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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Agua Dulce, TX

... and just like last year, this is based on statistics that would get you an F in a BYU Stats class ...

Durham, NC

BYU is such an outlier when you look at it. BYU has a very unique niche they fill, and students are attracted to it not for its academics, though they quality and worthwhile, but for the BYU-experience. In just about every field you will find a school that is better. But no school can provide that unique experience that the Y does - much to the heart ache of many parents who don't live in Utah.

BYU's mission has always been a bit fuzzy to me. World class academics is said to be one. But that is hardly the reason many go there. It is that other "intangible" that most who apply and their parents are going after.

Now Rexburg is a fine place for some. You have to be singularly focused on those other intangibles the school offers to want to go there. Educationally, it is adequet. But for many kids, it is not their first choice unless they are realistic about their educational record.

BYU has a very highly self selecting, focused target audience. Not many apply where BYU isn't their first choice. The typical Harved, Yale, Stanford applicants are looking for something else.

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