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Published: Monday, Jan. 17 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

The Wizards? Really guys? Come on...you're better than that! Seems like most of the guys struggled & didn't shoot that well today. And where are the rebounds?

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Just another Jazz egg. This team is just like "cotton". There is no fabric toughness what so ever from top to bottom. Where's the effort, desire, intestinal fortitude, anything that defines a man? What some pretenders that talk the talk but can't walk the walk. And don't give me the A.M. start, get up and get ready just like practice softies!

Farmington, UT

Note to KOC - Need ATHLETES! AK and Bell are not going to get the job done with a PG like Williams. Need somebody that can finish at the rim!

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

I`m not the least bit surprized,in fact I had a gut feeling this would be a loss...oh well,same old Jazz

Lehi, UT

Expect to lose when you dont run the floor hard or set screens, dont finish. Bell 2/8 with 5 points. We need our shooting guard to give us double figures every game no matter what. Where was AK? The bench didnt have the energy either. Bell has had maybe 5 good games out of 41 so far. AK maybe 10 decent games but nothing to write home about. The Jazz as a team need to focus. Each game from here on out could effect our standings in the playoffs. The Jazz seem to put it together for a couple games and then they stumble. When this team comes out sluggish they suffer. I still think we need to bring in a higher caliber 2 guard to run with D-Will.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Let's see......

Bell, AK, and Millsap played a combine 97 minutes and scored a total of 22 points.

Three point game, Millsap misses shot and then goes down and fouls.

Captain L
Provo, UT

They came out lazy and nonchalant, DWill and Big Al
are the only ones that came to play.
CJ didn't attack and shot the 3 to much, Milsap didn't shoot well or rebound well. Bell shot poor, AK didn't get to the hole like he does when he plays well.
The whole team except DWill & Big Al stunk, they didn't come out like they really wanted to win.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hate to say it but I think Deron is a step slow this year. He is REALLY bad on defense. I think he really needs to make some changes. I would guess 15 lbs. would be the perfect place to start. I love DWill but he is not the same this year.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Millsap, AK, and CJ Miles go for a combined 9-27 from the floor!!!

That ought to expain most of it. The rest can be explained by the fact these softies gave up 108 points to the Wizards.

Just shows these guys have still not matured to the point they understand that you win with defense.

Their shots weren't falling so they don't play defense...just like the junior jazz.

If you want to win a championship then it should be just the opposite. Hold the other team to a respectable total at least even if you are having an "off" day shooting it.

Farmington, UT


Obviously you didn't watch the game and the 15 LBS you are talking about is Deron's strength. He had 28 and 11 with 2 TERRIBLE wing players in Bell/AK. If you gave Williams a slasher he'd average less turnovers and more assists. Why do you think he was upset when they lost Brewer.

Farmington, UT

It looks like we can count on D-Will and Al Jefferson to bring their best effort every single game.

The difference between a good Jazz team and a great Jazz team? Consistent performances from Bell, AK, Millsap, and Miles. Bell, AK, and Miles need sports psychologists to convince them to play hard and contribute every day. Coaches need to help Millsap learn to play alongside Al.

It's weird seeing us get outrebounded night in, night out. If we could just decide to play defense on every possession, I suspect the rebounds will come. We're giving up a lot of open shots!

Lubbock, TX

boYlen must have put is two cents in before the tip-off.

Salt Lake City, UT


Thanks for that effort fellas.

Hey Millsap, that was awful. Thanks bud.

Santaquin, UT

I think KC is looking for a pro basketball team. Maybe the Jazz should move there.

vancouver, wa

Another consistant and great scoring effort from Bell and AK. Trade deadline in about 5 weeks?

Las Vegas, NM

I am starting to lose faith...They just do not have that give it my all guy on the bench.....Are we Jazz fans doomed with the good, but not good enough for the rest of our lives.
I think there is one diffence between the NBA, NFL and MLB....In the NBA, there is never really that opportunity for the underdog to win it all. I think they should revert to making the opening round a best 3 out of 5 series. I think it would make pro basketball more exciting or a round robin pro tourney...Something different..We all know the league wants the Heat, Celtics or Laker's to win it all. Its dissappointing.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

AGAIN...we don't need Memo and Kirilenko, sell them, we get more cash for BETTER players!

Santa Ana, CA

Awful. I never felt once the Jazz would win today. When I talk about does "sloan and his SLoanaholics" watch film, everyone should know even Billy Barty that you do not leave Nick Young from SC open for a corner 3. Good teams shadow guys, this defense Sloan runs is a joke. Period. Young missed a couple but buries that shot and has since College. Li had field day with 5 wide open shots from his sweet spot.

The Jazz outside of DWIl and AJ did little, no on else played up to par including CJ. Fesenko should have been used over Elson who again did nothing and does nothing to thwart the paint play of the Wizards, you allow Blatche a role player to play like a star.

The Jazz had few plays of good defense. You do not win giving up over 50 percent shooting.

Now the next game becomes a must with harder road trip to follow and hope OK City loses tonight.

Slow starts are catching up to the Jazz because if the bench then gives you a run just to get tie or small lead of 2, we could be up 10 and control

Richfield, UT

What is all of your problems??? I mean holy cow, the jazz lost to a bad team, we are doomed to eigth place!!!! You fair weather fans need to realize that sometimes your team just doesn't play well. period. I mean look at the Lakers for goodness sakes! They lost 3 in a row TWICE this year. The Jazz have only lost 2 consecutive games ONCE!! We have a good team that has some issues, but heres the thing, EVERY TEAM DOES!!! Every elite team this year has dropped games to below.500 teams, we arent that special in that regard. Stop being doomsday fair weather fans and support the JAzz like fans are supposed to. Count yourselves lucky that we have such a consistent team every year.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

Elson, Memo, AK47, OUT!!! Bring someone to help DWill and Big Al. Millsap is good but not always, same thing with Miles.
Bring someone better to build our UTAH BIG 3!

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