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Published: Thursday, Jan. 27 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B.
Midvale, UT

Jimmer will try to be a hero and ruin the game for his team. Gay will be all over Jimmer and he will selfishly ruin it for his team.

San Diego 70
tds 60

Looking forward to a great game for all of us who love to hate byu.

Walter Bellhaven
Las Vegas, Nevada

@ Chris B
I don't think so.

Overton, NV

Jimmer has been the man so far. He made a couple of bone head mistakes, but only one (that I remember) that led to a turnover; and it didn't result in any points.

Keys so far: Other than Davies, nobody else has done much offensively. SDSU has played very good defense so far, limiting the open shots. But even when given the opportunity, most of BYU's shooters haven't been able to put the ball in the hoop.

SDSU is also getting away with a bit more under the basket than BYU. That needs to stop. The foul on Anderson, for example, would not have been called on the other end of the floor.

Layton, UT

31-30 at halftime at the Marriott Center, that does not bode well for the Cougars. SDSU beat New Mexico in the Pit, one of the toughest places to play on the road. the Marriott Center does not intimidate them. I stick by my prediction SDSU will beat us because we don't win the big games.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer is a hero and the Cougars will win the game.

BYU 75
sdsu 60

I lied. I secretly love BYU.

Overton, NV

About 4 minutes to go, and BYU up by 8. It could be a ton more, if Leonard got called for every foul he commits. The guy just mugged TWO BYU players under the basket to take a rebound away, yet it's a BYU guy that gets called for foul? How does that work when BOTH BYU guys had position on the rebound?

The "more physical" team continues to get away with more under the basket than should be allowed.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Cris B. Get that crow ready. You said you would congratulate BYU if they won. There is still time to get it warmed up or you can eat it cold.

St.George, Utah

Bravo, Jimmer, bravo.

BYU basketball is nothing without you. And this is coming from an Aggie.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

BYU 67, SDSU 54 with 1:04 to go. Now how did that happen?

ute alumni
Salt Lake, UT

chrissy b:
nice try. you are soooo wrong soooo often. where is utah? really, how many times have you been right? i honesty can't recall a time. listen to what the announcers have to say about jimmer. i'll bet you were the hero on the varsity cheerleading squad.

Springville, UT

In the most historic game played in the Marriot Center the BYU Cougars take control and defeat the formerly undefeated SDSU Aztecs, spoiling their 20-0 record. Now #1 in the MWC and sure to rise a notch or two in the rankings.

NO FEAR! Take that Ute trolls!

Jimmer on fire w/ 43 pts. Davies great, team great.

Ute troll predictions... not so great!

Salt Lake City, UT

I feel sooooooo bad. Another one of my predictions misses the mark. Congrats, Cougars. Crow tastes mmmm-mmmm good.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU is rocking the world! OK, rocking the college basketball world!

Highland, UT

Go Cougars!!!!!!!!! That was an amazing game! They so got Jimmered!!!!!!

By the way Chris B., we know that you really don't love BYU, we are not fooled.

Cedar City, UT

Chris B

Your obsession is showing again. First one to comment on a BYU article.

And once again you embarrass yourself. Jimmer takes control of the game when he needs to, and look at the results.

70-58 BYU wins.

Now please go away...

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Chris B. was surprisingly close in his prediction: except for which team got what score. Personally I would be more worried if Chris B. predicted a BYU win, but that will probably never happen.

Great game Cougars! Too bad I had a class and had to miss it. I'm sure it was good, and I am glad to see yet another 40+ performance by Jimmer Fredette. Rise and Shout!

Lindon, UT

BYU started to pull ahead midway through the 2nd half and win by 12. Can't get any better than this.I don't suppose we will be bothered by Chris B or Hedgehog for awhile. Way to go Cougs. Jimmer, great game. Another +40 points. Vandy, at #5 lost so SDSU and Vandy will both drop below BYU, I suppose. Look for BYU to be ranked between 4 and 7 when the next poll comes out.

South Jordan, UT

As good as advertised. I wish I could have seen it. Basic cable isn't very good. I have comcast to see local teams on the MTN? What happened? Nice job BYU. Good win.

Overton, NV

Thing is, Chris B was right on one thing: Gay WAS all over Jimmer. And it still didn't matter.

SDSU played VERY tough defense. Jimmer may have taken nearly half of BYU's shots, but he was the only one (other than Davies) who could create against that tough D.

I still contend that SDSU gets away with too much under the hoop. They should be called for more fouls on those rebounds. Not a lot more, but enough that Leonard and White should be in foul trouble more often than they are.

A big thing in this game: Gay had those two early points off free throws, but went 0-7 from the floor. When you take that guy completely out of the game, it's tough for SDSU to compete against a team like BYU.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Dear UofU Football and Basketball,

That's how you finish a big game.



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