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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

You are right Bugoff, they really don't matter!!

Saint Louis, MO

The team is headed "south for the winter". I am a Fez phan. He could be developed into something. That would take coaching. D-Wil appears to have made his mind. I love the Jazz and am very disappointed. This tells you a lot about society. Multi-ethnicity does not really work! We miss Boozer but not his psychiatrist. You can already see that the Bulls are being scarred by Boozer's penchant for psychological gamesmanship. He "has a hangnail" and he takes off for a week and says that it is his quads. Jefferson is psychologically balanced but with about half the talent of Boozer.

Salt Lake City, UT


Thanks for the response. Can't say I agree or disagree because I don't watch a lot of college basketball, but I'm glad you had something well thought out. From what I understood, Jazz fans were upset because we didn't get a huge talent... well guess what? There was no huge talent at #9.

I thought the Jazz picked Hayward cause he has upside. You obviously disagree, but I must say that he continually surprises me with his jumping ability and his ability to block shots when he's chest to chest w/ a guy. Let's hope it pans out, but right now I'm still waiting on a consistent jump shot (something I waited on from Brewer for way too long!)

Richfield, UT

Re: CJMiles, come on now it's time to get off that bandwagon. I have stood by him from the beginning but by now he has developed into what he is going to be and i'm afraid that is a 1 good for every 3 he plays and that is not good enough for a starting shooting guard in the NBA unless he plays defense and that he doesn't do.

Meridian, ID

Anyone who complains about the hayward pick needs to get the dumb slapped off of their face... why dont you complain about the previous 20 picks that koc made first... anyone who knows anything knows that when you are drafting lottery you are usually drafting and young young man usually still a teenager and anything other then the first few picks needs time to mature and develop ... hayward is accually only the 3rd or 4th pick ive agreed with in the last 10 years of jazz drafts..and he has already shown very good promise..

Meridian, ID

I dont remember a single person agree with me when i was arguing that we needed to keep mathews at all cost...accually everyone mocked me.... now ppl try to act like... oh yeah we shoulda kept mathews .. lol what a joke

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