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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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SLC, Utah

There is no "heart" with this team. They don't seem to care to win or lose. I can handle a loss if they could at least act like they cared. CJ Miles, you don't love baseketball, you play like it just doesn't matter. DWill..your selfish and just looking for a road out of here. AK..nuff said. Paul Milsap, your wishing you had taken the offer from Portland now aren't you. Okur, your done. Shall I go on? Its time to find a team with HEART otherwise I guess I'll just have to watch something else and for sure not wasting my money on a team with no HEART.

Highland, UT

I love the jazz, but let's face the facts. We don't have the $ to bring in top talent. D-Will WILL be gone. If I were him I'd be gone too. Utah every year is in the middle somewhere.

Other than D-WILL and Milsap do we have anyone else that is a grade B- or better in the league? Al can't rebound or play defense and Kirilenko is injury prone.

To win in this league you must have at least 3 players that are A- or better and a solid defender in the paint. We have none.

D-WILL knows the jazz can't bring in talent.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

When's the last time we heard talk that Millsap should be an All-Star? Two months? When is he going to show up again? No one on here is talking about him either in a positve way. He wanted to be a starter so bad but he needs to go to the bench.

Jefferson needs to learn to play with the other players and be in the right place at the right time. Memo is horrible right now due to being out of shape.

Time to be men against San Antonio. Manu will eat us up!!

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

In the last two weeks atmosphere has gone from concerned to disturbing to worrisome to bizarre to desperate to . . . absurd.

Are we in some kind of surreal movie all of a sudden?

Longmont, CO

Hopefully tonight Sloan will go with a DWill, CJ, AK, PM, AJ. Bell needs to play with the second unit.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Hey Jazz fans!
Why Jazz loosing? It starts Sloan and mainly on Deron. If your PG takes 1/4 whole team shots with 25% promised land doesn't look good. Sloans stubborns and Deron's selfishness destroying Jazz.
Good luck with SA.

Farmington, UT

I was pleasantly surprised with Miles last night and think he should be starting at 2 rather than Bell. Bell, AK, and Okur need to go. The Jazz need to find a center so Al can move to 4 and Millsap to 3.

The fans should be upset with KOC and Williams right now. Sloan is doing everything he can with what he's got but I can't say the same for Williams. Watson has more heart than him.

??? Center - we got killed inside last night!

Houston, TX

Sloan knows exactly what has killed the flow in his offense. He also knows that shuffling the SF is not going to fix it.

Utah got 21 points combined from AJ and Millsap. The offensive flow is disrupted. In most of the last 6 games it has been the Jazz not the oppositions defense that has disrupted the flow.

These same players executed it well sporadically for the first half of the year. Now they can't execute at all. They (and Sloan) know who is disrupting the offense.

Sloan is going to have to make some changes. POP would never put up with this. Run the system or sit.

Last year SA looked like old washed up fools for bringing in R Jefferson. This year they are the NBA's best team.

This team is capable of winning. But they have to decide they are going to play defense and run the offense.

SG is a weakness. Bell is playing too many minutes. Hayward is not ready (good in the future).

The Jazz need to pick up a shooting SG with a trade exemption or a trade.

Okur is not ready yet.

Sloan has limited options.

Cedar Hills, UT

the Jazz get destroyed by the Celtics and the Lakers. Not a good omen for the playoffs. The Jazz have the players this year and the size they just seem to play soft - especially on defense and seem intimidated by the Lakers and the Celtics.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

We need to face the facts. Right now they are just not a very good basketball team.

Las Vegas, NM

Where's Greg Miller ranting and raving or is he at the hair salon? Where is KOC or is he scouting some slow, no passion European? Where is Sloan or is that just his ghost?
Where are the million dollar babies, Jefferson, Millsap, and Williams? No leadership, no passion.
The coach should bench these losers. Maybe the time has come to blow up the team and get rid of Sloan and Williams. Please Gordon 'Opie Milicic' has done nothing.
They are the Utah Cavaliers of the west.

Sandy, UT

The Jazz are trying to play NOT to lose, instead of playing to WIN like they should be. It obviously doesn't work that way.

When you simply play to NOT lose, you do. When you play with the mindset and expectation of winning, then you have something.

Kinda hard to have a winning attitude when you've lost 5 straight, but they've gotta pull their heads out and realize their potential is there for the taking if they'll just reach out and grab it.

Viva Los Jazz
Garland, UT

We had better rebound after a five games in a row. What happened to the team early on this year that could beat anyone? I'm almost to the point where I think we start trading players and rebuild for next year when we get Tomac and Jimmer?

Houston, TX

Okur may not be ready yet but I think I would try Okur, Millsap, AK, CJ and DWill to start the game. They know the offense. That might get Millsap going. That might get the execution needed.

After about 10-12 minutes I would replace Okur with AJ and try to get him going. After that, Okur could give Millsap a rest. Depending on the SF rotation AK could also.

Sooner or later there is going to be a 3 player rotation among the bigs (AJ/Okur/Millsap). It might as well be sooner.

Fez is a special situation player. I suspect neither Fez nor Elson really know the offense. Neither have sufficient offense to start consistently.

The rotation among AK, CJ, Bell and Hayward is less problematic. Give the minutes to whoever is playing well.

The problem is spacing and players not running/knowing the offense. Play the combo that knows the offense.

AJ can ad lib a lot better against the second team. Ditto for Hayward and Bell.

Sloan is going to have to do something that actually addresses the real problem. The current C/PF line up is not executing his offense and not playing D.

Hugh G. Hater


Why should Greg Miller rant?
This is exactly the team he wants.

A team just good enough to get into the first
round of the playoffs and keep home game ticket sales manageable. With year over year price increases.

23 more years!

Eagle Mountain, UT

The sad thing about this is the Jazz have the talent to win the whole thing this year. The problems are mostly mental. It starts with their captain. He lacks energy and his team mates sense that. Their confidence is shot.
I turned the game off during the first quarter last night. It was painful.

Las Vegas, NM

Hugh G. Hater...you are regretably accurate with that assessment. He does have impressive gelled hair. Would his dad have put up with this junk?
I guess mediocre is all we Jazz fans can expect for another 40 years.

East Elmhurst, NY

The Jazz are flawed starting Milsap and Jefferson. We need to start Memo alongside Jefferson and AK (starting Hayward for AK, really?). That above lineup gives the Jazz the size to deal with anyone. If you are gonna make a lineup change go with Hayward or Price at the 2 for Bell. I guarantee Memo will open up space for Jefferson and that will take some pressure of DWill. Bell needs to start hitting shots..

Salt Lake City, Utah

I disagree, I don't think they have the talent right now. Maybe I'd agree if you said 'potential' but right now they look over matched talent wise, and it's not close when you think of the top teams in the League.

I agree with whats been said about finding a true C to play. Either Paul or Al will have to go to the Bench. Neither want to rebound especially against a team that has a true C out there. Fes is our obi won, he's our last hope. We've lost 5 in a row, soon to be 6, what do we have to lose. Play him as long as fouls and endurance will allow.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Good point NYJAzzFAn

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