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Published: Monday, Jan. 24 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I was forced to delete some pictures taken of our young children on the subway from our recent NYC trip because ads for this show were seen in the shot. What a disgusting place we live in that will condone and accept such awful behavior.

Penguin Inc.

Don't you realize you've probably given this show the absolute best advertising it could have possibly received? Just look at the headline. Kids who didn't even know about it are going to be dying to see this show. Kids with no MTV will be staying late at their Democrat friends' houses to see it. Oh great.

Cedar City, UT

At some point parents have to be willing to make some sacrifices and start turning off the TV. If you don't have cable, you can't watch the program. From what I have seen parents are too unwilling to stop watching our own "favorite" shows. Some how we have all bought into this idea that we must have cable, or dish or something. I will admit it was hard for me to at first to not have all those channels, but as some point that choice has to be made. Take charge of what comes in your home, and save yourself a hundred dollars a month.

Murray, UT

This is pretty simple, if you trust your kids, talk to them about it, let them know what standards decent society has, if you don't trust your kids dish and cable services have a parental locking feature that is pretty effective.

Pocatello, ID

I understand what some of you are saying about cutting the cable and dish. Some of this stuff is just downright trash!!!!!!!!!!! I do not have cable or dish... but I saw an add for this on the internet! So just because you do not have TV/cable/dish you are still not safe. You need to have controls on your internet also.

Beaverton, OR

Penguin, such a cheap shot.

This is one Liberal Democrat who will be having a discussion with her daughter about this trashy show. That's all it is -- trash. I don't want her becoming desensitized to it.

I have much more conservative friends who don't have any problem with their kids watching South Park, or playing Grand Theft Auto, or listening to CDs with Parental Advisory Warnings on them. My kids know those things are not acceptable to me. Most sexually explicit and profanity laced PG-13 movies should be rated R as far as I'm concerned.

Conservatives don't have a monopoly on morality.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Who lets thier children watch MTV at all?

Farmington, UT

Kill your television! The other TV shows aren't that much better than this Skins garbage.

Westbank, BC

When I was raising my kids and they wanted to watch MTV, I told them it was Satan's Station. Trash has become so pervasive in our society with or without cable/dish. Problem is there are some parents who are afraid of offending their kids - that's where the problem lies most of the time.

Provo, UT

It is not possible for any parent to ensure their kids cannot get access to this show. Kids have friends, their friends have freinds, and even if you shut off your cable, those friends have it.

The only hope parents have is to recognize that when YOU get fanatic about such things, you send a message to your kids that 1) they lack the ability to make wise decisions without you looking over their shoulders (if you don't trust them, why should they trust themselves?), and 2) these things are more important (and therefore possibly more alluring) than they otherwise might suppose.

Just chill out and let your children live THEIR lives. Their lives are not YOUR lives to live for them! Your obsessive, controlling demeanor toward them is doing more harm than good.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, that a reputable newspaper should be posting a headline like this is amazing. Boosting your own sagging circulation by your own style of sensationalism? What a shame. And the suggestion by a reader that the kids will find a Democratic household to watch it if it is cut off at (the Republican?) home. Too much. I know that you have been advertising "values" reporting, but really. Why not just report the news? I don't have cable, but you now have me curious enough to look for a Democrat to let me watch his.

American Fork, UT

I imagine the parents television council people are apoplectic over this one. Look, a long time before this stuff is racy or bad or raunchy or whatever other euphemism we try to use on it, it's bad. Real bad. We need to watch it for that reason firs, and so do our kids. If your kids want to watch, you might have some issues to work through with them. If you're paying 1200 bucks a year so they can watch it...recession? What recession? I like my digital peasantvision. If it's not on that, we don't watch.

Holladay, UT

My next Sunday school lesson is going to be on "free agency and how to enforce it." (sarcasm...) We need to be involved enough to know what our kids are doing, but trust them enough to do what we teach them, and then let them exercise their agency.

Will some make mistakes? You bet. And is that hard for parents to watch, when they know what the child is doing is wrong and will only bring pain? Of course. But that's what our Heavenly Father does with us, every single day. Let's follow His parenting example.

Ferron, UT

ya gezz penguin get it right. democrats cant afford cable/dish, you know that.

Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

Good luck to the parents who are promoting "teach them, then let them choose". If you aren't going to be equally agressive as the promoters of this filth, you will most likely find your child enduring pain that they didn't want or need and that has lasting, and sometimes lifelong consequences.

I realize that the world is really a scary place for us to raise children in - and that sometimes it is so scary that the response is "have faith - teach them and then let them decide" but unfortunately I believe you will find that parents of minor children must be much more aggressive than this in order to protect their children from real harm.

Teaching them, and letting them decide, works great for things that are not life changing or dangerous, and for children who are becoming adults (age 18+). But the purveyors of filth are AGGRESSIVELY working to TRICK you and your kids into their hands. You better be just as aggressive or they will take their casualties in the form of your childrens' peace, happiness and wellbeing.

South Jordan, UT

Trust me, your kids already know about this show. And if your kids are teenagers, they'll find a way to watch it whether you block it or not. Try as you might to shelter your children from the world, they'll find it. Your best bet as a parent is to teach them right from wrong, and give them a good moral compass to guide them with. Putting them in a bubble so they'll never see how ugly the world is will only result in their failure in life, and yours as a parent.

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

Why is nobody metioning Glee here? When I was young there was not even an adult show as bad as Glee is.
Childrens shows now can be worse than adult shows when I was growing up.
Glee is really bad! How can any good parent tell there children it is ok? It is full of content not appropriate for any child and I wont even watch anything that bad as an adult.
I do not watch TV shows with sexual content and themes about gender confussion. Which means I never watch television anymore.
Whatever happened to great action shows like MacGuyver,A-Team,and Renegade?
I loved TV when I was a child. Now it is just Reality TV and filth I have no desire to watch!

Penguin Inc.

RE: Christy

It was just a little joke. Even if it WAS cheap. Sorry. Just a little mirth.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

No offense to anyone. I don't watch the show. In fact, if you have MTV, you have the ability to block any station you desire. It takes two minutes to do. I think I blocked MTV on all four of my Directv receivers in less than five minutes.

Sugar City, ID

I wish I had a list of every business that advertizes on MTV for any show. The public can shut down MTV if they refuse to support businesses that advertize on MTV. Where can I get a list?

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