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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Magna, UT

Hmm. As a BYU fan who had no opinion about The University of Utah before moving to Utah and meeting the people who pretend to be Ute "fans," I would be pleased to see this happen. I really don't think Norm Chow is what he still convinces some hapless employers that he is.

I was mixed on whether or not The Utes could do okay in the PAC-12. This move seems looks like a mistake I can get behind.

Baltimore, MD

Rock Of The Marne

What makes you think BYU fans will even care if Norm Chow returns to Utah after more than half a century?

Talk about insecurity!

Sandy, UT

I'm not sure why there is negativity from the BYU fans on Chow. He hasn't done well at UCLA but if you follow college football you will also know they have not had the players. When he joined they had the youngest offense in the country. He hasn't had a single year with a healthy quarterback to work with. And the Oline has been atrocious due to young players and injuries. It takes both players and coaches to succeed and UCLA has not had the players. I think this is a good hire for Utah and will help them in a number of areas. I'm just surprised to see Chow accepting it as he seems to be about retirement age and there are better things to do than move back to SL and coach the Utes.

Bluffdale, UT

Wow! Expect to see the Utes go more into the air from the spread offense.

Yes, Norm was at BYU. But, he was also part of the team that brought the BCS Championship to USC. As well as winning seasons for the NFL Titans.

A few things worth mentioning!

Sandy, UT

Norm Chow?


While you're at it Utah, I hear that Chris Pella, Roger French, Dick Felt, and Ted Tollner are also available.

Wow, retread hardly applies.

Chow had lost his mojo all through the 90's at BYU. His play calling became too conservative and stale.

Just hope he does not zone in on a pet qb ala Kevin Feterik, it will set you back 10 years.

He fell into NC State with Rivers (not his recruit), he fell into USC with Palmer and Leinert, again (not his recruits)

And when the cupboard is not full, we saw what he did at UCLA.

He's all yours Utes. Good Luck.

West Jordan, Utah

Seems to me Chow wins when he has good players, doesn't win when his players aren't as good. Gee, go figure.

For all Yewts who think he is your salvation, don't forget what your misguided arrogance had you believing 8 games into last football season - Rose Bowl, undefeated season, national champtionship to name a few.

Chow will do well at Utah if you have good players, not so well if you don't.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The BYU faithful look down on Coach Chow and I cannot understand why. They keep churning through O coordinators and continue to criticize their own. I am not 100% sold on the hire either, however Coach Chow has done his best work after leaving the Y. In my opinion that is why the cougar fans dislike him so much. It is clearly a case of sour grapes. The move could really pay off if Coach A Rod stays and mentors under him along with Coach Johnson. The two young coaches could really benefit from his experience and knowledge. Let's face it the man has a ton of knowledge to impart, and the recruits love him, just ask Langi about his excitement level.

Go Utes

Orem, UT


With a questionable QB, even if Wynn returns healthy, new running backs, and many other holes to fill, the Utes will be lucky to win 8 games next year.

South Jordan, UT

So bring in Chow and does this not mean that Whit was not satisfied with the OC from last year. So let me get this straight if this happens is it good for the program but bad when Bronco did it 2 weeks ago. I may not be the brightest bulb in the box but is it not the same. I want the Ute fans to explain this I think it will be very interesting to hear the spin on this.

Sherwood, OR

I've never been able to figure out Norm Chow. He is the golden boy when he had heisman winning quarterbacks. But he is horrible with average QBs (0 points last time his team came to Provo). So the question I've always had is does Norm make the QB or does the QB make Norm?

His experience and recruiting will only make them better. I think it is a great move. Besides, I couldn't run away from Neihuisel (sp) fast enough. That guy is a train wreck.

Riverton, UT

Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! That Whit is sure a frugal guy...

Cedar Hills, UT

Norm Chow? Really? there is a reason why this guy bounces around the past few years. I think this would be his 5th stop since he left the Y. RED FLAG!!! As a U fan, why do we have to always hire ex-BYU players and coaches? I hear Roger French and Dick Felt are available. Maybe LaVell could become our D-line coach? Keep A-Rod as OC, not Chow!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Norm has a home in Provo still, I believe.

Good luck to him, and to the Utes 51 weeks a year.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Glad to hear Chow is coming to Utah. Great news for both Ute and Cougar fans. It will help Utah sell season tickets as they face a 6 win season. It will help the Cougars every time they play Utah. Mr. Chow seemed to disappear at UCLA. I am hoping he can do the same for Utah. Further, the BYU fans will know what the Utes are going to run on every down. It's a good thing for everyone.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

In addition to Stanford, Chow has officially interviewed for the head coaching jobs of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals; and, the NCAA's North Carolina State University, the University of Kentucky, and the University of Hawaii.

Chow was a candidate to replace Karl Dorrell at UCLA, but withdrew his candidacy soon after interviewing. Chow was also considered to replace June Jones at the University of Hawaii.

Has Dr. Chow given up on a Head Coaching position?

Heber City, UT

Deaar DC. Norm Chow left on his own will to seek what he felt were greener pastures. Get your facts straight.

Hedgehog, wonderful play on words.

Utah needs some serious help. They continued their slide downhill the second half of the season. Only because one player did not do their part and allowed someone to block the field goal did Utah beat BYU. Utah will be better with these two coaches.

Still, BYU will be better. One thing which is great is that we will have our kicker back and he consistently put them in our through the endzone, which eliminates kick returns. Jack will be better and the return to the attitude that we do not drop passes at BYU will mean they move the ball. It just looks great for BYU.

As for BYU "quitting" that is a typical Utah troll comment.

I guess Utah will be happy to play each year in the Las Vegas Bowl because that is where they will finish each year in the PAC 12 as a 4th place team. Must gall those who accused BYU of only making it to the Las Vegas Bowl.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

I'll take Chow any day over an unproven Doman as an offensive coordinator. All these negative posts sound a lot like more jealous little brother syndrome!!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fan here:

Chow's a great hire for the U, in my opinion. Definitely an upgrade.
Ol' Rock of the Marne needs to chill out. A little too riled up there man.

Anyways, last time Chow came to BYU was a few years back with UCLA. BYU won 59-0. So, yep: no problems here!

Spanish Fork, ut

Im a BYU fan and I think the hire of Norm Chow would be great for Utah. His offense is great, his recruiting is great, and he can develop quarterbacks. I appreciated his time at BYU and was sad to see him leave. I wish him and the U luck in the Pac 12 and in all there games except when you play the Cougars.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Another great move by the best coach in college football, Kyle Whittingham.

Let's face it, Norm Chow loves Utah, but he wasn't treated professionally at BYU. At BYU, Norm was subjected to prejudice and racial slurs. This was even reported by the Deseret News in 2003 in the article "Racial Slur Elicits Apology At Y".

If any of you are interested in the treatment Norm received at BYU, I would encourage you to read the above article. Norm certainly deserved better treatment from BYU.

Let's hope that Norm's return to coaching at Utah can erase the bitter taste left in his mouth from his previous experience at BYU.

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