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Published: Thursday, Jan. 13 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mr. Shumway,

Norm Chow went to NC State after he left BYU, not the Tennessee Titans. You might want to get your facts straight...oops the editor screwed up too...OOPS!

Santa Ana, CA

As A Bruin Fan I am angry at "Slick Rick" he should have been fired. He is a sweet talker always addressing crowds after games they lose "Oh stick with us, thanks for your support, we will not stop working until we win, players are trying" blah blah. Chow is the same great coach he always was but Slick Rick wants the control. Many of us Bruin Fans go to fewer games and it stinks because the tickets cost under $20 for GA and Rose Bowl is great atmosphere with free shuttles to and from games. Brad Rock has been there covering Utes where I met him once.

If Utah can get Norm RUN AND DO IT

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Time to hange them up, Norm! What has this guy done since he left USC, other than collect millions of dollars in salary for offensive programs that have been woefully bad. Then again, as a Cougs fan, I'd LOVE to have Chow direct the Utes offense! Great pick if they can get him. Looks at the offensive energy in so many programs in the NCAA. Chow is way past his prime. He should enjoy retirement & family!!

Kaysville, UT

I wonder if Whitt had a meeting with his offensive staff to give them a heads up that changes might be coming?

West Jordan, UT

This is a smart move by Utah. Chow is being handed his hat UCLA and Utah is about to join the PAC where Chow has led the offenses of both USC and UCLA and has all kinds of knowledge and experience playing against other PAC teams, not to mention NFL experience and the 27 years he spent at BYU producing one of the most prolific offenses in college football. My guess is he will brought in for a few years to mentor other coaches and then he will retire. Good for him, and good for Utah.

Ann Arbor, MI

Big get for the Utes... make it happen!

Murray, UT

After hiring Chow Utah can go get Austin Collie as recievers coach (he is done with the NFL because of injuries) and then Whitt with all these ex BYU guys the Utes can go win a national championship!! Yes, Yes. Go Kyle. And all you guys who say Chow is washed up I wonder what South Carolina fans say about Steve Spurrier now as their head coach? He didn't pan out with the Washington Redskins but I think South Carolina will keep him gladly. A lot of success in coaching is who you work with. Chow probably doesn't work well with Nuehisel or with the HC at the Titans. But he was great with Pete Carol at USC. And don't forget Kyle played and was a graduate assistant coach at BYU when Chow was there. Come to Utah Norm!

American Fork, UT


I wonder the same. Did whittingham have the same integrity Mendenhall had and inform his offensive coaches ahead of time so they can look for other jobs or else decide if they wanted to accept a demotion?

I wonder if Roderick and that other guy whose name I can't remember are happy with this? Now obviously both stunk it up last season and probably deserve a demotion/firing but since clowns like wedgie, christina b, howard s and other ute "fans" thought it was such a huge display of classlessness when Mendenhall actually warned his coaches and gave them the opportunity to look elsewhere it is perfectly legit to ask those trolls if they think whittingham blindsiding his guys is somehow a better way to handle things?

I don't really care if any of them answer since it will just be hypocritical attempts at justification anyway.


Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

UCLA's problems are Neuheisel and not Chow. Slick Rick is a very appropriate nickname. He's a Totalitorian micro manager and he destroys programs almost as if he's doing it on purpose. At Washington allegations of possible game fixing still linger and were dropped unsubstantiated when he left. He had previously undermined and wound up destroying Colorado in similar fashion... so I can understand Chow's relunctance to run a poorly modified shotgun like the pistol. I wouldn't trust the guy either. For you younger zoobies...rest assured. Chow still is the Master...and this Cougar never has settled with the way that The Edwards Transition ended up going. The Right man never got the job.


Dave S
Holladay, UT

I'll say it again. I would glady take Chow and his years of experience over an inexperienced guy like Doman any day. Keep talking all you want Zoobs you know it's true!!

Holladay, UT

@ Duckhunter

You are assuming something that may or may not have happened. Based on everything Coach Whit has done as head coach - let's just say he is a class act and leave it at that. I think you layed a Quack - er Egg.

Barack Obama
Phoenix, AZ

I do think its funny that the Utes have so many former Cougars on their coaching staff now.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Re: Barack Obama

Get your story straight. First and foremost Chow is a UTE!! He played for the UTES and went on to coach the Koogs.

Cedar Hills, UT

Wow, Great get for the Yewts! Take a look at UCLA offensive stats the past 3 years! Are you sure Kyle? Its no wonder "Slick" Rick wanted to change the Offense with what's happened the past few seasons! Your going to get rid of the spread offense that got you to 2 BCS Bowls! Oh and by the way, Jake Scott doesn't have a clue. "stability for the Offense" and "Over there head" come on Jake, you can come up with something better than that.

Provo, UT

@ Dave S

He's a COUGAR has his Masters Degree from BYU.

Ann Arbor, MI


Get used to Utah taking what they want from the tds ( both recruits and coaches). You see, Utah has now entered the "conference of Champions" pay scale.

Again, Utah will take what they want from the tds because money talks.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I'd say 27 years coaching and having a tremendous impact at a Nationally recognized progrm plus getting a Masters from BYU while he was there all those years does somewhat offset 4-5 years playing for the Utes back in the U's Dark ages and a Bachalors. It would be a good thing for Utah if the rumors come true...and I hope they do. But most of us real BYU fans understand that you can't blame him if he has a bad taste for a certain Adminstration which will never admit that it made a mistake.


ute alumni
Salt Lake, UT

Chow was booted from the y because his play calling became so predictable. good guy. hope utah gets him. tun will need all the help they can get. the good news is that the rivalry is gone.

Santa Ana, CA

Norm Chow does not become a dummy overnight, he is still sharp and can coach the heck out of football. Rick is a micro manager with insecurity. He is disgusting, I found out couple months UCLA had no recruits signed in the top 100 High School Seniors for 2011. The reality is UCLA had had pedestrian receivers not a ton of speed and no lighting quick runner since Drew was there. That is reality. Give Norm the players and he will produce trust me

Hank Pym

re: MichiganCoog | 3:25 p.m. Jan. 13, 2011

Since when have facts mattered on the DN... or journalism in any format in 21st century America.

re: BluCoug | 5:36 p.m. Jan. 13, 2011

Spin it any way you want; I knew Chow possibly returning to the U would send zoobie nation into a tizzy & in record time too.

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