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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 25 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Somewhere in Colorado, CO

Interesting statistics...

I didn't go to BYU, but you have to respect many of their programs...

Yeah, when an LDS kid decides where they are going to apply, they are more than likely, trying to go to BYU as their first choice. When I graduated HS I had a friend who turned down the AFA to go to BYU, and another who turned down several Ivy-league schools to go to BYU.

If you are planning on going on a mission, you got to know that BYU is going to accomodate you... And I believe that right there is the reason they are ranked "popular."

San Bernardino, CA

This headline is pretty misleading. BYU isn't the most popular school at all; the stats only mean that peopld who get into BYU are more likely to matriculate than those accepted at other schools. A lot of comment-makers here don't seem to understand that either. Personally, I had an awesome time at BYU and would recommend it to anyone, but I had friends and family who loved the U, Utah State, Weber State and UVU. There were also students from each of these schools in my graduate school. Utahns should feel lucky that they have so many great educational opportunities.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Hilarious to see all these bitter kids get bent out of shape over something like this.

I'd tell you to grow up, but I'd have a greater chance with my 8 month old.

American Fork, UT

If you're mormon, you want to go to the mormon school. If you're not, you don't even apply. Ergo, a high yield of applicants willing to accept.

Fresno, CA

And of course Dutchman couldn't ever pass up a chance to try to minimize anything positive about BYU. Predictable....

Centerville, UT

It's been said that most U of U students have one thing in common with BYU students - they both applied to go to "the Y". :)

I guess those tough BYU academic entrance standards can be a real disappointment for some.

Twin Falls, ID

You're right! Only the Desnews would post this. Oh, and that other news source that actually did the research and ranks all the schools in the country.

Orem, UT

My question is, if BYU attracts reasonably "credentialed" freshmen (high SAT's or what not), how is it able to accept like 80% of applicants? It's like, if you're not smart, don't apply, or what?

Saint George, UT

Whoop tee do.

Hillsboro, OR

@ Mount Olympus,

Looks like you need to read or re-read the article. There is nothing there that says that BYU accepts 78% of all applicants. It does however say that 78% of accepted applicants choose to go to BYU rather than go to another school. Those are two completely different things.

west jordan, ut

At rodgerdpack2.....uh yeah!! Most colleges take the smart ones. It is harder to get into a 4 year college if your not.

Iowa City, IA

I knew it. Look at all these trolls. Hillarious to watch them hyperventilate.

Just to take the edge off they should read more than the headline. Then they'd understand that the report isn't saying it's the most popular school for all americans....Oh never mind, if I need to explain it, it's not funny anymore.

Keep hyperventilating!!! Too much entertainment.

You know it
Apo, AP

It seems the people most irritated by this article are those who don't understand the statistic.

They are calling the winner of this stat "the most popular school" which means that when accepted to the school, you enroll.

It is interesting that about 23% of people accepted at Harvard turn them down, roughly the same as BYU.

Of note, BYU has many more freshmen than Harvard each year.

In general, the higher the denominator the harder it is to get high or low numbers in a rating like this. (This is also true for low denominators.) Hence, most schools in the top have 2-4k enrolling students.

I'm impressed with Florida and Oral Roberts pulling in good numbers as well for their respective student populations.

BYU was a wonderful school to attend! I highly recommend it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Compare the SAT scores of incoming freshman at BYU with the other Utah schools if you want something stunning. They're available online.

Murray, UT

fresnogirl and others,

You have obviously not read all my posts. In the past I have posted comments defending BYU's academic standing, their research status, their rights as a private university and I have even advocated that if the PAC 12 expands in the future that BYU should be invited as a member of the conference.

What hurts BYU in Utah and other parts of the country is the perception that they are better than everyone else and that they carry a "holier than thou attitude". The Deseret News has said in mission statements that they want to change the civil discourse in this community and that it is their desire to bridge the "religious divide" that hangs over most of what goes on in Utah. I find that articles such as this serve to continue the perception that BYU is "holier than thou" and better than anyone else. Others may not see it that way. But I believe the Deseret News does a disservice to the community by fomenting this perception with articles like this proclaiming BYU as the most popular University. Others will disagree but it is how I see it.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Would you be throwing the same hissy fit if the study showed that Utah was the most popular, with popular being how the study describes it?

Or is it just your continual hatred for byu?

Don't bother answering - we know.

And don't forget - byu, the mormons, and the des news did not conduct this study.

Murray, UT

Ted H,

You missed the point entirely. I didn't mention anything about Utah. Besides, there is no perception in the State of Utah or beyond that Utah carries a "holier than thou" attitude. There is that perception about BYU and articles like this just stoke the fire. These articles are more appropiate for the student newspaper, "The Daily Universe".

Why are you so quick to judge that I hate BYU? Actually, I am one of those that applied to BYU and got accepted there and earned a masters degree there. I met my wife there. We are still married after 32 years. We have four kids in college. All of them qualify both scholastically and spiritually (three are returned missionaries) to attend BYU but elected to make applications at other Universities. None of them applied to BYU. Does that make them less in your eyes? There is a real feeling in this State that if you grow up in the Church but don't attend BYU then you are not as good as those that do. Until that is recognized and dealt with in this State we have no chance of bridging what divides us.

Provo, UT

"Most popular"

Is this something like what we heard over and over a few years ago about the LDS Church: "fastest growing"?

Provo, UT


Amen, brother. I, too, graduated from BYU. Even though I have always been active and "worthy", I was always disgusted by the arrogance that permeated that campus.

I enjoyed my education, and I think I got a good one.

But the keeping up appearances, self-promotion, and self-righteousness was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

School spirit and pride is one thing, but when it is combined with self-righteousness as it is at BYU, it transforms into a horrid holier-than-thou haughtiness.

Articles such as these only stoke the supercilious conflagration.

Murray, UT

The following comment by Fibonacci represents exactly what I am talking about:

"It's been said that most U of U students have one thing in common with BYU students - they both applied to go to "the Y". I guess those tough BYU academic entrance standards can be a real disappointment for some."

See what I mean? This attitude is pervasive in this State. It is not what the Church teaches so why do we have such a hard time following?

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