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Published: Saturday, Jan. 15 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Danbury, CT


Overestimating WHAT place in history?? BYU has won ZERO BCS bowls. Their last bowl win of consequence was in 1997. My point is exactly that in order to break out of the current and past level of play, you have to get coaches with PROVEN experience at the level you want to be at. We don't have to hire Nick Saban, just some former BYU players with NFL and Div 1 coaching experience - in the role we're hiring them for - would be an improvement. Notice we have a history of giving people a promotion to something they've never done before. It rarely happens in the job world, why gamble with it here???

Lehi, UT

Also, before Uters bang on this guy for lack of depth, lets all remember that the Ute shining star,URBAN, was at BOWLING GREEN, a huge power(LOL) in D1 fb, before he came to Utah

Danbury, CT

Seems I am in the distinct minority of 5% who worry about inexperience in our coaching staff. Why is there such a lack of concern over this? Do you people all think that coaching football is like church callings - no experience required to be a Bishop or Sunday School teacher. Are there no differences any of you can see? Would you not have better comfort level if we hired someone to do the job who has actually PROVEN that he can do it?

Once Was
Island Lake, IL

Areas of concern, Domain gets a high school buddy to help him and why higher a run coach? BYU is a passing school. Michigan is a run school. When you try to change the style of play fans become uneasy, ask Rodriquez. Rumors where Domain and other coaches where unloyal to Anae. Ok, Domain gets a guy who he feels with be loyal to him, I get that but a guy who played in and coached option football? Not BYU style football. I hope it turns out better then I think it will.

Herriman, UT

About what I would expect for the team that finished 3rd in the state this year in college football, behind Utah, and Utah State

Also, whoever made the comment that you will see texas, usc, florida, etc rushing to go independent, you are wrong. Universitites are positioning to get into conferences right now, not out of them.

You will see Notre Dame in a conference in the future.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Mendenhall is putting together. Young energetic coaches"

Translaction= Enter level job.

There are a few positives for taking such jobs though....

1) You learn how to lose.
2) Learn how to attempt to coach with less athletic players
4) lean gimmick plays in an attempt to compete with superior competition
3) Free T-shirts!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Great hire. Obviously, this is someone the new OC thinks can help him put together a creative new offense. For those worried about experience, last time I looked Coach Reynolds has plenty to be the senior advisor, and assistant head coach. Utah is trying to find this type of experience with Coach Chow. Of course, it costs much more and probably comes with less commitment. Nevertheless, it is a model that both head coaches at the U understand, get excellent young coaches and combine them with a respected older influence good luck going forward to both programs.

Fort Worth, Texas

BYU fans keep telling us that they have tradition and a national following.

So I have to ask is this the BEST BYU go do with all your tradition?

No idea how good DuPaix or even Doman will be, but one thing sure I didn't see any top-tier programs going after their coaching abilities.

Arlington, VA

Next year is already shaping up to be an exciting year for BYU football. Mendenhall is doing a great job of assembling a young, but talented staff.

"Young energetic coaches" and excellent recruiters who will work well together to continue to build the BYU football program.

translation = requires evaluation skills way beyond the feable abilities of a hedgehog

He's just jealous that they don't make the free t-shirts in hedgehog sizes.

Washington, UT

Having a feel good staff has merit, but unless Doman is planning on starting Nelson at QB next year, I don't see how this hire makes BYU's run game better. Option blocking is a different animal, so would be more logical for Doman to turn to Coach Reynolds for help improving their power spread run game, and maybe that's what he has in mind. If Dupaix ends up coaching inside receivers next year, then that's likely what's going on.

Still don't see a dominant pro style RB in the stable like Unga, but maybe one of these guys steps up next year.

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Orem, UT

When Utes comment on who BYU hires as an assistant coach, I smell fear.

Translation: BYU's future looks better than Utah's future.

Here's my jab: Good luck in the Pac 12, where Washington State can now count a sure-thing victory.

Truth: BYU is a more attractive place to play than Utah. Boise State is a more attractive place to play than Utah.

Finally: Given a choice of another Pac-12 school, BYU or Boise State, where will most kids want to go? (And for you Harvey Langi fans, BYU pulled his scholarship offer months ago and asked him to "walk on.") That said, Utah deserves the credit for landing Langi. Overall, Langi made the easy choice, go to a school where there is no real competition for his position.

Still, the hire of DuPaix is a good one and anyone with any type of research ability will agree.

South Weber, UT

DC |
Alexandria, VA
Then the Cougars can start playing the real powerhouses of, Central Florida, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Idaho State, San Jose State, Hawaii and of course the big game against Utah State.
That's a pretty peck of peaches that you'll be picking.
I am ready though for "The Rebuilding Year" excuse that we hear year in and year out as the only away games scheduled in the last 8 games are at Louisiana Tech and Hawaii.( for Bronco's field trip to go surfing )
BYU has only have 16 recruits listed for next year and the blue bloods aren't even mentioned in the top 50 of Scout.com or Rivals. ESPN doesn't even list your recruiting class in the top 75 , so why all of the Bravado and glowering hype? Add that to your sarcastic remarks about the Utes and logic doesn't seem to be on your side. Use a little wisdom and concern yourself about what is happening in Utah County before the chest thumping.
Then again I hope you don't as it gives the Utah Alums and fans a lot of journalistic material to work with.

Fresno, CA


Don't you mean eastcoastute? Let's be honest. You're fooling NO ONE.

Orem, UT

I am concerned about what Coach Mendenhall expects out of these two coaches, Doman and Dupaix. Their lack of experience is not my major concern. What I don't understand is why Bronco hired two former quarterbacks that are run-oriented, option quarterbacks. We don't have the type of athlete that can run an offense like that. Also, are we turning away from our traditional drop-back passing game? It seems to me that this is not just a coaching change, this is a complete philosophical change in the BYU football program. I cannot see how we can compete on a national scale by changing to a running game primarily. We can't recruit the type of athlete that could perform well with that type of offense. We could end up like Navy, or the Air Force Academy with creditable athletes, but never able to compete with the BCS big boys.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's so kind of our little friends on the hill to offer their questionable advice on BYU's coaching changes, but their time might be better spent helping Whit find a quarterback for next season.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

BYU got the players that they needed this year, most of which are in the trenches. A lot of the exciting stars in the waiting are coming off redshirt years or missions which is the norm at BYU. The future is bright.

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure why you (Ute fan) are "dissing" BYU's schedule. The MWC was rated higher than the PAC10 the last two years. You are moving to an easier conference schedule than you've had.

Sure there are some schools who used to be good in the PAC10; but I don't see how Montana St, UCLA, Arizona State, Colorado and Washington State are any different than the patsies on BYU's schedule.

I didn't realize, until now, that Utah gets none (zero) of the PAC10 money in their first year. Now I know why USC approved Utah / Colorado joining the conference. USC will be "indy" by the time Utah starts to share revenue.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a Alta Dad I have to say that Roger Du Paix was the best coach in the State......he promoted his players and got the most out of them!

If his son is half as good.....he will do fine at BYU!

American Fork, UT

A good football coach is a good football coach. To think that DuPaix will be unable to coach wr's effectively because he came from an option attack is ignorent. I don't know him at all but if he is a good coach then he is a good coach regardless of systems or positions.

I can give you a thousand examples of this. Just look at coach sitake at utah. He is now their defensive coordinator but at BYU he was a RB. He seems to be doing a pretty good job there.

I know everyone wants to sound like they know what they are talking about but if you have actually played, or coached, football then you know that what position you played or what scheme you played in are pretty irrelevent. There are coaches, like Mike Leach for instance, that never even played college football, he simply decided he wnted to be a coach. He is obviously successful at it.

So quit trying to predict possible failure over irrelevent things.

Sandy, UT

Re: TheFailStorm

BYU only has 16 recruits listed because they only have that many scholarships available for next year with the number of returning missionaries coming back. Recruiting services rate classes largely based on the number of recruits so BYU naturally wouldn't show up very high for next year.

Nice of you to leave out Texas, Oregon St and Mississippi from your list of Cougar opponents. You should have left Central Florida off though since they won their conference and bowl game. You could have listed utah with the weak sisters on your list too.

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