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No-shows again, Jazz fall to lowly Nets

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 19 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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vancouver, wa

Its really sad the way our team plays. Is it time to start cheering for West High School?

Salt Lake City, UT

Great effort Jazz. Love the competive spirit for one quarter each game.

Roosevelt, UT

The Jazz mostly showed up except for Millsap. Defense will win games but not tonight as the defense was only played on the other side of the ball.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

When you play at the level of the competition it becomes a bad habit and sooner or later you end up playing below the level of the competition.

The slow starts and the excuses that it only matters how you finish have caught up with this team and this system.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

well wasn't good even AK tried hard. Rest of Jazz didn't follow him as usual.

a anderson
west valley city, ut

Just like the song build me up butter cup just to let me down.

Santa Ana, CA

The Jazz it is a comedy show. They all of a sudden start hustling and acted like wildmen with as usual "5 minutes to go!" thinking they can pull the game out like the old La T Birds and Ronnie Psycho Rains...

Of course, Sloanie just allows Outlaw to cherry pick on the right and nailed shots all night. He would have scored even more as was open in the "prevent give up 3 d JER LOVES"

Outlaw stood behind the line usually with 10 feet or more of cushion, Harpring mentioned it Farmer hits a 3 and of course seconds later does the same.

The starting lineup is a joke. Not playing Fes over Elson and Okur is a bigger joke. Okur plays defense worse than Dudley Doright.

Lopez had a field day, it was volleyball on the glass. No resistance was sickening and no challenge physically.

Sad AK finally came to play tonight, to impress the Nets owner.

DWIL tried to save the ship with the martyr awful body language of his, but too little too late as did nothing before the 4th quarter.

CJ 2 bad games in a row MORE LIKE IT!!!

Santa Ana, CA

Kris Humphries had a career night against the Jazz. Great is it not?

Sloan is something else

Murray, UT

They need a second leader on this team. It can't just be Deron....it should be Deron on Offense and then someone else on Defense.
I'd say AK, but he's not playing defense the way he could. The problem is that there's no defensive specialist like Raja and AK used to be.

They need someone like Mathews again...

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA


Mount Beauty, VIC

Sorry, but it's time to look at all options.
Milsap - good but tooo small
Memo - marshmellow
AJ - needs to be more aggressive and play the 4 spot
AK - nice trade bait - what would the nets give us!
CJ - too inconsisient
Bell - good back up
Hayward, Evans & Fes - need more time & confidence
DWill, Watson & Price - PG's good - would be better with more assistance from 2/3/4/5

Starting Five (with what we have)
Watson, DWill , AK, AJ & Memo

Santa Ana, CA

Watson is quick but not fast. Hardly. He is better as an energy guy, starting him will expose him more vs these starters and Earl is tough but not overly tall.

That would not work him starting

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Why is Fes not playing more?

Orem, UT

After a promising start to the season, the Jazz have fallen back into mediocrity. Everyone knew that the slow starts would eventually catch up to the Jazz.

DWill's talk of some players not knowing the plays halfway through the season is troubling.

Unless they turn things around, another 1st or 2nd round exit from the playoffs is a near certainty.

Longmont, CO

I noticed missed cuts on the pick n' roll by AJ. You foul see the frustration on DWill's face.

Our entire front line was in foul trouble, Elson, AJ, Milsap and how many minutes does Fesenko play?

Layton, UT

paying them millions to dribble a ball up and down a hardwood floor for 48 minutes when they dont play defense = bad idea. paying them 1-4 - 1/8 of that same amount only for them to "seem" and "act" fatiqued = much better idea. note to self; find out just who feeds the utah jazz players and what they are eating to be so dang lethargic

Tokyo, Japan

hmmm..where's CJ Miles?...the player is too inconsistent...i hate to say this but...im beginning to lose hope...and will just enjoy the entertainment the team will bring when playing...they are playing with no heart...no desire...you cant win a championship playing like that...im tired of the excuse of being not on the same page...if you gave it all...execution would be natural...if you dont...there would be mental lapses...if this continues...we would barely get to the playoffs...

the Mailman
Melbourne, Victoria

The play of the Jazz does not surprise me.
What does is that some of you guys who should know better thought this season would be any different..

Tokyo, Japan

front office needs to make some player movement with the TPEs we've got...and try to find a glue that would make this team stick together...a true blue scoring SG...who is both an outside threat and a slasher...J Rich comes to mind...we could take Josh Childress away from Phoenix...he isnt a first or second option scorer...but i think he would fit well...

Burley, ID

Definition of Insanity?

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

It's time for a change Jerry.

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