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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Rock of Marne

Utah 1944 NCAA tournament champions
Utah 1947 NIT champions
BYU 1951 NIT champions
BYU 1966 NIT champions

It appears that BYU's national championships were much more recent, and thus, much more relevant than Utah's national championships.

In truth, none of them can be consider "national championships".

In 1944, the NCAA was the new kid on the block and considered the 2nd best tournament of the day.

That's why Utah played in the 1944 NIT first where they were soundly beaten by Kentucky.

By 1947, the NCAA had over-taken the NIT as the more prestigious tournament, and has been ever since.

Besides, how can you claim a "national championship" when your ENTIRE regular season schedule consisted of THREE games - two against Idaho State and one against Colorado College?

Utah only played 7 games in 1944 and finished with a 6-1 record.

Feel free to look it up if you don't believe that.

The vast majority of schools suspended their basketball programs in 1944, and the few remaining teams consisted mostly of Freshmen and Sophomores because all of the upper-classmen were off fighting a world war.

Salt Lake City, UT


You're welcome to your opinion, but NOBODY considers Utah the birthplace of the modern collegiate passing game. It certainly wasn't developed or used at Utah while Chow was playing for the Utes. It wasn't used at Utah State when LaVell played for the Aggies.

LaVell Edwards was a defensive coach before he became BYU's head coach, but it was LaVell who decided to implement the passing game at BYU. It was LaVell who assembled the offensive team that made BYU Quarterback U.

There were lots of contributions from many different coaches, including Norm Chow and Doug Scoville, but it was LaVell's brainchild.

To insinuate that Utah had anything to do with the development of BYU's passing game is ludicrous.

On the other hand, numerous coaches who learned how to coach at the feet of LaVell, helped build the Utah program into what it is today.

Cedar Hills, UT

Truth Machine,

Thanks for the history lesson. So, Utah won an NCAA Tournament Championship is what you are saying? Thanks for clarifying.

So is byu's football NC really an NC? I mean, it wasn't in the BCS era. Does it really count? hmmmmm

Ann Arbor, MI

Truth Machine,

Thanks for the little history lesson. I found a few nuggets concerning your little *NC84 (that you seem to cling onto for identity.) Would you like to "discuss" such nuggets or would you simply like to "look it up"? Either way, it's pretty sad.

Seem like the "truth machine" is broken.

Fed Employee
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Here's a nugget and history lesson for your nugget. The NCAA does not endorse a national championship in football. Because of this then every national championship in colege football is mythical much like you claim BYU's to be. That means that Notre Dame, USC, Alabama, Texas, et al have never won a NCAA national championship in college football. There are multiple AP national championships in college football because that's what decided it for a long time. Guess what? BYU's national championship was awarded by the AP just like Alabama's and Notre Dames's before them. That means that it is just as credible and your nuggets are most assuardly not made of gold but rather a more base substance.

Spanish Fork, Utah


Let's look at the here and now:

Your football team exposed by TCU, Notre Dame, BYU, and Boise State.

Your basketball team... No need to point out what's been happening at the MC North.

Bluffdale, UT

I'd like to see Chow retire in Utah. BYU can't afford him. If he did go back to the Y we would be ecstatic. So, what is the word for these very few U haters that claim to be Y fans and bad mouth Coach Chow. sounds like jealousy, so stop embarrassing us. Norm Chow was great at BYU and unbelievable at USC and did fairly well with the NFL. Sounds like a coach for the coaches.

Ann Arbor, MI


"Let's look at the here and now:"

hmmm, do you really want to go there?

I'm guessing you don't have an mirrors in your moms basement- do you?

This has been the ultimate train wreck of a season/program for the kewgs.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

utahcountyute | 3:09 p.m. Jan. 13, 2011
Cedar Hills, UT
Just so you all know, Norm Chow played his college ball at the U.


Seriously, this is fresh to everyone, except those who knew it during the 1970's.

Hey, break the news on the '84 BYU National Championship while you are at it....

Really, BYU was NC in 1084. The Utes will use it if it helps them...

Sandy, UT

@J1234... I just call em' like I see em'. And what I see is a typical ybu fan making excuses for losing instead of manning up and accepting being beat by the Utes. If you're not a ybu fan... please enlighten us all as to which team your allegiance belongs to.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

hedgehog and utahcountyute

here's the most important, indisputable little nugget about BYU's 1984 National Championship:

After careful scrutiny for over a month and after carefully watching BYU prove their worthiness in a gutsy win over Michigan in the Holiday Bowl

BYU was voted #1 in every major national poll!

PROVING that the majority of poll voters believed that BYU was the MOST DESERVING team to win the 1984 National Championship.

From the OFFICIAL NCAA website

FBS Football Championship History
Year Champion Selecting Organization

1985 Oklahoma AP, FWAA, NFF, USA/CNN, UPI
1984 Brigham Young AP, FWAA, NFF, USA/CNN, UPI
1983 Miami (Fla.) AP, FWAA, NFF, USA/CNN, UPI

Notice, absolutely no difference in the organizations that selected Oklahoma, BYU and Miami as National Champions.

FIVE different national organizations selected BYU as their 1984 National Champions.

Drop by BYU's Sport Hall of Fame sometime to see the trophies, including one of those crystal football trophies just like the one given to Auburn this week.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Drop by BYU's Sport Hall of Fame sometime to see the trophies, including one of those crystal football trophies just like the one given to Auburn this week"

Just the flakes,

Actually Auburn got a much differnt trophy. One which measured the two best teams in the nation. BYU got nothing more than a goody bag for playing in a mid December scrub bowl against a team with a .500 record.

Very similar to what the tds did this year.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


How do you know that TCU wasn't the best team in the nation in 2010?

BYU was measured in 1984 in exactly the same way Utah was measured in 2004 and 2008.

AP Final Poll
BYU 1984 #1
Utah 2008 #2
Utah 2004 #4
BYU 1996 #5

The Utes just didn't quite measure up to being voted National Champions.

Your misguided opinions notwithstanding, even the BCS has seldom matched the two undisputed best teams; in fact, in 2003, the team that finished #1 in the final regular season AP and Coaches polls, didn't even get invited to the BCS championship game.

Arlington, VA

#1 is #1 hedgehog

Who you play in your bowl has never been a criteria for being selected #1 in the polls.

Sandy, UT

@ snackpack... if you think that in 1984 compared to 2004 and 2008 teams were measured in the same way... you don't know football. You don't even belong on these message boards.

Salem, UT


I love the whole "tds" thing. Most Ute fans I talk to got really mad when Meyer left your program, yet you guys can't get enough of his "tds" quote. "We hate him, but we'll quote him forever."

But, I guess if I had to argue with some ute fan in middle school, that'd probably be the best thing he'd come up with to use as well.

I imagine it would go something like this.

Me: "You're team got exposed.."

Middle Schooler (oblivious ute): "No we didn't, but you guys are the tds!"

Haha, way to get under our skin... oh wait.

By the way, remember when you're talking about BYU's team this year and how bad they were, that you have to remember Utah's pathetic performance against them. There was nothing more satisfying (other than a win would have been, I admit) than seeing your chest thumping "we should be #5 in the nation" get exposed by TCU, Notre Dame, a bad BYU, and Boise State.

Good luck in pac obscurity.

Sandy, UT

"Resident"... Can you please provide proof of fans etc. saying we should be #5 in the nation? Exposed? Maybe... but I would rather be exposed by TCU, Notre Dame and BSU than... shall we say Utah State?

I'll ask you the same thing I've asked all the ybu fans making predictions for Utah in the PAC12... Did you find that crystal ball that you threw away when you predicted a BCS run a few years ago when Bradford got hurt and you beat OU? How'd that work out for ya? I'll keep my eye out for you in your "Quest" shirt... I'm sure you still wear it proudly.

Salem, UT


Look it up, bro. Obviously nobody is saying that now, you've been exposed enough.

BYU exposed by Utah State? What are you talking about? We weren't hawking some overrated ranking. Everybody knew BYU was bad this year. I'm not denying it, am I?

Plus, everything you say against BYU's team this year makes your team look worse. 17-16... awesome win over such a "exposed team against Utah State." Sorry, that just sounds dumb.

I didn't predict a BCS run... Sorry. Go ahead, find the stories, read my comments... be my guest.

When you're done... realize it's "BYU".

I'm sorry, but when trash talk resorts to "tds" and "ybu" and even "yewties" (BYU fans) it gets pretty lame. Hint for talking with the big boys: get over the middle school talk.

utahcountyute | 9:24 a.m. Sept. 22, 2010
Cedar Hills, UT
It is going to be fun to get to those final 5 games AFA,ND,TCU SDSU and byu. Can't wait.

You gotta love college football! Especially when your team does not have a QB issue and has a great defense.


Sandy, UT

Resident... 'big boys'??? Seriously??? That's pretty pathetic in and of itself right? When you are lil' fellas just gonna man up to a loss to your rival? Instead of trying to dilute it? A win is a win. Bottom line is we own scoreboard for the rest of the year. And as far as 'hawking overrated rankings' ... that title is reserved for ybu. Everyone knows that - according to y fans - your team is the perrenial pre-season National Champs. Good job on being a self-proclaimed 'big boy' though. Keep up the good work... lil' fella.

Salem, UT


Haha, good job trying to turn that one me.

Anyway, I know we lost. We had that kind of season. Again, not denying it. That's not even the point. Good try though. I don't have to man up to anything, bud. I mean, look at the caliber team we only lost to by one point:

"Chris B | 8:59 a.m. Sept. 22, 2010
Salt Lake City, UT
Top 5 in no time.

NC game here we come! I've been this team has a legit chance to make it to the title game. Sure, a couple things have to fall into place, such as Ohio State, Alabamba losing a game, but those conferences beat up on each other in conference play that I don't see 2 undefeated teams. I think we will jump Boise eventually through strength of schedule.

I have validation from Sports Illustrated as well."

Hmmmmm.... My favorite is the part where you guys would jump Boise. Instead you got worked by Boise's "cheerleaders."

Can't get over your fetish for "ybu" huh? Pity.

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