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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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willard, ut

Absolutely ridiculous, there is no excuse to be playing as pathetic as they are. I like you Jerry, and I think you've been great for the Jazz over the years, however it starts with you and KOC for standing pat amidst some serious problems this current team has. It's basketball, yet they make it appear as if they are performing brain surgery out there. We're tired because we played 30 minutes a night and even back to back, try and tell that to an endurance athlete,30-40 minutes a night is peanuts folks, especially for a young so called professional.Wait, I know the answer; let's give them all millions more to shoot 30% and come up with more excuses of why their not only losing, but getting blown out to some poor teams in the process!

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Why hasn't Fes played? He can't play worse than everyone else has, and he has the size and length to keep people away from the basket.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz are looking more and more like the team against whom they had their second to the last win.

Fort Worth, Texas

Wow... we're getting pounded by the Lakers. Once against we get destroyed in the first quarter 22-37. I think this is 4 straight games where the opponent has shot over 50%... Lakers shooting 63%.

I don't see this team getting any better, considering that even when they were winning they had still had 10+ come from behind wins (aka lucky).

At this rate we might be able to get a top 10 lottery pick... oh wait we took Hayward.

Fort Worth, Texas

Not looking good for Jazz Nation... at least tomorrow is another day. Oops we play the best team in the nation tomorrow, I smell another beat down coming.

At this point does it really matter if make another playoff as a 5-7 team? No shot at a ring in site, look for DWill to take his talents to Dallas in the near future.

South Jordan, UT

This is not a slump. This is a joke. Why again did we all of a sudden stop running the pick and roll this season. It seems to work really well when other teams run it against us then again everything does. This isn't going to work we need to do something before the trade deadline. Maybe we can get something out of Williams before he jumps ship with free agency. Watson is looking really good at point and why do we need a super-star at point guard if we don't even bother to run the pick and roll anymore. Ok maybe that's a little extreme we should try actually running the pick and roll in our offense. Actually running a play and getting into the paint regularly rather than throwing up jump shots will help us score points and slow down the other team's offense helping us on defense. William's and Millsap could be a deadly combo but some reason we feel we need to work the other guys into the offense cause we're actually paying them more than Millsap. Did I mention we have stopped running the pick and roll?

Nevada fan
Washoe Valley, NV

Like I said before D Will is sooo out of here. Blame it on Coach, management and it started off with the Hayward pick. I've read that since Okur has came back it has set the team back and I believe it, also I am no expert by any means, but why not use Fes earlier and more

Monroe, UT

Fez didn't play tonight because he is sick with the bug---.

I am not---but if I was---the coach, I think I might start the game with the bench players---they seem to play with moree intensity when they are in there---then bring the old starters in relief. At least for a couple of games---I think it might work.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Bearone | 11:18 p.m. Jan. 25, 2011
Monroe, UT
I am not---but if I was---the coach, I think I might start the game with the bench players---they seem to play with moree intensity when they are in there---then bring the old starters in relief. At least for a couple of games---I think it might work.

I agree. Lots of people playing like they are entitled. Bench them and let them mope and whine until they figure out THEY are the problem and need to step up.

Holladay, UT

We need to bring in Norm Chow as our offensive coordinator.

Burley, ID

Soon to be six in a row ... definitely headed the wrong direction ... fast. Much more of this and the Jazz can count themselves out of the playoffs.

Best part of the game was watching the subs play.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

What happened from Nov. Dec. to now? Could it be the players and coaches have been infected with the dreadful big head disease? There seems to be a lazy attitude amongst this team that has suddenly caught up with them all. Except Jeremy Evans.

concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

Kevin made a mistake of letting Matthews go, no offense to Bell but the Jazz are suffering in that 2 spot, everybody made mistakes, that's ok, but that doesn't mean that he won't do anything about it and just wait the season ends..I expect Kevin to work on something before the trade deadline or maybe gamble on someone on the D-league, right now no one in the current rotation is good enough to replace Bell in that position, teams are now attacking that weakness of ours which is now our no.1 weakness..it's never too late Kevin, please do something about it

St. George, Utah

During the commercial break I kept seeing these Bailey's Moving and Storage commercials with D-Will. I think D-Will really IS considering using their services to get his way out of Utah in a couple years judging by the way we've been playing lately. Seriously, this is absolutely ridiculous. I think we need to do what Orlando did when they bottomed out and revamp the roster. NOT blow it up, but change a few things.

Santa Ana, CA

Humiliating for the city and the state. The Lakers laughing and having a good time at our expense. As a Jazz fan, this stated should be livid this organization is not trying to make major lineup changes or even a trade to get this ship back in the right waters.

The fact is the Jazz are in danger of falling below Denver 1 Game Back and Portland at #8 now just 2.

CJ scored early and did ok then you take him out a long period and the Lakers stretch the lead to out of sync proportions. The Lakers length hurts us. Jeremy Evans probably should have got a chance in the first half. When you are down by so many why would you not play Evans but give AK, a Sloan favorite 23 minutes. 23 minutes of 3-10 and no impact shooting or defense, just to run the floor on a break and finis or something.

Watson is one of my favorites but he is not a NBA starting Point Guard. What he is valuable, quick player as top 8 in rotation.

Tokyo, Japan

how about an Organization overhaul...and trade all-players that is worth a first round draft pick...trade AK to the nets for two first rounders...maybe they'll bite...if it turned out to be lottery...we could get Kyrie Irving...we need a new front office...better scouts...a new young defensive minded coach...and a group of solid young talent that could be the base of a very young nucleus for our team...tank the season or seasons...the players seems to be tanking games anyway...

Mount Beauty, VIC

Trades must happen, but not sure what we could get in return.

All players available apart from DWill & J Evans

No harm in looking at the market, there are some gettable players out there, KOC needs some action on those phones.

Coach Sloan - It may be time to go back to the farm, but if you still have the passion, please show us!!!!!!!!!!!

Layton, UT

and the cavs have the worst record in the nba right now....hmmm.....hope for a high lottery pick for the jazz. it doesnt matter how many games they win or lose from here on out cuz there wont be any playoffs, actually whats the point in the playoffs if your team is so predictable anyway and your going to get swept for 2 yrs in a row.

Riverton, UT

"Utah's 17th straight loss to the Lakers in L.A." -- If we had Boozer, things would be much better...oh, that's right, he was around for most of those losses...never mind.

Layton, UT

We are in deed suffering at the 2. We can not afford to trade AK or CJ. We need to think about putting AL or Paul on the bench with Memo and Fes at the center. They are true centers. We need to commit to seeing on getting a starting 2 guard. Bell would be better off the bench. AK needs to start in order to perform. CJ gets our bench going.

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