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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT


That was well said my friend !!

Houston, TX

NYJazzFan has hit it.

It will take AJ at least a year to actually learn the system and how to play within it. He may never. In the meantime, Millsap is underperforming as the offense does not flow properly.

The Jazz need more and better shooting wings but Okur can open up the inside to some extent if he is 100%.

The Okur, Millsap, AK, CJ, DWill line up is not optimal but they know the system and that is a lot better than what is going on right now.

There is no easy quick fix for the offensive flow problems. All 5 players have to know the offense and get the timing right.

AJ may as well learn the offense against weaker opposition. Bell needs limited minutes. Sloan runs his Vets into the ground and then they ease off. That disrupts the timing. Sloan has that problem over and over again.

Starting Fes is an option but does he know the offense? Further, he is not that good on offense. I am not sure he solves the primary problem.

This is a Sloan problem. One of how to manage the return of Okur while developing AJ.

Ivins, UT

I will read about it in the papers....just too miserable to watch.

Las Vegas, NM

Could Evans, Fesenko or Price played worse? At least these three guys compete..

Salt Lake City, UT

This needs to start with the Miller Family.. How much longer can Coach Sloan go on for?

Richfield, UT

JazzFanSD: I totally agree with you on Iguodalla for AK trade. The biggest need the Jazz have is a SG or SF who will come night after night and drop shots and play a consistent all around game.

AK gets way to much credit for his defense because of his shot blocking. How much good do a couple of blocks do for you while he's dropping off his man to get them while his man stands in the corner alone dropping three's.

CJ is too inconsistent to be a starter and is a defensive liability. When he is not on take him out and leave him out.

Quit ragging on Hayward, he's one of the hardest workers on the team and 7 of the 8 drafted before him have not exactly been burning up the league.
No upside? Get real. He is a good strength program during the off season away from being a really good all around player.

Your dead Uncle
Saint George, UT

remember before the season during the free agency mass exodus when everyone on here was talking of how difficult the season would be with the losses we sustained? Then we signed a couple names and outperformed to start the season. Well,....Welcome back to reality. There is no excuse for lack of effort, but the Jazz are exactly where most expected them to be before we were star struck by Jefferson & Bell.

San Diego, CA

Everything starts at the defensive end. Okur is not the answer, he has never been good defensively and he has been worse this year if that's even possible. When Okurs on the floor he needs someone to protect him defensively. Fes shouldn't play big minutes, but if only to clog the lane to start the game, get a couple hard fouls, set a tone. the guy cant be out there for extended time because he cant shoot free throws, but the Jazz need to win a couple first quarters soon, or this team will be lost for good. (really bad body language lately) Giving up 30+ points every first quarter will not stop with Okur starting the games. I also have been an AK fan for a long time and was happy the off season trade fell apart, but he has lost his explosiveness. He is no longer able to dunk in traffic and when he gets to the rim now, more often then not its a blocked shot. Finally isn't the "box-out" the most fundamental of all plays? Find your guy box out? It seems the Jazz lack this skill.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

sloan for coach of the year

Dustin C
Torrance, CA

Can we somehow pull off a trade with the pistons and bring Rip Hamilton? That would really help the team...

Houston, TX

I also apposed trading AK early in the year for several reasons. Among others his expiring contract is worth more to the Jazz than it is to many other teams.

AK is playing better, coming off of the bench. That appears to be his best role right now.

In the longer run Hayward will develop into a very good player.

Bell is not a bust. Sloan has just played him too many minutes. Play him about 12-15 minutes and let him go as hard as he can. In the meantime get a wing who can shoot.

The Jazz can not get Iggy for AKs contract. PHI will want more and the Jazz do not have anything they want. The Jazz can add a shooter fairly cheaply to at least bust a zone. That shooter should be able to learn the offense by the playoffs.

The biggest immediate problem is AJ/Millsap. They have not meshed. The inside game is not working. The production of both is down.

Okur is poor on D and not in game shape but it is worth a try. Let him play hard for 5 minutes at a time if necessary.

Farmington, UT

@ Dustin - No thanks! I like Rip but he's getting old. According to ESPN today, Indy is trying to shuffle players around and "Granger is no longer untouchable." Its a stretch, I know-but the Jazz need to do something to get a Center and a Shooting Guard. I'm not sure how appealing AK's expiring contract is but I'd like to see at least a rumor that the Jazz are trying to do SOMETHING!

Richfield, UT

JazzFanSD: Your right about boxing out, but boxing out isn't really a skill, it's a state of mind and wanting to do it and the only one on the Jazz that actually makes an effort to do that is Fez and it apparently goes unnoticed by Sloan.

Dustin C: Making a trade is fine but Hamilton's contract is as bad as AK's and for 3 more years. That would make no sense at all.

Milsap starts losing his touch when he's not getting enough shots, we need him shooting more, AJ less. The team starts standing around when AJ gets the ball down low and it's interrupting the flow of the offense. Ocur too, he needs to go back to the "catch and shoot" player he was when they first got him.

Northport, NY

any other coach would have been fired after a 2 month stretch like this. a terrific group of players not performing up to their potential. seeing D-Will on the bench with his HEAD DOWN. Then walking off the bench when the game ended the other nite towards the locker room with his head down instead of greeting & encouraging the players as they walked off the court as the game ended !!! SOMETHING very serious internally is going on btw. some players & or the coaches. This team leads the league EVERY year in giving ticky tack fouls & every game the other team is shooting fouls shots with 6 mins. left in every quarter. If you're going to foul, lets see some real tuff hits to make the other team think before they freely come into the paint for easy baskets..After seeing Al for only 1/2 a season, he is a soft player as well (boozer). Al cries EVERYTIME a foul is called on him. GIVE A HARD FOUL ONCE IN AWHILE BIG GUY. The other team is shoving it down your throats right at the rim & the JAZZ bigs guys are just watching. SLOAN MUST GO !!!

Salt Lake City, UT

No wonder Fisher wanted to leave for less money.

As for Hayward, it was a crapshoot who to pick, the guys picked right behind him have been erratic, the best guy picked after him was Landry Fields at 39 to the Knicks of all teams.

Fes was sick last night but Sloan has to start playing him again. Focus on what he can do, not what he can't.

Stevenson Ranch, CA

I don't get to watch too many Jazz games as I live in SoCal, and wondered if some of the comments were a little harsh- however after last night's game I have to subscribe to many of the complaints.

We have a starting shooting guard who can guard, but can't shoot. I lost track of how many open shots Bell missed (and I was excited when he signed up last year). We have gone from an embarrassment of riches at wing, to a dearth.

We have 3 PF taking turns being a PF and a Center.

We have one SF who can shoot, but not guard, and another who can play defense, but not shoot. Neither is effective at going to the basket.

Houston, TX

There is one other option that MIGHT work in the short run.

Start Watson at PG and move DWill to SG with CJ, AJ and Millsap. DWill and CJ should have enough outside shooting to open up the inside. 2 PGs may be able to get the ball inside more effectively.

The Jazz played well in the past playing DWill with Fisher.

It is a short run solution but might fix some of the problems.

The Jazz are not getting the production out of AJ and Millsap. There are problems. Part of it is on the wings.

When Korver joined the Jazz he immediately fixed a similar problem. He did not know the offense that first season but he fixed the problem because he could shoot.

Part of the problem is AJ who tends to bog the timing down. Part of the problem is that the offense tends to run thru AJ and not Millsap.

2 PGs may solve some of that.

Go get a shooter with a trade exemption. The Jazz are not going to make the playoffs if this keep up. A Korver clone is cheaper than missing the playoffs.

Las Vegas, NM

All of Jazzland is mum on the team. Noone calling out the players, no GM, no owner, noone except the fans yelling and screaming that this team STINKS.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

LAJazzfan.....We have a small forward who can not drive? Where did you come up with that one from? CJ gets to the hoop all the time. But on the other hand you are right. He shouldn't be a small forward, he should be the starting 2.

Watson needs to play more. Price needs some minutes and Millsap needs to wake up from his month long nap. Jefferson needs to realize there are 4 other players on the floor on offense.

Houston, TX

I looked up the WinScores for the Jazz. (yes I know some of you hate that stat).

I suspect they will tell most of you what you already have observed.

DWill .224 underperforming from last year
Millsap .179 underperforming
AK .17 actually a little better
AJ .103 underperforming
Watson .093 best backup PG Utah has had in years (Gaines did not play).
CJ .056 about the same old CJ
Hayward .016 okay for a rookie but Not Mathews
Bell .007 Not good for a starting SG
Elson -.025
Okur -.074 Not back yet at all
Fes -.138 no progress
Price -.084 really does not help
Evans .395 one of the best in the league but play garbage minutes so it is not a true reflection.

Based contributions to wins the best combo may be starting Watson at PG with DWill at SG and AK at SF with AJ and Millsap.

As bad as these numbers are the Jazz won/loss record is amazingly good.

The big problems are at C/PF and SG. DWill is down a little also.

Small wonder the offense is not running well.

Efficiency and rebounding are not good. Those 2 mostly drive WinScores.

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