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Published: Sunday, Jan. 23 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

He may not have hard feelings towards UCLA, but he definitely has some hard feelings against BYU who gave him a job and resume for 27 years. Too bad he can't drop that!

Springville, UT

True Wazzup...he does seem to run that way.

That being said, it will be fun to have him back in the state. He got a bum wrap for a couple years where recruiting left him little to work with. For Ute fans, you are about to get introduced to the delayed draw up the middle. haha Quarterback is in the shotgun, ball snaps, both running backs are...oh heck, I don't need to describe it to you, you'll see it soon enough. Over and over again. haha

I'm happy he is at Utah. He is a class act and solid coordinator. I think the best possible aspect of his hire is he may get you a bump in relationships for PAC12 recruiting. While you can now put that on the resume but it is still about relationships. I'm sure he can help in that area.

I think you will struggle this year but I bet you win 3 or 4 PAC12 games. I hope you do better, and of course I think you lose in Provo.


South Weber, UT

" It is what it is "-- Coach Chow--
If I were Brian Johnson , or for that matter, any member of the football coaches, players, or recruits I would be delighted as all get out to work with Norm Chow--even if it were only a few years.
If you had an interest in writing detective stories and mysteries would you jump at the chance of working with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ? If you were a painter and could study with Rembrandt or Matisse wouldn't you love to learn from these masters?
Perhaps you're a NASCAR fan and could go a few laps with Dale Earnhardt Jr. would you get behind the wheel?
This, to me , is a great accomplishment and honor for the University of Utah to be able to pick the brain of a man who understands college football offenses and defenses. How many untold hours has Chow spent in the film room grooming to this day ?
When he returns to his Alma Mater, all of those involved with the Utes will be so much better off by having him home and wanting to be where he is.
I wish him the very best.
Go Utes !!!!!

Alaskan Coug
Anchorage, AK

Good move for the Utes. I hope it helps the U represent the State of Utah and the Mormons better. I am so surprised that there is no big shout of concern for the current OC's and this very unprofessional process for replacing them. The Utah fans sure seemed a lot more concerned for the O staff at BYU when Bronco used a much more professional and OPEN process for shuffling his O Staff.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Why should the U represent the mormons better? it is a state school and should not represent any religion whatsoever. That is BYU's role, not the University of Utah. People chaning their impression of Utah and its people will be a biproduce of more exposure, but if anything it will dispell a lot of misconceptions about the state being a completely mormon state and people will realize there is more to the place than the LDS church. Besides, if someone is relying on athletics/sports to get an impression of a religion, they are missing the point.

Gilbert, AZ

First Kyle, now Chow...if there was any doubt, it is now erased the Yewts have big time Cougar envy.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

AZ_True_Blue envy of what? a 7-6 record and never getting to a BCS bowl game and being a mid major independent; yeah sure.

Ann Arbor, MI

Roderick was offered a coaching Job at BYU- He declined.

Roderick was offered a demotion as the WR coaching job at Utah - he accepted.

Roderick played at BYU.

Just saying....

Ann Arbor, MI

"I hope it helps the U represent ... the Mormons better."

Alaskan Coug,

You're self centered and just don't get it. I assure you Utah will continue to distant themselves from such a statement.

UofU has no religious affiliation and nor should it.

Do you care how the U represents the Catholics? How about the Jews, Baptists? Of course not. No religious agenda at this school.

Murray, UT


First Lavelle Edwards (Utah State) and then Norm Chow (Utah). You had Utah State and Utah running your program for 28 of its most successful years. Sounds like you still envy those years. By the way, how do Arizona Fans feel about Arizona hiring Robert Anae as the offensive coordinator vs Utah getting Norm Chow as its offensive coordinator? Just wondering.

Provo, UT

Anae's teams in the past six years scored more points, gained more yards, and won more games than Chow's. Arizona is just fine. He got run out of Provo just like Norm Chow did.

But, really, what could be more intriguing and spark more fan interest than to have Coach Chow come back? He's always been our kind of guy: audacious, tough, intelligent (Dr. Norm Chow), driven, ambitious, a winner, a Utahan.

There will be plenty of sparks flying out of the coaching staff. Something to write about and fight about all the time.

And Utah will quit playing a gimmick offense and get back to playing real football.

Murray, UT

"The Utah fans sure seemed a lot more concerned for the O staff at BYU when Bronco used a much more professional and OPEN process for shuffling his O Staff."

Are you kidding? Humiliating your entire offensive staff by publicly forcing them to resign and reapply for their jobs and then going on a two week vacation to Mexico is not the more professional way of doing things. What school of management did you attend? The Mao Institute?

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Good for Utah! As a Cougs fan, I'm glad he's with them! Please tell me one positive impact of his last two OC jobs-- for the Titans (NFL) and at UCLA. Can someone right a story about how the game has passed up Chow? I honestly don't see how he can still be claimed as an offensive force. In my humble opinion, the game has passed by him.

Pocatello, Id

so. cal reader.

I'd say helping Vince Young with Rookie of the Year was pretty good.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Don't fool yourself people. Norm Chow is a brilliant tactician. Utah will be well served by him. You will see their offense improve as well as the play of Jordan Wynn. He was my coach for 4 years. He knows his stuff.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Gov't and hedge
Like it or not there are many players at Utah who are good, active members of the LDS church and who represent themselves with the same standards as the "sunday school boys". (I love that nickname by the way. Thank you to whomever used it first.) The name Utah will always be synonymous with the LDS church. If you think this will ever change your dreaming. Go be a Cal or Oregan fan if you want the majority of your peer group to be liberals with lower moral values. Being in the PAC could even work against Utah when it comes to recruiting LDS kids when they realize what their conference represents.

Murray, UT

Why don't the Cougars worry about the Cougars and the Utes will worry about the Pac-12, Rose Bowls and National titles! Great hire for Utah and an excellent opportunity for Roderick, Schramm & Johnson to get some big time tudoring. About the comments of the game getting past Chow....yeah and Joe Pa and Bear Bryant and Lavell Edwards. Go Utes!!

Ann Arbor, MI

"The name Utah will always be synonymous with the LDS church. If you think this will ever change your dreaming"

Change is coming. And the postive "exposure" will even help BYU.

Murray, UT

"In my humble opinion, the game has passed by him."
I am glad that you are humble. Here is a short list of coaches who others said the game has passed them by:
Charlie Wiess now at Florida
Steve Spurrier now at So. Carolina
Gary Crowton now at Maryland
John Knox now at Denver Broncos
Mike Shanahan now at Washington Redskins
Robert Anae now at Arizona Wildcats
I believe Chow is finding himself at Utah in the exact situation he had at USC. A successful run by the way with two national titles. This is why the Utah situation is attractive to him and why for him it replicates USC:
A head coach who is a defensive guru and wants him to run the offense.
An offensive line coach he worked with at USC now at Utah.
A QB coach who is young and was himself a QB like he had at USC.
An incoming four star freshman running back he can mold into the system.
A direct line to a national championship via the PAC 12 conference.

Centerville, UT

"Being in the PAC could even work against Utah when it comes to recruiting LDS kids when they realize what their conference represents"-TJ

highly unlikely.

This nonsense of "this could affect recruiting negatively" or "this could be huge for recruiting" is just getting out of control. Utah will continue to get solid athletes to their program. BYU will continue to get solid athletes to their program. Just give it a rest.

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