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Published: Thursday, Jan. 13 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Payson, UT

It's a compliment that even byu fans are trying to claim Chow as their own. He is a living legend and the Utes would be very fortunate if they could sign a contract with him.

That increase in revenue from joining the PAC needs to be invested somewhere and I think Norm Chow's pocket book is a great place for some of that cash to go!

Fingers crossed - Go Utes!

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Duckhunter & NkAWTG
FYI Utah's OC and O'line coach are already gone. One of them retired, the other one took a job elsewhere.
No Need to talk to them a bout it.

Surfers Paradise, AU

59-0. Nuff said.

North Las Vegas, NV

Good point Pavalova!! Chow is a great, great man. But, I just dont see, at his age, being of much great use to the Utes.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Chow is an excellent offensive mind. He doesn't suddenly become otherwise because of age, he just has even more experience. Nice story news. Nice to read news rather than regurgitation.

South Jordan, UT

@solcalute----so your OC is gone where did he go? when did he go? i have not seen this anywhere and I work up on the hill

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

The great thing about Chow is that you always know who will play and what plays will be run. There's no surprises with Norm.

Salt Lake City, UT

All Cougar fans are hoping this deal happens. Chow had athletes at USC and marginal athletes everywhere else.

Utah has marginal athletes...Chow's offense is old and well known.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT


31-17 UCLA over Utah in Pasadena the year before 59-0 and a BYU loss the year before that,,,,,nuff said.

Logan, UT

Utah ought to worry about getting a QB.

South Jordan, UT

Hay all of you ute fans that like the hiring of Chow. it looks to me that whit is pulling a bronco and looking to replace his OC behind their back this is a quote from another article I have seen "Its unknown how the hirings would affect Aaron Roderick and Dave Schramm, who served as co-offensive coordinators in 2010. Roderick, who was promoted to co-offensive coordinator for the 2010 season, called the plays from the booth." so please give the wonderful spin on how this could not happen on the hill come on.....all I am hearing is the sound of silence

Ann Arbor, MI

Wow, the tds trolls are out in force.

Articles like this seem to hit a nerve with the tds.

Utah is stealing the NATIONAL limelight once again and it's hard to tds to except their place.

Salt Lake City, ut

Right and they call me a troll for making fun of their savior jimmers. You are mocking and degrating a former o coordinator who helped your program throughout your glory years what kind of fans are you? Wait you are the same ones that said fire everyone this year, Anae helped your team over last couple years but he has one medicore season and you say can him.
Whitt will find room for his coaches he has a great staff. I hope Chow comes to the U but if he doesnt they will still have plenty of great coaches.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chow was a great OC for BYU and he was a integral part of helping BYU win its first National Championship, but he was hardly perfect.

He had problems getting along with the other offensive coaches; he didn't relate well to alot of his players; and many questioned whether he had the skill set to be a head coach.

Norm would be a great addition to Utah's coaching staff and help enormously with Utah's transition to the PAC 12, but he's no panacea, and the Utes take a serious risk of losing Aaron Roderick and Dave Schramm if Chow is brought in to replace them as OC.

btw, BYU fans couldn't care less about Utah getting a little off-season national limelight.

The word is "accept," hedgehog, as in, accept Utah's future of perennial middle of the PAC obscurity.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

You Ute fans crack me up. It seems you've been locked in a time maching. The Chow you're describing seems to be the one for his BYU days, not the 65 year-old who has been VERY unproductive in his last 2 stints. Also, interesting the issues you say he's had with Slick Rick and Fisher. Same thing he had with Carroll at the end of his term at USC. That's Chow! He's a OC, NOT the head coach. He's the hard headed one who simply is way beyond his prime. Ute fans really think he'll resurrect your offenstive program? Laughable!

Salt Lake City, UT

It's so funny that hedgehog, the biggest troll this side of Chris B, should be calling out trolls.

With Jimmer-mania sweeping the nation, BYU fans couldn't care less if Utah gets a brief mention in the national media over a coaching change. Chow is just another one of dozens and dozens of coaching changes currently in the works.

Salt Lake City, ut

Funny your being a troll yourself, but whatever troll it up! Were all trolls right? I would like to be more of a goblin myself or maybe a garden gnome.
tds fans get mad at them when they are on byu articles but yet you and your buddies do the same thing on Utah articles. Stop acting like your above it dude you and swoop, sammy and quensatass verriattas always are hating on the Utes.
The fact is Utah is improving and it makes you mad take your b ball season this year for what its worth. Come next year the Utes will be playing in PAC while byu will be facing new mexico st. Again why are people dissing Chow, he was a part of your glory days if you like it or not. He would be a great fit for the U if not who cares but dont hate his great ability to be a coach. He obviously is if he is pulling down that much money at his age.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"The fact is Utah is improving..."

Three humiliating defeats and three lucky wins in their last six games proves otherwise.

Salt Lake City, ut

Dude the y barely had a winning season and you beat the bingham miners in a bowl game congrats! Whats your logic?

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