah in pac 12, TCU in big east, MWC with Boise St.)

Roy, UT

Dick, I did not understand your "Amen." What are you saying, is it that you agree with the gripers? As a church-going man, my understanding of Amen is that you agree with what was said, so do you agree with the gripers? Clarity would be appreciated. As for me, I am proud of the Y and have little respect for those who do not acknowledge the importance of striving, though emperfectly, to do as you profess to believe, putting it out there for everyone to scrutinize and criticize. It is not the critic, but the man in the battle to whom the respect and cheers must be directed. Props to the Cougars who project a "style of our own."

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We should be undefeated this year unless the refs blame us for things we don't do just like every year.

Midvale, UT

These guys are part of what I love about BYU players. In today's athletic world there are so many trouble makers, they are getting in trouble for drugs, and all sorts of other crimes, as well as being jerks on the feild. The players that come out of BYU and even while they are at BYU are great role models for younger people or older for that matter. I know there are some strong return missionary's athlete's at other schools also like Univarsity of Utah, Utah State, University of Nevada, Boise State, even Hawaii. However when these players that come out of BYU come out with traits I can normally be very proud of.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Settle down DRay. Dick's use of Amen in this instance is just to say that he is glad the Cougars are done with the MWC and all it entails. I am looking forward to all the games with storied programs the Cougars will be playing over the next few years. This will be Bronco's 7th year as Head Coach. There could be a couple that signed with Crowton but this will pretty much be all Bronco era recruits.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dulan coming back will be a nice boost for this next year. Throw in the USC transfers, and BYU is going to have a mean, mean defensive front. They are as loaded at linebacker as they ever have been.
Prepare to see some serious hitting coming from the Cougar D. I can't wait.

Boise, ID

wwookie: TCU doesn't join the Big East until 2012. They'll still be in the MWC in 2011 and will play Boise State on the blue turf.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

It is interesting when opposing teams complain about the age of BYU players. As stated, a few teams do have a missionary or two on their rosters. But no coach in the country would want to have the huge number of kids BYU has leave for two years at the prime of their athleticism and do absolutely nothing except walk or ride a bike. This aspect of BYU, along with the honor code, really makes BYU the most difficult place to build and sustain a successful program in the country - and yet BYU still manages to do it quite well.

Personally, I am not so eager to say Amen to the MWC. Independence is what we have so we are moving forward with it but I am not so sure that the "exposure" of playing Texas, Mississippi, OSU, and possibly TCU in one season will be worth the pounding that will entail.

It is easy to criticize Crowton's recruiting. In hindsight we learned just how hard it is for an 18 year old non-LDS kid to fit in at BYU. But Crowton was not wrong in trying to find athletes in the dbackfield. We still need them.

Heber City, UT

Whoa DRay. HE is saying Amen to the complaints. Read and comprehend.

If this system is so wonderful I would suggest to the other schools they hae their players leave for 2 years and not do anything with sports and then come back. They then should be able to have their national championships. LOL.

A number of years back someone compared the average age of the teams BYU played over the last few years and the average age as compared to BYU was within a 1-3 months.

If this system gives us such a great advantage then we should be winning championships virtually every year.

Some people just want to complain because we are a religious insitution.

Santa Monica, CA

I really haven't heard all that much "griping" about this since the mid eighties and I haven't heard anyone say much at all about the Utes use of rm's and the Utes foes might have reason to do that in the glorious years of Ute BCS dominance.

People really aren't going to have much to say about this until the older and more mature athletes start dominating and causing foes to quake in their cleats. A seven win season doesn't do that. Sounds like a bit of a persecution complex to me.

Corona, CA

Having older players who are mature and have more life experience is an advantage.

Sandy, UT

When other Coaches whine about BYU's advantage with having RM's, they show utter ignorance of the matter.

Nobody is the same physically when they return. It takes a year or more to even get close to your former shape.

Many never get back to that top shape again.

Whenever BYU plays by the rules set forth, and achieve within that framework, somehow they have an "unfair" advantage, but when they fail, nothing is said.

Keep in mind, the missionary, peace corps, military service Rule, is available to "All Schools", not just BYU.

Every school has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Provo does not have San Diego's beaches and great weather year round. But, they have 11,000 ft. mtn. peaks.

Utah does not have 90k fans every week like USC, but they do have ????

BYU's Honor Code, like the Academies, is a big plus to some recruits and their Parents, and a big negative to others.

In other words you play to any advantage you can. And guess what, It's all Fair.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Harmon is predictably spinning a weak recruiting class.

Captain L
Provo, UT

It is alot harder than people think to go on a mission and then come back and try to get in shape to play FB or BB at the D 1 level. It is very hard and the young men struggle with injuries and sometimes they lose their competitive drive. A year or two latter maybe they get back to where they were before they left and then being older and more mature may be an advantage but it's a maybe, it's definitely not a sure thing.

Bountiful, UT

2 years on a mission make a huge difference to the physiques of many lineman. Utah had a safety come back as a 300lb offensive tackle.

It does, however, put a Burden on the skills positions, QB, RB and WR... (eg, Heaps, Unga and Jacobsen)

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Howard S.

Harmon spins a lot of things but it really doesn't matter. You just learn to take him with a grain of salt. BYU will come out better for all the adversity...it usually always does. All those stars don't really mean a whole lot. Most of the big blue chippers never attain the same levels of success in college as they had in High School. Conversely a significant amount of those 1's and 2's who didn't fully blossom in High School seem to suddenly have a major growing spurt in their development and suddenly become the higher level players in college. Maturity is a significant aspect...but with that maturity they still have to work even harder just to gain back what they lost physically. It's real balancing act...but it works.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Harmon is predictably spinning a weak recruiting class"

Howard S.,

I totally agree. If Dick had something, ANYTHING to crow about in this class - the article would have been focused on that.

Sorry but out of shape, balding RM's isn't going to save face on a disaster recruiting year.

Dick the real "story" is the realities on recruiting caused by no conference affiliation. You're looking at it.

Orem, UT

@ Howard S

As far as one who spins, twist, micro-hyper-extends and manipulates what others say and do, I assure you, Howard S. that you and Ernest and really most Ute fans and media are about as good at that, conversely to Harmon, as any group of people I have ever read or heard.

Hank Pym

re: jazzbball | 9:51 a.m. Jan. 30, 2011

"Prepare to see some serious hitting coming from the Cougar D."

You have to be able to pursue & catch your opponents before you hit them; see the problem?

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