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Published: Saturday, Jan. 22 2011 1:00 a.m. MST

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Mapleton, UT

Knowledgable observers generally agree that a workable and beneficial immigration policy without room for amnesty of any sort is not possible. To insist otherwise is to effectively close the door on any chance of meaningful immigration reform.

Ventura, Ca

We don't need immigration reform...we need immigration ENFORCEMENT.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Surrounding states are dealing with their illegal immigration problems and laughing at Utah for continuing to remain essentially a sanctuary state where illegal immigrants can access driver ID cards, get in-state tuition, benefit from vast welfare benefits and have their children housed, educated and fed by Utah taxpayers.
This is not compassion, it is immoral.
Creating this environment that persuades more families to risk the rape, human smuggling, dangers of traversing borders and even death to get to Utah is far from compassionate, far from humane. It is downright disgusting.
The religious and other communities in Utah that THINK they are offering compassion by encouraging illegal immigration must understand what they create in risk to life, property, liberty and the very nature of civilization when they promote illegal immigration. Unwittingly they HARM the very children of God they mistakenly believe they are helping. Both the illegal immigrants and the legal citizens. EVERYONE looses when borders are not protected and carefully managed.

Iowa City, IA

Ajax, I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "insurrection," nor do you understand that article of faith if you believe if means people should never express political disagreement with current leaders. Likewise, your suggestion that supporters of amnesty have cornered the market of knowledge demonstrates a very narrow-minded approach to the issue.

Christine, I have long been an advocate of how the Japanese deal with illegal immigrants whose children are born in Japan. The children are allowed to decide whether they want to remain in Japan or leave with their parents. In a recent case of a couple from the Phillipines, the parents were sad when their daughter chose to stay in Japan instead of remain with them, but they have nobody to blame but themselves. Their disregard for Japanese law resulted in the separation from their daughter. It was not the fault of the Japanese people.

Dan Walters
La Quinta, CA

Utah will have to make a decision how it will stand on Illegal immigration. Weak enforcement policy will bear one kind of fruit and strict policy another. Weak policy will create a California Illegal Immigration scenario. Strict policy will create an appearance of intolerance but keep you from being overwhelmed and having your safety, your quality of life and your economy irreparably damaged. Utah its your choice and your future. California once stood at the crossroads with prop.187. We were robbed of our will by Gray Davis and an activist judge who purposely took four years to make her decision. Arizona stands at their crossroads now and the question is will the open borders political activists rob them of their will. You are at your own crossroad and will be called on to make a choice. California cried out for the country to hear our plight with prop.187 and no other state would listen. We recalled Gray Davis but the door had been left open and the damage had already been done. Arizona is bravely fighting for its very life. You will very soon be fighting for yours.

Salt Lake, UT

All these elected officials that refuse enforce our laws should be voted out of office (M. Shurtleff).

"We might as well hold back the tide as do enforcement," (C. Bramble shame on you).

"allowing people to stay after they have broken the law .. is an insult to millions of people around the world".

It is also a BIG insult to the citizens who's tax dollars pay to educate the children of illegal aliens AND pay the salaries of the elected officials that refuse to enforce our laws.

If the libs doesn't think the illegals should have to obey the law then I insist on the same treatment. I don't like the speeding laws. I don't like the concealed carry laws. I don't like the stupid rulings handed down by our corrupt judges.

If we are going to have anarchy I might as well get my share of the spoils while we are going down.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Church leaders are flat out wrong on this issue........and will lose a great deal of credibility when this issue is re-solved and all the illegals go home! Its just a matter of time....

salt lake city, utah

It is unfortunate that those who favor the invasion of America by illegal foreign invaders continue to insist upon referring to those opposed to the invasion as racists. The reality is, America continues to welcome people of every imaginable racial and ethnic background who have chosen to follow the well-established "path to citizenship" that currently exists. There is absolutely no good reason to reward those people who have decided to bypass the existing, established process with amnesty of any kind.

Murray, Ut

Children brought here illegally have a chance to make things right between 18 and 18.5 years of age, by returning home and filling out the papers. Most choose to stay here illegally and become just as illegal as their parents.

The venue was closing, people were being asked to leave the building, the Brown Berets refused, and instead tried to engage the security officer with a verbal confrontation.

The video was up on youtube. Search the Brown Berets national website for information on how this militant group plans to overthrow the US government.

Oahu, HI

Why! The need for Debate, being Illegal is guatemalaagainst the Law.

The Soluation is to Deport Them.

Deport them right on the edge of the Mexico, Guatemala Border.

Those from other places, a 1 way ticket back, to where ever they came from.

They are Illegal, that is against American Law, what part of that do people not get.

I do not want to change the law that much regarding kids born in the U.S. from Illegal parents (usually the mother). However the Parents Need to be Deported and the kids need to go with them and when they are adults then they can come back. That or Adoption. Citizenship should not be granted because you have the ability to have a child.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

Reading the comments on the illegal alien debate it is obvious what the citizens want. I think the elected leaders better pay attention to the wishes of the majority instead of political minority cries for amnesty. We are , after all, a democratic republic.

Murray, Ut

@Tom, the sheep shearers were here on Visas.

America has had it with the excuses.

Ogden, UT


There are many decisions that must be made for minors by their parents. Minors, for example, cannot enter into a contract.

If you look at citizenship as a contract between an individual and society, is a child capable of making such a contract? As a minor, they are probably not old enough to make such a decision. Likewise voting may be a privilege of citizenship but we do not allow minors to vote even though they are citizens.

Parenthood also brings with it certain responsibilities. Just because you are being deported doesn't mean you can abandon your children, even though they have dual citizenship. You might be able to assign permanent guardianship to a legal relative who is a citizen here, but at no point in the future would they be allowed to sponsor their family members since the parents who left them behind are no longer their legal parents.

No, give the kids a ride home with the parents and use the sale of property left behind to pay for the plane tickets.

Ogden, UT

Yesterday's AP story about the turmoil in Belgium (look for the story on beards) is a direct result of having a nation with two dominant languages. The southern half of the country speaks French while the northern half speaks Danish.

A similar situation exists in Canada where Quebec wants to secede and become their own little country.

In Israel you have a mix of Arabic and Hebrew speaking groups.

Ukrane, the Balkin Nations, Ireland... The list goes on.

Nations, for the most part, are usually defined by language. Anytime you try to have a country with two distinct groups of people, who do not share a common language, you also have divided loyalty, mistrust, animosity, and attempts to divide and/or conquer. When population density regionally reaches a point where there is little need for the immigrant to learn the language of the host nation, youre no longer a melting pot.

If you talk to people in Mexico... if you get them drunk in a bar, theyll say were taking it back, sorry. Thats not an uncommon sentiment in Mexico, so why cant we take it seriously here? - Mickey Kaus

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't see this as a 50-50 split concensus.....

Everything I read here in comments and I hear on the street tells me that the Sandstrom Bill has the vast support of the clear majority of Utahns....

Those who support Illegal Immigration...get out your wallet, you pay for it......and keep your compact hands out of my pocket

Mapleton, UT

@C. Darwin: "...elected leaders better pay attention to the wishes of the majority instead of political minority cries for amnesty."

Recent polling reported in the Salt Lake Tribune (Jan. 20, 2011) addresses the question of the majority will in Utah regarding the treatment of immigrants. Specifically, Utahns were asked of their support for the Utah Compact, subtitled "A Declaration of Five Principles to Guide Utah's Immigration Discussion". Clearly expressed among the Compact principles is the importance of a humane approach to immigration policy that, where merited, would in effect allow for a conditional amnesty.

The Compact principles are in contrast to the purely punitive approach taken by the Sandstrom bill.

So how did Utahns respond?

Forty-nine (49) percent supported the Utah Compact; thirty-nine (39) percent opposed it.

My hope also is that our elected officials honor the wishes of the majority of Utahns for the humane and compassionate treatment of all immigrants.

Mark Batin
Saint George, UT

We are always told that to enforce our laws is so inhumane, and yet Thousands of American Citizens as well as illegal aliens have died because our Government is to gutless to enforce the law. Tell me what is more inhumane?

To not secure our borders and enforce our laws is like letting the family of 10 across the street knowing that 1 of them is a serial rapist and another is a serial murderer. We would not let this evil access to our family and yet our government allows this evil access to the citizens they swore to protect. This is Anarchy and it needs to be stopped.

Sandstrom and Herrod are doing a great job and we need to vote anyone that is against their bills out of office.

Murray, Ut

Humane and compassionate treatment of all immigrants, does not mean we will stop enforcing laws, or accept their illegal behavior.

Th Utah compact was written to confuse the populace by including illegal immigration with legal. Perhaps a more honest poll would ask a direct question: "Do you support illegal immigration".

hispanic from AF
American Fork, UT

Illegal immigration is such a huge, enormous, super-size problem that, in my opinion, will never be corrected nor solve. The only option left to Americans is to practice personal responsibility by not hiring illegal workers and boycotting those business that hire them.

Mapleton, UT

Sanctimonious exhortations over a mistaken and manipulative concept of obedience to law in order to justify the unseemly mistreatment of others are woefully out of focus. Just sayin.

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