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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Temecula, CA

I say give Deron two games off, start Watson, Fesenko in place of Jefferson and Hayward in place of Bell, and let's see what happens.

Glen Allen, VA

why did we let matthews go he is dominating in portland. Aside from the fact that no one knows the plays, we dont have a shooting guard who can actually score. Lets trade for Rip hamilton, at least to get rid of AK because he is playing just awful right now

Santa Monica, CA

"Jazz lose in La La Land."
Come on Jody. A high school newspaper should be able to come up with something better than that. It adds nothing to the story and it sounds kind of petty. The Jazz got destroyed by a really good team.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have an idea... LET'S PANIC!

You are all ridiculous. Start the bench? Okur's return made us worse?

Do you really want to start the bench?

Watson, Price, Hayward, Elson and Fesenko. That's our championship team!!!

Think back to March of 2007. The Jazz are in good position to get a decent playoff seeding. They lose 7 games in a row, getting blown out by the Suns. Larry Miller get's so mad that he storms on the court, goes on a tirade and yells "We suck!"

Two months later the Jazz go on the longest playoff run since 98.

Now. This team is not as good as that team. We are in a bit of trouble, but the reason I like Sloan is because he won't panic. Thats what a leader does, stay with your principles of success and things will work out.

In all honesty, I think there is a decent chance AK gets traded. Other than that, you are just going to have to be patient and watch the Jazz start to improve.

Salt Lake City, UT

And for those of you still bitter about the Hayward pick. Please, tell me. Who should they have picked?

Hugh G. Hater

The big 3 aren't getting it done on offense or defense.

The important thing is that KOC and GM saved money by dumping talent.

Lehi, UT

It is tough rooting and cheering for a team that seems to just play lazy and just goes through the motions. Our second group of bench players showed more hart, Hayward, Evans, Watson, Price. I liked the fact that CJ MIles was finally starting, but for goodness sake, get rid of Bell, he is a cancer to the starting line up, major liability. Time to turn the page, this group is not working. I would trade anyone on this team, nobody on this team is untouchable at this point. NOBODY!

Roosevelt, UT

Right now the Laers are rolling and the Jazz are not, however the Jazz have shown and proven they are a really good team and capable of beating anyone in the NBA.

Right now they have lost their swagger and confidence but that does not mean they should "trade everyone or pitch the GM and coach" that type of thinking has not brought the Jazz years of playoff basketball.

The fans seem to be so picky, they had a 20/10 player but he was not polite so they trade him in on a polite player who doesn't score and again they are unhappy.

AK has had his best years in basketball and he needs a new home. If he left the Jazz they would not miss him terribly and he has the most attractive trade appeal. Outise AK the Jazz do not have a lot to trade.

Slow and steady captain KOC.

salt lake city, utah

The Jazz are lazy and apathetic. They just don't care enough about winning to put forth the all-out effort required to be a contender in the NBA. They like to coast against weak teams and they end up losing games they should win. They do it every year and every year it hurts their seed in the playoffs.
The Jazz were more fun to watch and cheer for back in the first years after John & Karl left. They weren't very good, but they gave 100% effort every game......

San Diego, CA

A lineup change needs to happen but Sloan is looking at the wrong position. Fes should start at C,(even if he only gets the first 6 minutes of the 1st and 3rd) and AJ should move to the 4. Return Millsap to the bench. He is too small to mark starting NBA PF's and I think the rest of the league is now aware. They attack him right from the start. It seems the opposing teams 4 hasnt shot under 60% since Nov. Millsap should do what he does best, come off the bench, chip on his shoulder, and chew up 2nd teamers. 25 min a night, or more depending on matchups. Also Raja, I like him for the team, but his best days are gone. He should also be getting 15-20 min a night max. I wouldn't mind seeing, Fes, AJ, Hayward, Miles, and Dwill. Longer, younger, and more atheltic.

Arlington, VA

In response to JFFR, I may well eat my words in the future, but Hayward seemed like a player with very limited upside at the 9th pick. The players the Jazz could have traded down for: Ed Davis, who has shown a knack for rebounding and shotblocking, Larry Sanders-same as Davis, Jordan Crawford, Landry Fields, Paul George, Luke Babbitt and many others who have displayed talent at the least equal to Haywards so far. At the 8 slot, I can't say there was much better than Hayward, but when you have see that your pick may not have much upside, it's time to look at trading down to take a few fliers. I'm actually really pulling for ol' Gordo, so don't take these comments as critical of him, I'm just pointing out other options the Jazz had.

Orem, UT

The Lakers are just a better team and are in a better mindset at this point in the season.

salt lake, utah


Its time to put down the calculater,protractor and sharp pencil. Pick up the hammer and put this team back to work. Stop over thinking players and positions. Play your five best players or those that seem to want to play and see what happens. We as fans are giving you the green light to do something crazy like that.
Thanks apa
P.S We just want to see a team that plays with some Attitude,Heart,Passion, What ever. We're tired of these stone faced wimps!!

Sandy, UT

Lose the stupid mouth guards (distraction) and bring back Deron's beard! There's no chemistry out there AT ALL. Remember last year or the year before when they weren't playing well and we heard several of them say they weren't having any fun out there? I see the same problem now. Back then, once they started having fun they started winning, and it was fun for us to watch the play and the growing beard. Perhaps they're so down and so worried that they're preoccupied with the fear of losing and aren't letting themselves just go out and play.

San Diego, CA

Trade I would like to see. It seems when trade rumors start swirling, Andre Iguodala's name gets mentioned routinely. The 76ers want to get out from under his contract.This is a guy who would fix some of our teams issues. Elite defender, athletic, has never been great at being "the guy" in Philly but is a perfect 2nd superstar. He proved last summer he could be that guy. Gets his scoring where he can, and takes on the best players for the other team. Sort of a poor mans Scottie Pippen. If it's just a matter of a salary dump, and they don't want to pay him for the next 3-4 years, maybe they would be interested in AK's deal. Jazz need to do something. How about something like AK and Miles (Both have 1 year left) for Iguodala and Kapono.(according to ESPN 1 year left for Kapono, but at least he can shoot it) Then we go, Fes, AJ, Hayward, Iguodala and Dwill. Then we still have, some combo of Millsap, Watson, Price, Bell and Okur to come off the bench.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

DWill, Thanks in advance for playing in Utah. If management isn't willing to spend to keep players like Matthews, I would leave too. I, for one, won't boo you when you come back to play in Utah.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Let Miles start at the 2 and sit Bell,we beat San Antone tonight,mark it down,GO JAZZ

Allen, TX

@ PalmG: Of course Matthews is dominating in PDX, they don't have anyone else, so he's getting great minutes. What do they have, 8 healthy guys, and still only 2 games back of the Jazz? :-) No, really he's doing great. Good for him.

I loved the Odom comment: "That's fun," said Odom, who had 17 points off the bench. "That's basketball when you're seven years old out there having fun with the game and the ball just goes in."

Actually, I know a couple of 7-year-old teams that could have competed with the Jazz last night....

And the Coup de grace, so y'all know where I'm coming from: "Can you say Three-peat? Again?" Lakers are going to come on strong here to the playoffs, Jackson will have his 12th ring as a coach, and - sorry you Kobe haters - the Lakers will finally be seen as the dominant BB team in the modern era.

Time to rebuild, Jazz....

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

Has Fesenko had the bug ever since okur returned from injury. I was worried what might happen when okur returned, go ahead and play em some sloan, roll out that lineup you love, the one with price and okur...it's been doing wonders for the other team.

Allen, TX

You said sarcastically, "Watson, Price, Hayward, Elson and Fesenko. That's our championship team!!!"

I guess no one in Jazz land really knows what a CHAMPIONSHIP team looks like, right? Not seeing any NBA Champion banners up there,,,, Might as well try something new.....

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