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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Payson, UTAH

It is great to see BYU this high in the AP, where the east coast bias usually keeps teams from the west down a few notches from their actual performance. This is a fair ranking for BYU based on performance. They will have to sustain the guard play and hope to cover the hole created by Chris Collinsworth's injury to be worthy of anything higher. This team lacks balance, but its strengths are tremendous.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If this keeps up byu will be one of the highest seeds ever to have a one and done

good luck!

Iowa City, IA

Rise and shout!

Lemoore, CA

I think BYU vs SDSU meet on Jan 26 at the Marriott Center and then Feb at SDSU.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I believe that Chris B holds the record for typing the words "one and done" the most times on internet comment boards. It is still much better than the "none and already done" that would fit better farther up North. Given her track record on picking the outcomes of BYU athletic events. We can just about be sure it won't be just one.
Don't know if you were watching this weekend chrisb but your team won a game.

Appleton, WI

Yes, BYU and SDSU do play in Provo next week, Jan 26. Hopefully, both will take care of business this week and still be in the top 10 when they meet. Does anyone know if two Top-10 teams have ever met in Provo before?

Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Go Cougars! Can't wait to see them beat up on SDSU come the 26th! Will be great to have 2 top 10 teams square off, and great boost to BYU when they win!

Lubbock, TX

Kristy, B. Who has to lose for utah to go to the NIT?

BYU owes utah a thanks, for their pourous Jimmered defense

Lehi, UT

Congrats BYU. I hope for the best when you play SDSU.
This team reminds me of the Golden days of BYU basketball.

Cedar Hills, UT


Highly doubt it.

Oceanside, CA

"The Cougars (17-1) vaulted from No. 11 to No. 9 in the Associated Press poll and from No. 10 to No. 9 in the ESPN/USA Today coaches poll."

I wouldn't say "vaulted" for just moving up one or two positions, unless the teams previously ahead had not lost. But hey, whatever floats the article writer's boat.

Good for the Cougs. SDSU is considered a slow team, so maybe BYU will have a chance to win.

Denton, TX

What's the highest any BYU basketball team has been ranked? This one must be pretty close.

Cedar Hills, UT


New Mexico at #10 and BYU at #13 last year has to be the highest rated contest at the Marriot Center.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

again, no need to read or post to what is that person name or that person exist.

I rather see anyone above BYU have a big TARGET on their back than BYU Cougars. SDSU and ohio state have their big targets on them now.

Polls means nothing at this time until the final.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Chris B | 11:56 a.m. Jan. 17, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
If this keeps up byu will be one of the highest seeds ever to have a one and done

good luck!
It would be funny to watch them climb to #5 in the AP, and then drop completely out by the end of the season... eh, Chris?

Lyman, WY

BYU was ranked #2 for a week in 1988, when Mike Smith and Marty Haws played. They lost to UAB, and that started a slide. They were a #4 seed that year. Won in the first round against the #13 seed, and lost to #5 seed Louisville and coach Denny Crum in the second round, who lost in the next round to Oklahoma, who lost to former Jazz man Danny Manning and the Kansas Jayhawks in the National Championship

Ann Arbor, MI

Once again, I see the annual "choke job" at home coming.

The TDS will win enough games to keep them in the top 20 but a "one and done" in the NCAA tournement is to be expected.

Fresno, CA

Good job bball team. Congratulations and good luck this week!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hey Hedgie and Chris B.,

I hear that your yoots have an article under the "Utes" column, and heard that they finally beat someone, a pathetic Wyoming team...or do you even care? Probably not, since both of are simply jealous BYU haters...nothing worth cheering for on the hill, but women's gymnastics...as usual. It must stink to be a Ute-fan, nothing worth cheering for...can't wait for Football season to start, to see the continuing fade of the Ute-gridiron into oblivion...

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@Veritas Aequitas:

I'm pretty sure your comment flew right over the head of Chris B - she probably is a blonde.

@hedgehog: seems to me the last "choke job" took place in the Vegas Bowl.

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