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Published: Saturday, Jan. 22 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Maybe Hayward should have been moved into Bell`s spot instead,Bell and Miles 3/13 for 9 points total,both of these guys are worthless

Fort Worth, Texas

If you have to turn to Hayward to help your starters your in DEEP trouble.

The same old Jazz are back, now 12-10 on the road. Unfortunately no one is scared of playing in Salt Lake anymore.

We still don't have a SG... actually we finally found one but allowed him to leave to Portland. Bell has turned out to be a big mistake, while CJ plays one game and takes 4 games off.

We look like a first round loser.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Jerry Sloan back to messing AK. Bench Deron that's what Jazz need and sit Al Jefferson let Millsap play. Hayward really? he is not ready to prime time yet.
One thing Deron and Al taking too many shots and missing . I can live CJ's miss but those 2 not.

Tokyo, Japan

i think...sloan should let millsap slide into the bench...let AK take the 4 and let Hayward or CJ take the three...it would make the paint Big Al's territory...and could work his way there...

Los Olivos, CA

Ak fan. I agree with you. Much of the problem is D-Will. He wants his shots. He wants to slow the ball down. He wants to dribble. He wants to be an all-star.

Tokyo, Japan

trade D-Will AK AL-Jeff CJ Miles and Millsap...grab first round picks of this year...maybe we could get lucky and get 3 of the top 5...and grab Kyrie Irving...

Sturgis, MS

I think the Jazz are trying to figure out how bad trading or loseing AK will hurt them. I'll admit that having AK on the bench gives a lot of flexibility but Sloan hasn't shown much flexibility so don't really see any benefit.

When Williams decides to be a point guard and as Bell says, pass, screen and shoot when he is supposed to and Jefferson learns to play defense and the above they will start winning again. When the Uki becomes part of the mix they win the title.

Las Vegas, NM

Please tell me why this guy, Hayward aka 'Opie Milic' is not in the D League?

Tokyo, Japan

if you really want to develop your rookies...you wont send them to the D-League...you give them playing time against the pros...the talent level is not the same...well that's my take on it...

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