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Published: Monday, Jan. 24 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

As a Cougar fan, I hope this works out for the Aggies. Best of luck, and I hope this goes through.

sandy, UT

Best place for Utah State, and great for Mountain West. BYU will be asking to get back in after a few years of having all their other sports in the WCC. If BYU did the 'right' thing, it would now be asking to get back into the MWC. Either way, it just makes sense for Utah State to go to MWC. Sure, USU's football team struggled this year, but they did beat BYU. USU's basketball team barely lost to BYU, in Provo. And, USU killed BYU last year in basketball. USU has some strong teams in most of the other sports as well. If BYU does well in football independence (which they will), their other sports would still be better off in the MWC as opposed to the whimpy WCC. Most of those WCC schools are no bigger than our 5A high schools. They have decent basketball programs and very good women's soccer. Go Aggies!

San Diego, CA

To date, the MWC has added schools that will boost their bottom line regarding a automatic BCS bid. USU is about as far from that as you can get.

I'm an alum and really hope to see the Aggies in the MWC, but don't see it happening if they can get Houston (or even UTEP) from C-USA to join.

Logan, Utah

This is Great news! It is a great time to be an Aggie right now, we have both the Wagon Wheel and Beehive Boot, we have the 25th best team in the country in basketball, and we are about to join a big boy conference in football.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

I hope the Ags are included in the MWC, they are deserving and have been above board in all of their dealings regarding expansions for several years. I don't know who the other invitee might be but that is exactly what the MWC needs with the losing of BYU & UTAH. I feel sorry for the other members in the WAC because losing USU, BSU, Fresno, and Nevada is a killer for their conference. Now hopefully the MWC can get a decent TV contract that will cover these deserving members.

Bountiful, UT

WAC 2.0

Logan, UT

Hopefully this is true. This is the life boat USU needs. Sorry to see the WAC go to the wayside like this, but this the best outcome for Utah State.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good move for the Aggies. Most likely the death nail for the WAC.

Logan, Utah

The only bad side to joining the MWC is not having any games on ESPN. Plus the Mountain isn't even in HD!

Farmington, UT

I'm surprised USU would be next on the MWC radar. I agree, I would have thought they would raid Texas schools next. But this would be great news for USU athletics.

If USU is the 11th team in the MWC...any speculation who the 12th team might be?

Logan, UT

RE: Waaandy

Need I remind you that WAC 2.0 taught both BYU and Utah a lesson in football this year?

Utah gets crushed by BSU
BYU gets crushed by USU and Nevada

I like the MWC. It hurts to lose TCU but Boise is awesome and I'm glad USU will be playing Air Force, SDSU, and even CSU and Wyoming. Basketball should be pretty nice too. Too bad BYU won't be around for that. That would be a SWEET b-ball conf.

aggie bob
Logan, UT

Ugh. I really dont want to join the MWC. Its obviously a place where teams who have a say, dont want to be. This new MWC will be no better and no different than the current WAC.

Unfortunately, the WAC is a sinking ship. At least the MWC will provide some stability.

Logan, UT

There has been a lot of talk of san jose joining as well. I pray that isn't the case...

Iowa City, IA

USU and Tulsa.

Would be good for MWC.

Ogden Aggie
Ogden, UT

Let's hope this goes through. As much as I hate to see the WAC die I am much more concerned about seeing the Ags stay afloat and the MWC makes sense geographically, and from a competition standpoint. Here's hopin' this is all over very soon. Go State!!!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Earlier I read, for this to happen, it would be critical for Utah to honor their 4(?) football games beginning in 2012 with USU. In addition, the Y must play home and home basketball games with USU. I believe there were some other in-state games committments necessary. I plead with Utah and BYU to play those schedule games and to do anything else that would help USU to insure stability in their conference affiliation!!! (Because Utah only has three non-comference football games to schedule I realize this probably would require the Utes to alternate games each year with the Y and USU. But we should continue the traditional rivalries with both schools!!!!)

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Good luck Aggies. I'm happy for you that you've finally found a stable home. Thanks for staying true to your word. Good guys don't always finish last.

The ony down side is you'll now be stuck with hair Thompson's MTN.

RIP WAC -- this will be the final nail in the coffin of the WAC as a football conference.

Burley, ID

Well now ... it's about time.

Looks like the GOOD GUYS might just catch a break ... I certainly hope so. The Aggies deserve it.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I like this move for the Aggies. Frankly, if the MWC would give BYU its television flexibility, I would love to see the Cougars stay in the MWC.

I don't see the MWC providing BYU with that flexibility . . . and that decision is a mistake from the way I see the world.

I like BYU playing the MWC teams. The calibre of competition is excellent -- particularly in hoops! The Aggies and the Cougars are long-time rivals and I have enjoyed their many battles over the years.

Similarly, I like the SDSU, Wyoming, CSU, and UNLV competition in basketball. In football CSU has had some great years and AFA is always tough!

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Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

The Aggies pretty much have to go somewhere else... as well as does Craig Thompson... the MWC's present Commisioner. I'm afraid the end of the WAC is an obvious conclusion. This present WAC 4 version will not last much longer. Utah State's leaving will be another stumble and fall if not a certain final blow. I just hope that the Aggies make sure that they do their homework first and force Thompson's hands to be placed firmly on the table if plain site. They need to ensure that if the MWC is their intention that they understand the implications of the present MTN and ComCast Television structure and insist along with every other team presently in the conference... or about to enter the conference that they will not accept a renewal of a TV contract that does not give them access to National Television coverage. The schools must stand together on that issue. Otherwise it may not be the best place to direct the Aggies program to.


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