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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

TJ et al...All you zoobs keep referring to yourselves as 'big brother'. Are you really that insecure? Do you really feel that small next to the PAC-12 and two BCS wins under our belt? Keep telling yourselves you're big brother... but as of this last season... you're probably closer to little sister in the State of Utah considering you lost to BOTH teams up North.

Orem, UT

"He is as much, if not more, to thank for BYUs past successes as LaVell Edwards."

Norm was a big part of BYU's success, but he was a tradesman; LaVell was the architect.

Even a tradesman, however, needs raw materials to work with and Utah's offensive cupboard for next season is nearly bare.

The main reason Norm Chow left BYU is he wanted to be a head coach and BYU wasn't willing to offer him that job. His track record since he left BYU shows that BYU made the correct assessment of his potential as a head coach.

Like Gary Crowton proved, being a great offensive coordinator doesn't necessarily translate into being a great head coach. They're completely different skill sets.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Wow...now that would be something that the Y would have a hard time living down. I hate to admit it but it would serve us right. One of the biggest admistrative blunders ever in BYU sports. Despite what anyone has to say about Norm Chow...he should have been Lavell Edwards replacement. Crowton... although another good Offensive Coach was the wrong person...and there still remains today little doubt about the mistake that was made at the time.

If this were to be true Kyle Whitingham has pulled off one of the greatest sporting coups of all time. Neuheisel...UCLA's present Head Coach has a bad knact of making every program he takes over a disaster area. Look what he did to Colorado...then again at Washington and now UCLA despite having Chow . Coach Donahue would have given Chow a freer rein to run the Offense. Neuheisel micro manages and runs assistants crazy second guessing their every decision. Pete Carrol at USC utilized Chow very effectively while Carson Palmer and Lienart were qb's there. Carrol's problem was his ego. He couldn't handle that Chow was seen as the Master and he the apprentice.

Boise, ID

I think Jamie Hill might be available as well.

Seriously though, Chow would likely do a fine job. It would be interesting to see what happened as well.

Las Vegas, NV

Welcome home guys! Back where you belong!!

Orem, UT

Where's Stockton ???

What makes you think Chow would be a good head coach?

Chow was a good OC at BYU, but I seriously doubt that BYU fans will be losing any sleep over Chow becoming Utah's OC.

If it works out for Chow at Utah, we wish him well. Having Chow as Utah's OC won't affect BYU in the slightest.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

The Yewets will do very well in the PAC-12. There isn't any Pac-12 team they can't beat, on any given day of the week. There is no differecnec between the MWC and the PAC.

The Yewets will lose to BYU, but play in the conference championship game and give the UO a run for their money.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I fully disagree with True Blue's assessment...largely because Chow was never given the opportunity to be a head coach and too much was made by some of the local media of unsubstanciated rumors that Chow was not a people oriented person able to relate to his players. Most of that malarky was made to seem real by local media because Chow sometimes would refuse to talk to them...especially when the team would lose... He didn't like the media and you can't really blame him. A certain BYU basketball Coach I remember didn't like the local media either especially when a mountain was created out of a molehill over a remark that 13 million people would be disappointed if a certain rcruit picked Duke over BYU. We all know how that turned out don't we???

Anyways...there's no way anyone can make an assessment like that since Chow has never been a Head Coach. Crowton was given that opportunity. If Jim Harbaugh does take his Offensive Coordinator with him to the 9er's and Mike Johnson is out and headed as rumored to UCLA...then just where does that leave Norm Chow?

Sandy, UT

Some posts on here regarding Boylen. You will love this; he was at Alta High last night watching the Alta VS Lone Peak game. As far as I can tell, there were TWO D-1 prospects on the floor last night. I believe one is a freshman and the other a sophomore. BOTH of which have huge ties to BYU. Does Boylen really think he'll be around in two years to have these kids??? Even if he is, he needs to be looking elsewhere. The chances of landing them are next to ZERO. And yes, I am a Utah fan. No wonder they keep losing on the hill. GO AFTER KIDS YOU KNOW YOU HAVE AT LEAST A SHOT AT GETTING!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@ TrueBlue

Losing sleep??? Easy to say with Utah heading off to the PAC. The rivalry will never be the same... especially due in part with any scheduled games between the two schools being moved to the preseason. And forget National Championships don't even bring them into the equation. They shouldn't be anything more than just an after thought until the preseason is long over and regular season play is around the halfway mark. Even being independent. That time slot in late November was always a magical time...especially when a conference championship going either way was riding the line. I think you greatly underestimate the situation. Norm Chow still has the ability to bring sleepless nights to more than just us oldtimers.


Ann Arbor, MI

Where's Stockton,

Great points. I think you hit a very painful nerve with the tds. Deep down, most feel Chow would have been the coach to bridge the gap after lavelle left. "Differences" occured and I think most tds fans hoped it would never come back to haunt them......BOO!

Spanish Fork, Utah


You're right, it took Burton's block and a blown call for your OVERRATED team to beat a bad BYU team.

My boyfriend? Wow, that is a very mature Ute comment.

P.S. Who said I was a BYU fan?

Palo Alto, CA

"Chow was never given the opportunity to be a head coach"

Chow has been gone from BYU for over a decade. How many head coaching jobs has he had since he left BYU?

More importantly, how many successful head coaching jobs has he had since he left BYU?

If he's head coaching material, why is he coming to Utah to fill the same position he held at BYU over a decade ago?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

@Rock of the Marne

It's Nationional Championship...you need to drop the s. We have loooonnnng ago conseded that Utah does indeed have an NCAAM BB National Championship trophy collecting a lot more dust than our 84 football one... but come on that was back when they were still using peach baskets for rims. The old NIT was sort of used as a measuring stick National Championship wise but it had a very limited field... unlike the former previous 64 and now 65 team NCAA tournaments of today. And just how many NIT banners are hanging up north??? BYU has a bunch hanging around...but we don't make a big thing out of them.


Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Dr. Chow was key to BYU's NC, and many individual awards.

His seperation from BYU was handled poorly, but is what it is, and things have worked out nicely for Dr. Chow.

The chance to return to coach where he played his college ball is always an exciting thought.

Has anyone heard if the deal has even been done?

Cedar Hills, UT

Just so you all know, Norm Chow played his college ball at the U.

I always love it when cougs claim that they made college football and that the "program" formed these coaches into what they are today. dillusion

If that's the case, why is Bronco your head coach and not K Whitt, who turned the "program" down?

chew on that

If Chow does get hired, it is an interesting situation. I think that the Langi decision and Chow being hired go hand in hand for some reason though.

I guess we will have to see.

Washington, UT

This guy has the best OC resume in the country, and it's a real coup for the Utes if it happens. The odd thing is that given BYU's offense Chow would have been the perfect hire for them as the premier pro style guru. He would be a tremendous tutor for Heaps and while he was at USC I recall his saying James Lark, BYU's backup, was one of the top five high school QBs in the country. At BYU he would have the type of QB he prefers.

Likely had no interst in BYU, but in terms of a fit, that would have been the obvious choice.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think the problem at UCLA had more to do with defense than offense. He would be a great OC from Utah.

I think Norm got into a similar situation at BYU that Anae did and left. He certainly has had a lot of success and I believe he would do well here.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I refer to you as little brother for the same reason the Y haters do it. Cause it get's under your skin. And of course, because it is true. BYU athletics has been carrying the rest of the WAC and MWC schools for decades. That is probably why you hate us. You mentioning insecurity is a big laugher. You spew obsessed, jealousy inspired garbage constantly and then turn your other face when you get it back. I personally do not feel small at all compared to the PAC. I am sure that BYU will not either. They will be very successful as an independent because they are nationally relevant. You have 2 BCS wins. BYU has a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. All water under the bridge though, right? Keep telling yourself your not little brother...After a couple of seasons in the PAC you will be feeling more like the little sister in the State of Utah. Good luck with your insecurity.

Sandy, UT


you said;

"Not to mention how this affects recruiting. Do BYU fans remember all of the top Utah football players who picked USC or UCLA the last decade?

Do they remember who the lead recruiter for almost all of them was? Because Utah fans remember very vividly, and that coach is now part of the U?"

Memo to misguided Utes....


U plays in the 2nd smallest stadium in the pac-12.

They play in the Coliseum with 90k fans and the Rose Bowl with 70k fans.

They have Heismans, Outlands, Davey Obriens, Doak Walkers, College Hall of Famers, Consensus All-Americans and NC's.

They are "Legend" schools, you know...like BYU.

Start by winning more than 3 outright Conference Championships in 53 years, as you have done, and it would be a good start.

But remember, it takes generations. Not just 2 BCS
bowls in 6 years.

Chow is a good man and sent all his kids to BYU. He is greatly appreciated.

It was time for him to move on from BYU.

Change is good...does He make Utah a contender?

Not likely

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