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Published: Saturday, Jan. 15 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

Happy to have him!!! This trumps Utahs choice of Lineman Coach... whats his name again... thats right no one knows it.

Fresno, CA

I like the young, energetic crew of coaches Bronco is assembling. I'm excited to see how these changes affect play next year.

On a side note to Tom Holmoe: I know we are punishing Fresno State for being sneaky and going back on their word, but couldn't we punish them on their own field better? Would LOVE to see my Cougars play here sometime....

Washington, UT

chase SL

Trumps Utah's choice of lineman coach? Davis' resume is far superior and an O line coach is a far more important hire than an inside receivers coach. Doman clearly needs help structuring BYU's run game, but if that's what Dupaix is there for, it's an odd choice, because he's another option guy. Bring Chow back to BYU; that would be impressive.

Alexandria, VA

Bring in whoever you want - just win! Beat Ole Miss, Texas, Utah to start the season. Only one of those three is a gimme right now...

Lindon, UT

Vai said in his blog yesterday that a team that desires to win the NC has to have a strong running game and their OL has to be aggressive, not just back up to defend the QB. He said, "pass to score, but run to win the game". It appears Bronco already knows that, therefore has hired DuPaix to get to the next level. I'm very excited about the prospects of the coming years. There is no where but up for the BYU football program, as well as the BB program.

Provo, UT

LOL, BYU still trying to keep up with the Utes!

Lindon, UT

fresnogirl: My wife & I served a senior's mission in the Fresno CA Mission in 2006-2007. We loved the area. Drove past Fresno City College every time we went to the mission home. I believe that is where Steve Cleveland coached prior to his stint with BYU. He is now at Fresno State, I believe. If BYU ever played FB against FS, I would travel there to see the game, and do some visiting with brothers and sisters we learned to love in the mission. Bronco & Mr Holmoe, it would be great if you would schedule a game there.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: Carson

BYU started making coaching changes for the upcoming season before Utah did. Anae was the TEs coach and so they needed a replacement for him. This wasn't a knee-jerk reaction to what Utah is doing despite your wishful thinking.

I will agree, though, that an O-line coach is a lot more important than a TE coach. It all starts with the O-line. Utah's O-line play has been pretty averageg and so the Utes might fair a lot better in the PAC-12 with improved play by their O-line.

And another thing, whoever says BYU's run game needs restructuring has no clue what they are talking about. Despite the 7-6 record, the run game is better now than it's been in years and will continue to get better. Even though there is no Curtis Brown or Harvey Unga in the backfield, rushing for an average of 160 yards per game with a strong stable of backs is something that BYU hasn't done in a long time.

Cedar Hills, UT

I can't wait to see what DuPaix is able to do for Drew Phillips.
DuPaix turned Shun White into a star a Navy (as mentioned in this article) and I think he could very well make slotback relevent at BYU for the first time since Bronco's first year; and he certainly has a weapon to accomplish just that with Phillips.

Danbury, CT

Good luck to Doman and DuPaix. However, both lack a real deep resume with top tier schools. We are gambling that a new Offensive coach who's never done the job can do it better than Anae. Sometimes the devil you know's better than the one you don't. Why we went with an inexperienced coach to run the whole offense shows our lack of ability to attract a stronger coaching staff. Is it REALLY that hard or do we just lack imagination and drive?

At least we should go after former BYU players who have some years in the NFL or at Div 1 schools as coaches. Navy, OK, but Cal-Poly, etc. is not real strong. It's like electing a US President who was on the city council 8 years ago...Whatever happened to being sticklers for preparatory experience?

Fresno, CA


Yep, Steve did coach at FCC before BYU. (Before that he was the coach for Clovis West -- that school killed everybody who played them in everything). We had the Clevelands in our ward as I was growing up (everyone except Steve). One of his brothers even taught me seminary my Freshman year. They are a great family!

Orem, UT

At least he doesn't have to change his team colors. That Navy uniform would easily pass as a BYU uniform. Speaking of which, I wish the team would put some gold trim back into the uniforms. Keep the same patterns, but a little gold trim would jazz them up a little.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm a Ute through and through, but I know Both Doman and Dupaix quite well and I have to say I'd feel encouraged if I was a Cougar fan.
Dupaix is very similar to Doman and will gel well.
These are both good guys with great personalities for recruiting and coaching, players will enjoy them but also respect them.
Not as much experience as others but they don't know how to lose. Also, BYU is the dream job for both of them. As long as BYU pays remotely well I think what Bronco's doing is putting an emphasis on hiring a COHESIVE staff of PASSIONATE BYU LIFERS that CAN'T HANDLE FAILURE and will NEVER WANT TO LEAVE. So regardless of whether the Cougs lose a few games as these guys learn the ropes, don't count on it staying that way. This is going to be a successful staff if they're given time but probably won't need it.
That being said, here's hoping the Utes land Chow and we'll ALL be happy.

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Holladay, UT

"It's like electing a US President who was on the city council 8 years ago"

Wow, thinking a little highly of BYU, aren't we? I would equate coaching at a Florida or Alabama or Notre Dame, Oklahoma, etc. to the presidency, but BYU? Overestimating their place in college football a bit I would say.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Carson....I couldn't read your comment, I had 47 points in my eyes...what did you say??

Ann Arbor, MI


this coaching line-up is almost as good as the Bingham High football coaching staff,

I guess the bar is set reaaaalll low as an "indy"


Lake Tapps, WA

Interesting comments about Doman and DuPaix's experience. Yeah, I am concerned about Doman's lack of experience as OC, but Anae had nothing but offensive line experience when he was hired as BYU's OC in 2005. Everyone wants experience but you can't gain experience without catching a break sometime. I guess Doman should have gone down to the JC ranks or maybe high school to get that experience before working at an FBS school, huh?

Orem, UT

It seems as though those who know nothing about coaching are doing all the trash-talking.

This is a great hire. Motorbike is spot on. This is about being a cohesive staff and team. That said, Dupaix does not lack experience. This guys has a great, great resume which is the envy of many coaches.

I am tired of hearing the bunk about BCS coaches. Rich Rodriguez comes to mind--he was pathetic. BCS coaches are usually not the most innovative since all they really need to do is line up and hand the ball off or have their quarterback or running back, both of whom are paid employees for the school, take off running.

We welcome the Dupaix family to the Cougar family.

Boise, ID

These guys are not the most experienced but they are passionate and love BYU. Hope to see new wrinkles in the offense - plenty of weapons for at least the next 3 years.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

JayDogg, you got that right. He already wears blue.

Glad Mendenhall hired Dupaix. I am excited that he is added to the offensive coaching staff. Some critics argue that with out deep experience then BYU should not hire someone. What? We were all the first time hire one time. Somebody gave me and you a chance without proven experience. Even the best proven coaches got their first job somewhere. Doman had zero coaching experience when he left the 49'ers and was hired to coach the QB's. Glad he is on the BYU sideline rather than the opponenets. DuPaix will fit right in, being a local grown product, this is likely a dream job for him and he is looking to grow into this job and make a bigger name for himself.

If Ben Cahoon eventually ends up on the BYU sideline, he brings a wealth of experince and technique, but no proven coaching experience. Like Doman though, I believe he would be be very good.

Welcome Coach Dupaix, Glad to have you on the team.

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