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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 19 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tupelo, MS

The good governor's comment is shocking only in its blatancy. Perhaps this Christian overtness is the Republican answer to the Democrat socialist overtness of Obama. Some answer. It's essentially the same: socialism for America.

Indeed all you have to do is look at the prevailing policies. We are awash with the Biblical premise that because the murdering Cain sassed "Am I my brother's keeper?" we therefore must indeed be our brother's keeper. I suppose if Hitler had said, "men are free" we would all go about believing that men are not. That's odd logic.

But we are utterly beset by being our brother's keeper providing food, medicine, housing, education, and retirement, almost as if our brother were indeed a helpless animal in need of keeping.

I'm not shocked by Governor Bentley's buffoonery. Actually, the honesty, no matter how repulsive, is almost refreshing.

Cedar City, UT

Christians will be the downfall of Christianity...

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