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Published: Saturday, Jan. 15 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

DNews welcomes thoughtful comments, so I hope to see more of them. Meanwhile:
- the Cougars start spring ball in less than 2 months
- even if Bronco wanted 'big name' coaches, the alums and other donors would have to double or triple their support to get athletic budgets and salaries like those at Oklahoma and USC
- Bronco knows Top 50 lists have little meaning (Coach Rose does too - see Jimmer's HS profile)
- the 2011 schedule does include some WAC schools for the transition period; Central Florida might be the hardest game of the first 4

Provo, UT

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Or so we hear from a few Cougar fans (?!) and of course from the usual suspects (Hailstorm, Utah County Ute, etc.). DuPaix doesn't have the level of experience of a Nick Saban (would that be good enough, East Coast Coug?), and he played option in high school - aw, what's the use.

Maybe we need to take stock for a moment and remember that Lance Reynolds was an O Lineman as a player, yet coached Harvey Unga pretty well - or the running-back-by-committee from last year. As has already been pointed out, Mike Leach never played a down of college football, and made Texas Tech a power. Some people are just good coaches and teachers. Whether they were excellent players is a whole different matter.

Washington, UT


You make some awfully broad, sweeping statements. whether or not a school is attractive kinda depends on the student-athlete, don't you think?

As for Langi, why the cheap shots? Who gave you the information that he chose Utah becaue there's no "real" competition? Or that BYU pulled his scholarship offer? If in fact that were true, it's rather strange, because Langi is exactly the kind of back they need. If they're pulling offers to four star kids, that says more about them than him. Certainly BYU has gotten kids that Utah wanted in the past; can't the reverse be true in this case?

As for Dupaix the research suggests a limited resume, but a good guy and a players' coach. Whether or not it's a smart hire for BYU will really depend upon what they're gonna use him for, wouldn't you think?

Danbury, CT

@Osgrath et al,

The sky HAS fallen. We played UTEP in Albuquerque last month and were listed by SI as one of the top 10 teams making a U-turn for the worse. When was the last time we played and won a BCS bowl? How did Utah, BSU and TCU do it with their talent and coaches? I'm just trying to be provocative here and say maybe we should demand more out of our football program than we're getting. I see more of the same old thing. Since when does asking more make one a pariah?

Enid, OK


Now hire Ben Cahoon as wide receiver coach!


Sandy, UT

Re: fender

BYU pulled the scholarship offer because Langi's lifestyle didn't seem to match the BYU lifestyle. Bronco has repeated himself many times that he only wants players that are a good fit for BYU. It's best for both player and school.

Fed Employee
Cottonwood Heights, UT

For everyone crying about how little D-I experience DuPaix has remind me; how much experience did Lavell Edwards have when he was hired? Remind me how that hire turned out for BYU.

Washington, UT


Thanks for the input. What you say would explain it, although it doesn't jibe with the assertion that BYU pulled the scholarship offer then suggested he walk on (RaininTime above). I can't find any official source of confirmation for the statement anywhere, so perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing your source. It's an indirect attack on the young man's character and it should be stopped, if it's not factual.

stockton, UT

Joe Dupaix is the man! I have personally been to navy's spring practice and watched him coach he is outstanding. BYU made a great choice; he can coach many offensive positions and also has more passion for the game than anyone I have seen in a long time.
It is just to bad he had to end up at a school with so many ignorant fans!

Sandy, UT

Re: fender

As far as the offer to 'walk on', I'm not sure. I haven't heard that to be true but could be a situation similar to Van Noy's offer.

As far as my statement, it was not an 'indirect' attack on his character. It is simply a factual statement. He was caught doing it and a family member shared the information. Go talk to his family if you feel the need for first hand confirmation.

Sandy, UT

Re: UteBall

I agree with your comments however, every school is unfortunate to have some ignorant fans. The silent majority is excited about having Joe Dupaix as a member of the coaching staff.

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