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Published: Friday, Jan. 14 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

We have to give Rose his due praise.

I have struggled because BYU consistently does not have the inside power players to do well on the national scene in the NCAA Tournament. I struggled because of the exit of a great player, Michael Loyd.

But this season has been remarkable and fun to watch. I appreciate the way the Cougars guard the three-point line and the fact that Fredette is distributing the ball much better than he did last year.

I continue to be concerned about BYU's ability to rebound and defend internally (e.g., UCLA), but I respect the work that Rose and staff have done in preparing the Cougars.

On a personal note, Rose is a class act who I enjoy and admire as well.

Richmond, VA

It's the nature of sports. If you're winning, every thing else doesn't matter. You will always be smelling like a rose. I'm sure if wasn't winning, some will already be calling for his head right now. It's the nature of the beast...just the way things are! That's not to say he's not a great coach nor an excellent leader. He is all that, and has proven it over and over since he took reign of the program. Go Cougs! Go Coach! You are so fun to watch!!!

Lubbock, TX

He's a big time coach, fantastic winning %, and went through some life changing (and hair color changing) alterations which is inspiring to fans and players alike. Rose has a brilliant future ahead of him, I'm very glad to have him, a very classy guy.

Go Y

Kearns, Utah

I can vividly remember him after some bitter contraversial loses, like Arizona State a couple of years back, when an allowed tip in/game winner was nullified minutes later by the officiating crew. I didn't personally see enough video evidence to reverse the call, but they did. Outside of Tarvenari, the entire team/cocahes took the officails decision in stride. Rose was just as cordial following that game, as he is when he works an opponent by 25.

Rose is just a flat out a cool cat (Cougar), and fine reprentitive of Brigham Young University, with lots of 'newly found' perspective on life.

We couldn't be more fortunate/blessed to have him calling the shots.

metamora, IL

Not only is he a good coach, but he is a snappy dresser. Love the tie in the photo.

Salt Lake City, UT

All too true. He personifies the aspirations of BYU and intercollegiate athletics and makes it even easier to be a Cougar fan.

Provo, UT

He "speaks the local jargon..."

What is that supposed to mean? English?

Salt Lake City, UT

Ute fan here, but nothing but respect for Rose and his program just like with Edwards. That being said, I still hate BYU and always will. Bring back Mejerus and go Utes....

Fresno, CA


Maybe he uses phrases like "every fiber of my being." Or perhaps he refers to Spanish Fork simply as "Spanish" or says "the BYU." Just kidding.

On a personal note, we used to be in the same ward as the Roses. What a wonderful family they are! I'm so happy to see him having such a great year (and career) at the Y.

Go Cougars!

Cedar City, UT

Coach Rose and family have come a long way since Fillmore. Coaching the Eagles and then on to the warmer climes of St. George. Young and brash then. More mature and well rounded now. I am sure he would like to get back to the final four again. This time as a coach. But with that front line, I don't think their tough enough. You never know. When the Eagles took it that year, they got hot at the right time!

Snowflake, AZ

I am afraid that this kind of article breed's criticism. Dick, if you say that Rose is doing everything right, then someone is going to point out perceived problems. Louisiana Cougar commented that BYU doesn't have a consistent inside power presence, and that "I struggled because of the exit of a great player, Michael Loyd".

From what I understand, Michael Loyd departed because of his inability to deal with living according to the BYU's standards for behavior and appearance. If Dave Rose has to dismiss players because of these type of problems, then he is doing his job. From what I understand, BYU's goals are (1) to be representatives of the schools LDS standards, and (2) to be competitive at a high level nationally. So far, goal accomplished! In my eyes, he is doing exactly that. Michael Loyd was repeatedly warned about his behavior and appearance, and he continued to escalate the improper actions. As for the inside power presence criticism, this may be true, but he does an excellent job of adjusting the style of play and strategy to the players he has! Go Coach Rose! Go Cougars!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

You nailed it Dick. I'm a Ute fan and have nothing but respect for Dave Rose. He's built a great program and built it the right way. This looks like a team that can go a long way this year in the tournament. I hope the move to the WCC doesn't undermine all his work. These guys could be a presence for years to come on the national scene.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I think we are at the point where we have to say he's the best ever at BYU. I won't name 3 who were an embarassment. I will name one who was in the same court. Stan Watts may be number one, but it was a different era in many respects. Stan never had the media focus, the Internet, and the honor code was much more flexible. He did not have to contend with players on missions. Wats had some limits on who he could recruit, but he represented the school very well. Rose is so good it is hard to believe we have him. He's a perfect fit for a perfect job. He's a great example. I was one who wondered about appointing an assistant, but I take it back...he's number 1. Now...can we keep him.

Federal Way, WA

Certainly, the way Rose proclaims the churchs message (example) is far better than the way Bronco and the football program does (telling you about it).

Perhaps the basketball program should be treated more on par with the football program(decisions made more for their benefit) at BYU despite the income difference.

Fresno, CA


I would agree with you if Coach Mendenhall didn't walk the walk as well. Different personalities here (same as the mission field), will reach different people.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Re: Seattleview

I think it's unfair to compare to two coaches. The media scrutiny is so intense for football, that Bronco can't blow his nose without it being examined and interpreted six ways from Sunday.

Bronco by his very nature seems to be a quiet, reflective individual, who prefers to remain outside the spotlight, and keep his religious observance a private thing also. Just a thought.

brookings, SD

Good human interest story. Not surprising. The man is a good coach and will stay at the Y a very long time.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

and 1 tourney win!

Woo hoo!

Some program/coach

Only 500 other coaches have that honor

ted cantrell

Chris B:

You are unreal. Don't you wish that Utah could just bet BYU, let alone go to the big Dance?

ted cantrell

Chris B:

You are unreal. Don't you wish that Utah could just beat BYU, let alone go to the big Dance?

Sorry, I need a good typing coach!

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