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Published: Thursday, Jan. 13 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Santa Monica, CA

LP Grad--it's not hateful or pessimistic to question the rhetoric of someone who was part of a neo-con faction which lied to and mislead a frightened American people into a misguided and illegal war. Dr. Rice is an intelligent person, who's political game playing has helped to cripple our standing in the world community. PS--Do you notice how I'm disagreeing with you without being hateful? We have a President who expects that of us now.

Hayden, ID

Re: Sokol..Why are we fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Because there are evil and designing forces on the earth that want to murder you and make you convert to their religion so your wife and daughter will have to wear burkas. If we don't stop them, they will succeed! God bless the USA and those men and women who protect it!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


Steal from the "rich" and give it to the "poor". How about those morals??

I presume your solution for the "homeless, jobless, and hungry" is to TAKE assets from those INDIVIDUALS willing to WORK HARD and PUT THEIR NECKS ON THE LINE, and then GIVE those ASSETS to those who are UNWILLING to do the same - do I have that about right??

Set me straight.

Las Vegas, NM

Mountainman: that is such nonsense...Stop letting people scare you about the boogieman aka Taliban. I have no personal gripe. We could send in 100 Green Beret and 100 sharp shooting mountain men and have these twerps anihilated. I believe we are in some messy quagmire for oil and for Haliburton. This is worse than Vietnam. I think our politicians really do not care what the people want... We need to be out of these dumb, pointless wars that hawkish conservatives push on us.. I am a conservative, but
believe a beer summit is in order and cheaper.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Dear Sokol:

Excuse me. What is bankrupting the country is the plethora of liberal social programs hatched over the past 100 years, including the income tax amendment to the Constitution. And the liberal dominated Congress has exacerbated this issue since 2006, led by Pelosi, Reed and now Obama for the past 2 years.

Hopefully, the conservatives will take control of the Senate and the White House in 2012 and get back to pro business and private sector and downsize the government, including states and communities, who have also run amuck.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT


With all due respect, the one thing that I see that might be a little twisted is your understanding of the limited powers of government. The U.S. government is empowered to "PROVIDE for the common defense" and "PROMOTE" (not provide) welfare.

Please stop trying to force me to pay for your college education, health bills, food, clothing, housing, tickets to Disneyland or whatever else you feel is your entitlement by virtue of being a U.S. citizen. I'm doing all I can just to take care of my own family's needs.

If you really need something from me, please ask. I will do my best to accommodate you. But remember this. I'm not very good at taking orders from strangers.

Hayden, ID

Ok Sokol, believe what you want! Other men and women will keep you safe.

Colorado Springs, CO

Wow, we've gone from finishing the job in Afghanistan to a 100-year-old socialist conspiracy theory. Way to keep things no point!

Salt Lake City, UT


"The United States has a job to help wounded states heal not just because democracy is morally right, but also because it's practical for the health of a global community" - Condaleezza Rice.

You forgot the part where the top thing Republicans want to cut is foreign aid. So apparently that means the only form of helping wounded states heal is via invasions.

Kearns, UT

I'm guessing that over 90% of you respondents didn't go to the speech nor watch it live on BYU TV. I did go the the Marriott Center and attend the speech live. The whole jist of this speech was, to succeed in spite of your circumstances and surroundings. She gave ample examples from her own life as well as her parents and grandparents. Her message was to be optimistic, and that she'd never play Carnegie Hall.

One thing she said was that due to the edumacation system, we are growing a generation of unemployable people who won't have the skills to compete in the current and future markets and will have to rely on the government. Not something we want.

metamora, IL

It seems that we have missed one important point of Ms. Rice's presentation: education and democracy are inseparable. Unfortunately, even our "educated elite" are no longer able to think for themselves (conservative, liberal, or any flavor in between).

I feel very fortunate to have been raised by parents who -- though not college educated -- felt it was important for their children to seek higher education. I believe Ms. Rice is attempting to work much good by raising the expectation that education become a greater priority. You know, perhaps spending millions of dollars on star teachers instead of useless, unproductive athletes. We have no problem shelling out thousands of dollars for a football game, but complain bitterly when our child's teacher asks for a box of kleenex.

This issue is about saving our nation from ignorance. It transcends political rhetoric and wars.

Mcallen, TX

Let's finish the job! Get government out of Afganistan and education. It's just that simple.

Provo, UT

I found Rice very impressive; I particularly liked her viewpoints on education. However, I must question her party's commitment to education; it seems that the GOP is currently more interested in national defense budgets than in education budgets. She also mentioned the Bush administration's commitment to national security, yet she neglected to mention that the Bush Administration totally ignored one of the biggest global threats to security: climate change. Climate change will displace more people and cause more social upheaval than any amount of religious radicalism, yet the Bush Administration ignored the overwhelming consensus on the issue and refused to take action to limit carbon emissions. One thing that this article didn't mention, but which was included in this speech, was Rice's advocacy of decreased financial regulations. This advocacy on her part seemed absurd to me, as it was a lack of regulation of over-the-counter derivatives/credit default swaps which caused the banking crisis. Yes, we should not over-regulate, as this will stifle growth, but where no regulation has previously been exercised there is an essential need for effective rules to ensure financial security.

Mcallen, TX


A couple questions:

1. Can you find a period of time when climate was not changing?

2. Is the heat from the sun a constant?

3. Could you provide evidence of how carbon emissions changes weather?

Kearns, UT

Sounds like she did what she always does, give a lot of lip service and double talk. Rice is the last person to rely on any advice from, she couldn't even run a day care center.

What does imporved education mean? Spend more money on wastes in education? Improved eduction is teaching educations, not job training for business. It's time for eduction and business to part their ways so eduction does become the primary objective of all schools and the teachers in them. That is what teachers want to do, educate not job training.

Salt Lake City, UT

'This issue is about saving our nation from ignorance. It transcends political rhetoric and wars.' - metamoracoug | 9:42 p.m.

If your children are dead, how can they learn?

Santaquin, UT

The best evidence of Condoleeza Rice's assertion that America's education system is failing can be found just by reading the responses to her remarks here.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Anonymous Infinity

"get back to pro business and private sector"

I hate to interrupt your ranting but I'd like to note that 3rd quarter corporate profits were at an all time high. If Obama is anti-business... he's not doing a very good job of it.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

...and everyones' bias came out. Sad state of our nation where there seems to no longer be any common goals. What goals and aims there are unfortunately have taken a partisan tilt to the extreme (thanks much to those who make millions profiting from such divisiveness) where everybody blames everybody else for what is wrong but never points the fingers back at themselves. Will mock, disdain, and blame even if we have scant evidence to back it up. I think our forefathers would be ashamed at what we have become. We have time to change from this path, question is, will we?

Mcallen, TX

Blah blah blah! We can have better education on half the money. We need leaders who are frugal.

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