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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

@ resident (when you claimed that moniker were you thinking along the lines of 'resident moron')... you see... the difference between the post you looked up (which illustrates that you have no life whatsoever in looking up posts from September) and some of your fellow ybu fans is that we don't start talking about National Championships until the season has actually started. When you print out thousands of Quest shirts in the summer that is a clear illustration of the delusion that you live in. Likewise... when a team wins two BCS games in a 5 year span there is more reason to believe that a NC is possible than when a team hasn't even SNIFFED a BCS game. That said... the Utes pretty much wet the bed after the TCU loss (up to that point it was a pretty successful season)... there's no denying that. That loss got in their heads and certainly affected the rest of their season. I'll continue to use ybu... deal with it... 'bud'.

Spanish Fork, Utah

Looks like Ute4life's been owned.

Resident finds quotes to back up his stuff and you, ute4life, just resorts to the same old stuff.

It's ok, dude, using ybu just shows your own IQ. Not hard to see that.

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