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Published: Monday, Jan. 17 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

He should stay at the u. He'll play at the u and ride the pine at SC...take a clue from Harvey.

Springville, UT

Wow, check out the entitlement issues. It's important that Utah show him a good time, because that's what SC did? Sounds like high maintenance.

Albuquerque, NM

Let the competition begin on the recruiting front for the new Pac-12! And the 2011 season isn't even here yet. USC and UCLA are not just battling each other for bragging rights in the So Cal area, they are battling Utah even for a 3 star recruit and possibly even an offensive coordinator. Why would USC care about a 3 star interested/committed to Utah when they have committed 5 and 4 star recruits??? Utah is a threat to the new Pac-12, especially in the new South division. I have a feeling a new rivalry is brewing, and its not East of Utah or in Provo, but in So Cal. They are well aware of Utah's past success against the Pac-10 and two BCS bowl victories. They know what Utah is capable of and they aren't stupid. They will fight to keep Utah from becoming a national power in the Pac-12. Go UTES!

South Jordan, UT

They missed the part of the story where he has said previously that he would like to play away from home. We will see who he picks in a couple of weeks.

American Fork, UT


LOL please that might actually be the most delusional post any ute "fan" has ever posted on here. Thanks for the absolute belly laugh! LOL

Cottonwood Heights, UT

NewMexicoUte - don't be fooled by the number of stars this kid got. My guess is you've not heard of the SPARQ rating (rates overall athleticism). Look it up and look up Henderson's SPARQ. It is the highest in the nation. Higher than Reggie Bush's was coming in to college. Higher than Tim Tebow's. This kid is definitely a top recruit.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

He says "I still consider myself a Utah recruit" and then he goes on another visit? A 90 percent chance of winning a national title? Are the Trojans still forbidden from bowl games? Not sure I would want that kid.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The "battle" over Henderson is representative of the status Utah enjoys now as a PAC-12 member. The 30th highest ranked recruiting class to date. Of the 5-10 recruits Utah is still trying to sign they are also visiting Oregon, Michigan, USC, Pitt, Texas A&M, to name a few. These are NOT kids that claim those schools are interested in them (perhaps a form letter of introduction) but kids those schools are fighting to have vist them with less than 18 days until signing!!! And remember we have only been a PAC-12 school for 6 months!!! Keep an eye on developments these next two weeks!!!

Cedar City, UT

This would definitely be a huge pick up for the Utes. The Sparq Rating says this kid is a legit athlete. Henderson had the top score of 134.79.

TImpview high standout and BYU commit Colby Jorgensen is #8 on the list with a 126.84 rating.


"We all sat around and looked at all the talent in the room and said if every one of us decided to come to SC together, there's probably a 90 percent chance we could win a national title together."

Ah, to be young again....

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Utah Boise State
Score 3 26
1st Downs 8 23
3rd Down Efficiency 2-for-13
15% 8-for-18
4th Down Efficiency 0-for-1
0% 1-for-4
Total Yards 200 543
Rushes-Net Yards 29-107 37-202
Average/Rush 3.7 5.5
Comp-Att 10-24 29-40
Passing Yards 93 341
Average/Pass Play 3.9 8.5
Penalties-Yards 10-83 3-29
Fumbles-Lost 3-3 4-3
Interceptions Thrown 0 1
Time of Possession 26:50 33:10

Nothing to do with the article, I just like posting it.

Riverton, UT

Better make sure you "show him a good time" as that seems to be what's important to this guy. He certainly seems to have his priorities in place. He'd fit in well with the Utes.

Frisco, TX

Typical Ute commit, who is really uncommited. Common Whit, be consistent. A committed player taking an official visit to another school - pull his scholarship offer.

The entitlement this kid is looking for is unbelievable. Almost sounds like he's looking for payment for his services.

Littleton, CO

Hold on, Who am I sir, the BATTLE doesn't necessarily indicate the utes legitimacy -- consistently WINNING the battles will indicate ligitimacy.

Iowa City, IA

This kid is playing Whit like a fiddle. Let's see if Whit believes in his program by yanking the offer or if he's is desperate and caters to this kid. He's already yanked one offer because the recruit went on another visit...does he have the courage to do it again? The U program will be disgraced if it allows this kid to challenge them to "make his experience better".

Big Daddy Ute
Logan, UT

Pull the offer and let him go to USC. Make a committment in life and stick to it Mr. Henderson. Oh, by the way, when Coach Kiffin gets fired in three or four years for destroying not only your team but further tarnishes USC's reputation, don't come running to us.

Pocatello, ID

I'm pretty sure Whit has a better grasp on recruiting than the rest of us. Each person's situation is different, and if Whit automatically pulled schollies from guys who tripped after commit, I think he'd have a bit of a harder sell. The Philander situation was different. He wasn't open with coaches in his plans to take more visits, whereas I believe Henderson has. Plus, Utah gets the last crack at him, and I'm pretty sure after he takes his visit here, he will stick, along with Pomee.

Calic coug: It's always good to talk smack about a team that won 3 more games than you did, beat you head to head, and didn't lose to Utah State.

Ann Arbor, MI

I'm more concerned about landing Floyd Raven ( 8 ranked CB in the nation / 120 ranked player in the nation)

On paper it appears Raven could be the shut down CB the Utes need.

West Jordan, UT

All this talk of "pulling scholorships" is ridiculous. These kids are 18 years old and are making, perhaps, the most important decision they have made thus far in their life. I can understand second guessing that decision and making sure, through other visits, that the decision you made was the right one. The kid is apparently good and BYU fans (mostly the ones calling for Whitt to pull the offer) really don't know the first thing about athletic, highly recruited athletes that haven't dreamed about BYU since they were 10....since they don't consider BYU as a school of choice.

This kid will realize that Utah is DB U...just look at the NFL players that Utah has produced at his position. The style of defense Utah plays prepares these kids for the NFL and if he dreams of making it someday (which recruit doesn't), then Utah will prepare him better than anywhere else.

Bountiful, UT

Will the kid score the same on the SPARQ when he weighs more than 165? Sounds like he needs some maturing - both physically and mentally. Then again, who doesn't need that at 18?

Bronco would definitely pull the scholarship. But then again, Whit is not Bronco -- thank goodness.

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