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Published: Saturday, Jan. 22 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Corona, CA

You can thank Norm CHow for putting BYU on the map. Now you belittle the guy? How skewed you BYU fans are. And then you try to sell dominance with 2 unproven coord.'s? LOL good luck with that! Texas is going to lay the smack down on you so bad next fall.

Idaho Falls, ID

you'll be sorry!

Frisco, TX

If it weren't for their Cougar Connection, the Utes would not have any coaches!

Tired Of The Mess
Clearfield, UT

All I see is class envy from both BYU and Ute fans. This has nothing to do with class envy anymore. Both teams have gone their separate ways, lets get over it already. As a BYU fan I am happy for the Utes to get a guy like Norm Chow, I think he will be awesome at the U, and wish him and the ute fans alot of good luck. Just kinda wish we didn't have a guy who cannot park his ego at the door, and hires such crap as BYU did......Just sayin', but in the immortal words of someone named Bronco,,,,,I am uneducated to ever even second guess his decisions.....Enough said! Good luck Utes in the Pac 12, I don't believe it is a case of class envy, as much as a jealousy of having a HC that is willing to check in his ego at the door.........unlike Bronco, and who in their right mind can truely argue? That's exactly why we at BYU will never get a BCS bid, we lack the head coach and the assistants to get there.

American Fork, UT

Uh wwookie, you and pebbles post in every single BYU article then hypocritically make statements about BYU fans posting in ute articles. You are both a couple of trolls but whining about BYU fans doing the same thing you two spend all your time doing is incredibly hilarious.

While it is true ute "fans" don't have any credibility anyway it doesn't help your cause to be a hypocrite.


Hampstead, NC

Good luck, Coach Chow. This is another BYU alum who appreciates what you did for the Cougars, and wishes you success in your new job.

  • 6:06 p.m. Jan. 23, 2011
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San Bernardino, CA

Cool, I would love to see the Utes dominate the PAC-12. Norm has a great history, and under a great coach like Whittingham I think they will do well. Hopefully BYU's newbies also shine. It would be awesome to see two consitiently strong football teams representing the Beehive state.

  • 6:22 p.m. Jan. 23, 2011
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Provo, UT

@ Uteology

I know my history ute! Thats why I brought up the Norm Chow reference stating the last time they played Norm.

With Bronco's defense they way they smacked around the utes for 3 quarters this last game and the complex of Norm's offense will lead to a BYU crushing the utes. Heaps will slice the the utes up like swiss cheese. (See details of 2008 BYU vs. UCLA game)

The 1996 BYU team crushed the utes with defense while the Cougars run wild like a leaky faucet through the utes D. Passing was a none factor that day.

Cedar City, UT

Hey '90sCoug, Chow played football at Utah, got his Bachelors degree at Utah, his Masters at Utah and then his Doctorate at BYU and all of the sudden he is only a BYU alum?

Cedar Hills, UT


That's all you got is 2008 BYU vs UCLA, 1996 and 3 quarters of 2010? lol

Bottom line, Kwhitt is still the coach and makes the ultimate decision. What Coach Chow will bring without a doubt is recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and knowledge of two of the top programs in the PAC 12 historically.

I just love to hear the byu homers rip on Chow. It really makes you look even more bitter and jealous than previously thought. I didn't think that was possible!

Ann Arbor, MI

As we speak. Chow is visiting Mike Eubank ( 4 star QB)in California.

If you don't think the odds of landing this kid just went up 75% your a fool.

Chow= Big time recurites.

Washington, UT


"Even if Chow did apply at BYU, he would be bringing BYU's offense to BYU. What good would that really do?"

Think the answer to that one is pretty simple: a lot. Offensive schemes are built on the players that a coordinator has to work with. BYU built its reputation on a west coast style offense of short, timed pasisng routes to set up the run (typically draw plays) and the deeper routes. It played to the strength of the typical BYU recruit and it still does (think Heaps: slow, weak physically but very accurate). Chow is the master of that offense and has mentored a long list of great QBs in that basic system.

BYU has added small wrinkles to that (as has Chow from time to time) by spreading the defense horizontally and throwing out of shotgun, but that's as far as it's gonna go with the athletes they have and are likely to have, and frankly I'm not sure it's helped that much.

Had he been willing to come to BYU, Chow would have been a terrific add, but that was never going to happen.

Draper, UT

Clearly another win for Utah...if even for only the short term. This helps with recruiting, coaching knowledge, national exposure etc. This guy will rub off on two young OC candidates that each now have a winning record with a couple of years of OC experience. When Norm leaves, Utah can look within and find a couple of good options that have potentially learned from their mistakes and gotten better...if not we go get another big name as we just did.

BYU has limited options - Find a mormon coach with ties to the school or the religion...period. They don't pay well so coaches come for the "experience." I'm fine with that -they come for other things besides winning football...this truly is the difference moving forward and outside of religious doctrine, As a U Fan,I prefer Utah's mentality. The church will assume the TV money for more than just football...as is their right and their belief. You're coaching staff is rarely if ever mentioned for an open job...from Bronco on down. Like it or not there is a reason for this. We look to win games and hire coaches as such

American Fork, UT


You don't even know what you are talking about. You're just spouting stuff.

1st of all Heaps is neither slow nor weak. He has very decent speed and an absolute gun for an arm. His arm is already NFL strong.

Frankly most of BYU's past qb's are anything that you described. They actually come in all shapes and sizes with differing abilities.

McMahon had a huge arm, was very fast and athletic. Young was extremely fast and ahtletic with an above average arm. Detmer was also fast and athletic with an average arm. Bosco had a great arm but wasn't overly fast. Neilsen was tall with a great arm as was Mark Wilson. Walsh was tall and slow but had an absolute gun.

I could go on but just spouting the same "BYU players are slow, unathletic, weak, bs that ute "fans always try to claim shows true ignorence of reality.

You don't become a perenially top 25 team with all the individual player awards, nfl players, national champioship, etc. that BYU has if you don't have athletes. It is simply dense, ute "fan" dense, to claim otherwise.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

fender | 12:01 p.m. Jan. 24, 2011
Washington, UT

No disrespect meant to Dr. Chow, but I just think he was a better get for Utah, than he would have been going to BYU.

He can totally re-work Utah's offense, for the better.

At BYU, he just would have added, as you put it, wrinkles.

BYU could have certainly used Dr. Chow. I personally never heard the rumor that I was replying to about (Dr. Chow inquiring at BYU, although I am sure it is feasable that he looked at all his options). I just think DuPaix brings more new cards to add to the deck at BYU.

Chow can help Utah prepare for the PAC, and that was probably more of an asset to Utah than BYU. DuPaix probably fits BYU better right now...

Either way, I'm excited to watch both teams play next year...

(Look at that, a totally nice conversation about sports. That's the way it could be if more posters wanted to be civil)...

American Fork, UT

uh onlyu...BYU almost always has some no mormons on its staff. They also pay every bit as well as the university of utah pays. BYU's athletic budget is 50% larger than utahs and where do you think that money goes?

Frankly you are just another no nothing ute "fan" spouting untruths you have read ute trolls like wedgie and christina b spout before you.


Springville, utah

Why would Chow ask BYU about a job after being lied to after 27 years service, not to mention the racial slur by the administration?

Corona, CA

Eubanks is from my town. The kid is an absolute stud! some media has even compared him to Auburn's Cam Newton physically wise. He will turn heads wherever he goes. Not bad for my little alma mater producing such big names as Taylor Martinez, Vontaze Burfict, and so on. This will be Centennial's 6th QB to have signed a D1 scholarship.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Frankly most of BYU's past qb's are anything that you described"

hhmmm, tye ( tie?) Detmer??? He looked (lookes) like a twelve year old kid.

American Fork, UT


Who cares what he looked like since all he did was win the Heisman and spend a decade and a half in the NFL.

He must have been pretty good. Maybe even a little better than brian johnson or alex smith huh?


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