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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, Utah

Good luck, Utes! This will give you the clear advantage over your new conference rivals (Washington St)... Heck of a move.


P.S. When will they unveil the name of your basketball arena? Can't wait to see the shiny new words "Jimmer's House".

Bountiful, UT

Resident1 - The name of the BYU arena has been "Andre Miller's Playground" for years.

Spanish Fork, Utah


I can see where you'd say that, but we've nicely worked past that. When your basketball team can do ANYTHING at all, we'll let the "Jimmer's House" title drop. Until then, the MC North will be a fun venue for BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

A norm chow as Offensive Coordinator PAC10 team came to Provo and lost 55 to 0.

Just kidding - this is a big pick up for Utah. He is a great Man who get amazing quarterback to play for him and he has won a 3 Heisman Trophies. Winn is not the guy, and Utah will still struggle next year.

Utah's offensive will struggle because of a weak offensive line and an freshman running back (who will be amazing eventually)

Phoenix, AZ

@ rock of marne

Have fun being the bottom dweller at the pac 12. Some white boy lit you up for 47 who can't even dunk and your football team was demolished by an non ranked team in their bowl.

South Weber, UT

Relax boys, it;s only a rumor.

South Jordan, UT

This would be a huge get for the U. I really dislike the U, but this guy will be great for them. He will find good QB's and make them great. I bet the first thing he does is bench Wynny and find a QB that will play the QB spot in the right way. Good luck to the U. This would be a huge pick up for them.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hey Utah, while your at it, I hear Gary Crowton is available. Little brother always goes to big brother for mentoring, help and advise. Shows how well BYU's influence has been on the U! Oh by the way, Jimmer's still scoring!

Cedar Hills, UT

Hey Norm,
I thought the "pay for assistant coaches was comical at the U"?(2003) What's with all these ex-BYU players and coaches coaching up on the hill?

Kearns, UT

BYU fans could very well be in a simlar position to Kyle was shortly. Kyle went for the young position coach as his OC, and it just hasn't worked out consistently. Donko is now trying the same approach. Granted, playing an independent schedule that consists of half WAC teams is nowhere near the competition of the Pac-12, so perhaps that will negate Doman looking overwhelmed right away.

This is a perfect scenario for Utah. A-Rod and BJ can learn from a nationally respected OC for 3-5 years until he's ready to hang it up. Instead of being left to learn on the job from each other, they now have a strong leader to learn from.

Not to mention how this affects recruiting. Do BYU fans remember all of the top Utah football players who picked USC or UCLA the last decade? Do they remember who the lead recruiter for almost all of them was? Because Utah fans remember very vividly, and that coach is now part of the U.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Hawkeye79 and Bluto,
As a Ute fan, I am not sure how I would feel about Chow coaching at Utah, but you two canceled out each others comments. Chow didn't fare well at UCLA, but he didn't have any talent. As Bluto says, Chow does very well when he has talent.
Well, guess what, The Utes have Talent!!!
Having said that, I don't really know how good he is at making adjustments during the game.
Whatever happens,
Go Utes!!!

Sandy, UT

RE: Balan... seriously? You're gonna talk about 'arrogance'? This coming from a fan base that made up 'Quest shirts' (I'm sure you still wear yours proudly) and chanted 'BCS' when breaking huddles? Everyone knows that ybu is the perennial pre-season National Champions right!?

Toonces the Cat
Salt Lake City, UT

Norm Chow had such a good record at UCLA! He is going to have an ever better winning percentage now that he will have Jordan Wynn going up against the exact same teams! Go Utes! Go Jordan Wynn's mustache!

Sandy, UT

Re: J. Newey.... "What is with all the ex-ybu players and coaches up on the hill?" you ask... Its pretty much common sense... They've all seen the light.

Spanish Fork, Utah


You're right. It takes real talent for Wynn to trip over himself when pulling back in the pocket. He also has a great sense for the sidelines. Good relationship with them too. I think they've become his favorite go-to players when he's in trouble. Very talented... Yep.

All that talent really fared well against TCU, Notre Dame, BYU, and Boise State.

Spanish Fork, Utah


I know the light you're talking about.. They call it a bug zapper. Utes see the light, follow the light, and ZAP! You're down 40-0 against TCU.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Once again, the U looks to big brother for help righting the ship. Getting quite a few of the Y alum and past coaches up there aren't you? I don't blame you. I hope Norm is successful there and that he can help keep utah competitive in the PAC.
Norm Chow was an innovator at BYU. He was on the leading edge because he was at BYU under Lavell Edwards who was himself a hall of fame level innovator(I give some credit to Norm for Lavells and BYU's success). Reality is that the rest of College football has caught up with Norm. He is just one of many peddling the same style offense. Defenses have evolved and adjusted. As was mentioned above, he will likely be successful if he has good players, less likely if he does not. Norm is not the difference maker he once was. Look at his teams records since he left the Y.
Good luck Norm. It will be good to have you back in the state.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

When I read about Norm Chow this morning, I immediately got on Cougar Board to see how our disloyal, unrealistic fans were reacting. Sure enough, there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of comments denigrating Norm Chow and ridiculing Utah for hiring him. Norm Chow, Dudes.

Norm Chow is one of, if not the most, successful D-1 offensive coordinator in the history of the NCAA. He is as much, if not more, to thank for BYUs past successes as LaVell Edwards. Everywhere hes gone hes brought success with him. Hes coached several Heisman winners and honed and refined BYUs commitment to and expertise in passing the football. The entire NCAA, and the NFL, now uses Chows offense or derivatives of his offense. He is football genius.

Norm actually graduated from Utah and played there as a student athlete. He is not only a great offensive strategist and organizer, he has always been a Ute. Now, hes going back home to where the fans wont turn on him after a QB throws an incomplete pass.

Sandy, UT

re: J1234 ... Is that the same bug zapper that sent Brandon Burton sailing through the air to block your boyfriend's field goal attempt?

Herriman, UT

If Norm helps the U move from a spread offence, then all the better. The spread offense is too slow at developing. These days to compete at the top, you need to be quick...particularly if you don't have the size of your opponents! Oregon,CU, BSU...they all have quick offenses that help offset the size of the power house teams! They can play at the top level, because their plays don't take an ice age to develop. That said..until the U get's Wynn to more...then it's going to continue to be easy for opponents to corral him. Let me guess what he's going to do???? Oh yeah...sit in the pocket that is getting overwhelmed by the other teams huge line and blitzes!!!!

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