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Published: Saturday, Jan. 22 2011 1:00 a.m. MST

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Candidate Jackson
Sandy, UT

A little advice from a Beatle would go a long ways. "Do me a favor, and open the door, and let 'em in."

Cut the government regulation, all the quotas and years of waiting, and let 'em in. Here's wishing the federal government would allow them in legally. If it can be done, screen out criminals before they come, but let the rest in. Free entrance because we are a free country.

Will they take our jobs because they are willing to work for less? It has ever been that those who are poor will work for less than those who have more. We don't blacklist the poor we already have from jobs. To do so would be to discriminate against the most needy, which doesn't make a lick of sense. And, while they are here, they also create jobs, buying food from us, buying clothes from us, and buying our entertainment.

Are they a burden on our social welfare system? So are our own people. How much does Utah expend on the us? Why say one group is too much a burden while another is not? Discrimination? Perhaps it be so.

-- John Jackson

Provo, UT

Candidate Jackson, who is them? the 4.5 billion people in the world worse off than our neighbors to the south? We just open the doors and let those who want to come here, come? How will we feed or take care of them?

The business labor economic cycle is very fragile. Too many workers, and our pay goes down, too many jobs and our pay goes up. Flood the labor market illegally with to many people, and the wages go way down, and the taxpayer gets stuck with higher taxes to pay more social services and unemployment benefits.

We don't black list our poor, they are legal citizens. We should not punish them with people who take their jobs. They have families to support also.

We have plenty of poor that needs help during this depression. We can't afford to take in citizens of other countries. Discrimination? No, illegal behavior that should be punished? yes.

In Paul McCartney's song, the people used the front door and rang the door bell. They arrived the legal way, not through the back door uninvited.

Patrick Henry
West Jordan, UT

Secure the borders. Check the papers of all current employees, aka REVERIFY all employees status to work in the USA. Punish the companies that continue to hire illegals. Illegals will go home once they are squeezed out of the job market, and trust me plenty of Americans will fill the job market void. It worked well in the 50's when we deported millions of them and amazingly our unemployment problem was solved. It will work today again.

Iowa City, IA

Candidate Jackson,

And what do you believe will happen to the citizens of struggling foreign nations when those who desire a better life desert their countrymen instead of working to improve circumstances? By thinking through things a bit more, hopefully you'll realize that starvation, oppression and other social ills will only increase if our nation decides to drain others of only their productive citizens (as unproductive citizens will not have the means to travel to the U.S. in the first place).

Screening by criminal background and leaving other countries to deal with a greater percentage of criminals will ultimately decrease the quality of life for more people than would possibly be helped by your suggested approach.

Sadly, there are people who are so blinded by trying to help the few that they lose sight of the harm that they cause to the many. Short-sighted approaches, even those that are well-intentioned, are not what our country and world need.

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