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Published: Saturday, Jan. 22 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Pocatello, Id

Welcome home coach!

To the BYU fan wellwishers I say thank you, and good luck to you.

To the BYU fans spewing their venom I say, would you rather go into the season with one of the all time greats and veteran OC like Chow, or into the season with someone who has never been an OC in his life?

Speaking from experience, I will take the former. I'm not saying Doman, or Roderick or Schramm won't be good at some point in time, but there is something to be said for experience.

slc, u

The best way to describe this get for Utah is epic win concentrate.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

HedgHog - How do you know Eubank visited this weekend? According to Rivals he's committed to AZ St and doesn't even list Utah as a choice.

PAC-12 Envy
Taylorsville, UT

Too bad that Cougar fans can't be gracious enough to offer a simple congrats to the Utes for landing an offensive legend.


Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

While Cougars fans are busy being twitterpated by Jimmer the Utes are quietly putting together a monster football staff and a major college recruiting class.

Pocatello, Id


It's been reported by mulitple recruiting sites (including rivals) that Eubank made the visit.

Utah brought him in when Derrick Brown decided to visit Washington

Lynchburg, VA

And to DC and Mohokat, you prove that all you can do, along with Max, is make sweeping generalizations. Are you choosing to disregard the intelligent comments from Ute fans, or so blinded by hatred that you actually miss them? Please, do tell. Maybe if you stay on your own teams' blogs that this wouldn't be an issue. And if you complain about Ute fans that go on your boards, than you're just lowering yourself to their level. If you come to our boards, show some class, as Max referred to it, and say something nice. Whatever happened to the golden rule anyway? And to all the BYU fans saying nice things, I give a heartfelt thank you. I still want my team to beat yours to a pulp, but thank you, I have nothing against you as a fan or person. God bless.

Springville, UT


I'm surprised someone has not said predictable offense and leftovers in the same sentence.

Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad for Norm that he doesn't have any athletes to coach next year. And a very mediocre QB.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cool....now all he needs is a QB!

McMahon hasn't graduated from college yet...sign him up...what are you waiting for Rice Bowlers!!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Strange move for Chow, he must have been on his way out at UCLA anyway. I'm wondering how he could think that a mediocre future with a bad offense is a good move, unless he plans to retire soon. And Utah seems very willing to play with bigger money for coaches. Strange move indeed.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Congrats to Norm Chow, legend that he is. It will be interesting to see his contribution to the offense. Kyle will put his all of Chow's talents to work.

To the Ute Fans. Why is BYU even brought up in this blog. They have nothing in the article. Give the boys in blue a rest!

Corona, CA

Eubanks did visit Utah this weekend and he is currently a soft commit to ASU right now. He is also planning on visiting UW

Corona, CA

BYU's recruiting class is horrific. A bunch of guys with single offers. How can you expect to win and go to a BCS bowl as an Independent with avg. talent coming in?

North Las Vegas, NV

I wish him well, as a Cougarfan. But, I am hoping that his lack of success over the past three years has to do with the knuckle head he was working for, and not because the game outgrew him.

Idaho Falls, ID

I think Chow is a great acquisition and a great fit for Utah. He was getting a half million/yr at UCLA, You think Utah is at least matching that? Anybody know?

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

hedgehog | 6:09 p.m. Jan. 22, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI

Why would they bring in a dual threat 4 star ( with several big name offers) if they plan on the pro style offense??

Let's see... BYU ran a pro-style offense with Chow as coach back when they had a dual-threat guy named Steve Young as their QB...

I think Norm will do fine, I wish him and the Utes good luck... 51 weeks a year

West Jordan, UT

I am a big ute fan, and wondering why the offense fell off the map the last 4 games of last year. Maybe, they heard rumors in early November that Utah had a chance to get Chow if all the pieces of the puzzle fell together? If that is true, the offensive coaches threw in the towel. That would explain the drop off. Roderick has probably been offered the recievers job if Chow came. That is why he turned down the TDS. Would you accept a position under Doman or Chow?

Salt Lake City, UT

I just want to get something right here. I heard the story of Aaron Roderick being offered in the other paper and thought it a little fishy. So I checked into it deeper. No offer was made to Roderick. He was invited to interview when word that Chow was being sought came out. He was one of many LDS coaches approached and asked if he wanted to interview. He said he was not interested at the time. Nothing more. He was an employee at Utah and still is at this time. Nothing more. Let's not spread the rumor/claim further.

Fresno, CA

Rock Of The Marne

The irony of you telling Hedgehog and Chris B. about "fans" who obsess on their opponents made me laugh out loud!

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