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Published: Monday, Jan. 24 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT


I repeat, your experience is not representative of reality. Period.

My numbers are not "theory" (as if that is a bad thing?). They are from the Correlation Department.

If you, as Ward Membership Clerk, "cleaned up" your records so you could jack up your activity rates in Chandler (a hotbead of Mormonism), that is fine. But you did it by sending unknown records to Church Headquarters. That may make your ward look good, but it does nothing to fix the worldwide activity numbers which show an activity rate of around 30%.

medical lake, WA

2008 LDS reported 13,363,000 membership; 2008 US cenus showed just 3,158,000 citizens attesting to be mormon. International numbers show the same extreme differences. The fact that the LDS church ONLY reports the total membership numbers (including inactive) without the "actual active" membership numbers; is an act in deception because it gives a false impression to the actual member activity.
The fact that the LDS church has only about a 35% activity in attendence speaks volumes about the religion.

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