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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 19 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

If Watson starts the Jazz will end its problem with slow starts.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Finally Jerry will be forced to change his starting lineup

Salt Lake City, UT


Are you saying Watson is better at leading then team then DWill?

Thats kind of funny. Charle's Barkley just recently declared that DRose is better than DWill and you are ready to say Watson is better than DWill.

Give me a break.

South Jordan, UT

I'll hang out on a limb and say we definitely have the best backup point guard in the league.

Draper, UT

Compare AK's comments with Boozer's comments on that east coast roadie two years ago. Man, how much better of a guy does AK sound as compared to Boozer?

sports fan
Provo, UT

Dwill is the man, so its watson, and price, i love our PG's. start any one of em' the other two will be there to fill whatever position needs filling. but Dwill is the best player in the NBA right now play him as much as he wants.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I would love to see the Jazz keep Kirilenko but it would have to be at about a third of his current salary for it to be good deal for the Jazz. I am thinking someone else will offer him more than that. I believe the Jazz are hoping Gordon Hayward will eventually take Andre's place.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Watson starting may be a good thing,get more guys involved,he`s more of a pass first pg,Miles and Millsap could have big nights.Also maybe a game off for DW,may be able to rest and get a different perspective of the game,and no I`m not saying Watson is better,no way,but I`m one of those liking the idea of Watson starting alongside DW with Raja off the bench

Salt Lake City, UT

obvioulsy DWill is a better player than Watson but he has a tendency to walk the ball up the court and at times that is what stagnates the defense. And while I am a big fan of DWill I am also beginning to believe that DRose is better.

Darin Pitt
Lubbock, TX

You have to think that AK will be a pretty big target for the Nets, even if they get Carmelo. I do believe he would like to be in the Utah and I think the Jazz would like him back, but I don't think they will offer him any more than $8 million a year. Maybe a two year deal similar to what they gave Memo.

As for Deron resting, he should be able to take a few days off if needed and with the Jazz playing teams like the Nets, they should still win the game. It is all about playing or the playoffs.

Lehi, UT

Some of these Jazz fans are stupid to think D-Will is our problem because of slow starts. Bell is the problem, he can't beat anyone off the dribble and has lost a step or two, he is not the player he used to be. Losing our starting 2 guard to free agency has hurt us, both Mathews and Brewer were much better defenders and found ways to score, Bell has not. I like Bell, just not as a starter anymore. Until we get a higher caliber 2 guard to help compliment D-Will in the back court, expect the same results we have seen all season long.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Jazz-Nation- since when have we had a 2 guard that could beat a guy off the dribble? (But I agree Bell isn't fantastic)

Watson starting may be a good thing because it could light a fire underneath DWill. Last year Maynor started a few times and the Jazz over came some woes, it seemed to help DWill focus.

Watson won't start more than a few games though...

Sandy, UT

For the first time in a long time, I don't feel that Deron sitting out a game is an automatic loss. Watson is hands down the best backup we've had for Deron (no disrespect for Ronnie Price but I like him where he is). If DWill is sick, he should rest and be ready for the next one. Besides, like others have said, the rest might do him good physically & mentally.

Longmont, CO

I'd like to see Watson start the first few minutes of every game alongside DWill. It will get the Jazz out running early which will set them up for the rest of the game.

I know DWill doesn't like playing the 2, but he really is great at that position. Replacing Bell's offense with DWill's at the start of a game would give us the boost we've been looking for.

Darin Pitt
Lubbock, TX

@Jazz-Nation - I agree that Raja is not the best 2-guard in the league, but I don't think we can pin the Jazz's slow starts to him. A lot of it does lie on Deron Williams. For some reason he takes a while to get going and then by the second half he is the best PG in the game. I have seen games where he didn't seem to be pushing the ball as much in the 1st/2nd quarter and then coming out of half time he starts pushing the ball more. Why? I don't know, but everyone is different and because he is the Jazz's best player the team follows his lead.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I am also a huge Dwill fan but I kinda have to agree with Charles Barkley. DRose has been unbelievable this year. The Bulls win regardless of who is in the lineup with him. If I had a vote for MVP it would be for Rose.

I hope that changes and the Jazz stop losing games to the Wizards and by 25 to Atlanta at home but Deron needs to get his team to be more consistent!

Meridian, ID

I love reading about how bad we need wesley mathews now that the writing is on the wall .. lol .. but nobody was saying that a few months ago .. I got nothing but hate for saying we cant let him go and that he was as important to our future as any other player on the jazz.. people accually thought an old raja bell would provide the same spark as wes mathews .. that was laughable or that we would be lucky enough to get another diamond in the rough .. sorry aint gonna happen .. there just arent that many mario elie/james posey's out there.. good work KOC..lol...

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Matthews won't be same if he stayed in Jazz. Portland is SG team that's why he flourishing.

Roosevelt, UT

To menace to society..go ahead and compare AK to Boozer. Boozer has been a go to guy wherever he goes. AK just went and sat on the bench.

Boozer was a 20/10 if not better all the time he played for the Jazz at $12m.. AK has never had a 20/10 week let alone month or season and he played at $17M. He is overpaid and should see a new team prior to the trade deadline.

Chances are the owner of the nets is a millionaire and too smart to take AK.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

i bet ak would love to stay in utah for 17 mil. he has milked alot of money but has done NOTHING if he wanted to stay he would be putting out a little effert. none of them are puttig out much but at 17 mil ? what a joke

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