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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 18 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

It will be fun to see who repaces him.

West Jordan, UT

Ben Cahoooooooooooooooon!

Go Cougs!

Orem, UT

I think it will be Cahoon, but I hope Aaron Roderick is at least offered an interview or will take a look at the position at BYU.
Here's why:
Roderick has D-1 coaching experience and can help our offense with more crossing routes. Roderick has recruited to Utah, has played at BYU and would already have some recruiting ties.
Obviously Cahoon is a guy who goes after the football and can catch it with the best of them. But can he recruit and can he teach/coach? Roderick is a proven coach and recruiter.

Springville, UT

I like the idea of giving Roderick an interview, if he'll take it.

I'm not sure letting Higgins go was a good idea. The problems this last year were related to injuries (Ashworth), the lack of reps between Heaps and the receivers (OC's decision), and the lack of production out of the tight ends (different coach).

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

To RaininTime: and obviously if BYU came calling Roderick would run to Provo for the privelege of working for Bronco and coaching at BYU. Maybe Andy Reid could coach the wide receivers and Mike Holmgren could head up the offensive line. I'm sure all three of these gentlemen would take HUGE paycuts just for the privelege.

Lubbock, TX

This is a crazy chess match.

Go Y

Salt Lake City, UT

I am Happy for Patrick Higgins. He made valuable contributions to BYU as Bronco developed his program. Best Wishes at Purdue.
As expected the people who knew the handwriting on the wall was that they either would have to step up their game or move on have moved on.
Some injuries contributed to reduced performance this last year with McKay Jacobsen's hamstring being the most evident. But the lack of catches when hit in the hands was a major problem.
Ben Cahoon should be the leading candidate as a superb technician of route running and making every catch. Worries about his recruiting should be minimual as he is outgoing, friendly and carries a blue ribbon career as a calling card.
An the excitement continues to grow.

stockton, UT

Joe Dupaix is the man! I have personally been to navy's spring practice and watched him coach he is outstanding. BYU made a great choice, he can coach many offensive positions and also has more passion for the game than anyone I have seen in a long time.

Salt Lake City, UT

For all those who thought Coach Mendenhall handled his coaches wrong before Christmas, it looks like everyone is doing exactly as expected. Each coach was given the opportunity to evaluate their own position, what they could contribute at a higher level and if not, they could look for other opportunities while other schools had openings. Both Anae and Higgins contributed a lot at BYU and now have moved on. No one was left hanging in the wind who didn't know what was expected of them. No one was embarrassed by being fired. Coach Mendenhall handled this very well and my hat is off to him. This program is in great hands and I am excited for where it is going.

Come on Man
washington, utah

Aaron Roderick, Ben Cahoon come on man. I know Aaron has had D1 experience as a coordinator and Ben Cahoon is great at what he does, but why narrow our choices to those 2. How about Steve Clark the SUU offensive coordinator former BYU GA. The offensive production the T-Birds have had since Steve's arrival is crazy, and he coaches the Wide Receivers. He is a BYU guy who has playing calling experience and obviously the passing system he and Paul Peterson have created is terrific. Aaron Roderick's offense was at best terrible the last 3 games of the year, and for Cahoon great players don't always make great coaches. However, my gut says Ben Cahoon gets the job no way on Roderick, and Steve Clark will continue to help turn SUU around. I did hear that he interviewed really well.

Orem, UT

@ 1984 for life: ".....I hope Aaron Roderick is at least offered an interview or will take a look at the position at BYU."

Again, my stuck in time friend, I hope he would at least look at the position. BYU is a more attractive place to work than you give it credit. But hey, UCLA just hired an ex-49er coach, so it looks as though Chow will head to the U and that leaves Roderick open for a move.

But I'll use your logic on you. Can Utah afford Chow? Is Utah going to pay Chow as much as they pay K-Whit?

The worst thing about a Ute fan is thinking the Pac-17 makes them more attractive than ...... other schools. They are not. A 40,000 seat stadium with a very fickle fan base does not beckon too many people.

Well, it did Urban Meyer, but, ahem, he left after two years even after his many empty promises. K-Whit stays at Utah because he has a young family and he is a very good family man.

The obvious choice for BYU is Ben Cahoon and we'll see how it goes from there.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Sometimes a subtraction is an addition.

I would love to see Cahoon hired.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Can Utah afford Chow? Is Utah going to pay Chow as much as they pay K-Whit?"


Utah would need to pay Chow HALF of what K-whit makes. In other words, 5 times more than what bYu could offer a OC.

Houston, TX

Both Anae and Higgins made decent moves that could be considered lateral ones. It looks like they are being replaced by coaches with little experience.

There is substantial risk. The offense should get a much needed update. But there will be a lot less experience in those positions.

There is a very real danger of getting too many coaches who lack experience. Further, the new coaches need to mesh in.

I supported Bronco's approach to the coaching changes and to changing the offense. However, there are risks and some down side. Besides reducing experience, the slow moving musical chair approach to the coaching changes tends to hurt recruiting.

In the long run the coaching changes should be positive.

Unlike the U, BYU can afford to pay whatever they need, to get the coaches they want. Whether they will pay is another matter.

I am more worried about the lack of experience than I am about BYU not paying enough to get who they want.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Unlike the U, BYU can afford to pay whatever they need, to get the coaches they want. Whether they will pay is another matter."

oh yes, eventually the Y will pay the going rate or continue to live as an irrelevant. Look for your yearly tithing to jump to around 11%

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

C'mon @hedgehog, go ahead and be a Y-hater, and go ahead and point out facts about higher/lower salaries when you have them, but don't let your hatred blind you from these facts:

- BYU's athletic department is one of a handful of programs in the country that turns a profit (i.e. there is money to spare).
- BYU's athletic department is about to get a huge raise (i.e. there will be even more money to spare).
- Not a penny of the widow's mite (tithing) goes into BYU's athletic program, which would be a total misuse of such funds anyway.

Whether or not BYU will pay huge salaries remains to be seen, but it IS an option.

Orem, UT

@hedgehog: Never allow facts to get in the way of good reason.

1. Football is financially solvent and independent in earnings to the res of the University. In fact, BYU football and Basketball pay for many, many other programs with the use of one cent of tithing.

2. K-whit makes 1.2 mill? Chow makes 1 mil. So, according to you, Chow would be offered 600,000 or 400,00 less than he makes at UCLA. And Doman makes $80,000? Again, I think your facts are wrong.

3. My hope for Roderick may be wishful thinking, but I took no cheap shots at the U. It seems you, hedgehog, are a hater. I encourage you to act independent of the way you interpret the way people treat you. Why so bitter?

Ann Arbor, MI

"Whether or not BYU will pay huge salaries remains to be seen, but it IS an option"

Rocksalt bYu,

Wow, it sounds like the tds has more money than they know what to do with? Literally coming out of you ears- right?

I wouldn't try to cash those imaginary ESPN checks quite yet. As far as attempting to seperate Church and football....come on, it goes into a "corporate" pot. How is "selling" the LDS church via football not part of corporate mix?

Ann Arbor, MI

uhhhh, silly silly Raintime,

If you'd spend more time researching then trolling Ute articles you would discover the Chow signed a TWO year contract for 1mil. let's do a little math shall we. 1mil divided by two is 500k a year.

Move along now, move along.

American Fork, UT

Uh wedgie....BYU's athletic budget is approximately 50% higher than utahs. That was reported in this paper this last year. BYU's athletic department also makes a profit, unlike utah's which is in the red. BYU just got a raise with their exclusive deal with the world wide leader ESPN. utah has virtually no income outside of ticket sales for the next couple of years.

In short BYU could pay any coach they want to pay whatever they want to pay them and still have twice the money utah has. Just the facts.


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