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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Get out of town while the Utes are half-way ranked...

Pocatello, ID

I wish the he were staying, but hope he does well. Good luck Sealver.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Good luck. Here's hoping things work out gor you!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Veritas Aequitas, as opposed to the not even close to being ranked BYU? For a team that was barely .500 you guys sure talk a lot of smack; your team got drilled by the Aggies for Petes sake. Utah's 3 losses (not 6 like BYU) were to good teams (two of the teams in the top 10). Bye bye Coogs, I really wish you would all stop commenting on Utah stories but I guess your jealous insecure nature won't allow it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: Rock of the marne... I think you're reading something into Veritas Aequitas' comments. No where does he mention BYU. Maybe it is you who has the inferiority complex? Are you concerned that everyone is out to get you? Are you constantly looking over your shoulder to see who is sneaking up behind you? This is what happens when you enter the Pac-12 and realize that you won't be the top dog in the conference more than once every 20 years.

It is curious why two of the top seniors on the Ute team are looking for an excuse to avoid playing in the Pac-12. Do they realize it will be a mediocre season (at best)?

Provo, UT

@ Rock Of The Marne

HERE'S SOME NEWS: For being a 7-6 team BYU got a vote for the top 25. Early ranking for 2011 season is already out and BYU is ranked 13th. Not bad for a 7-6 team. Google it and see for yourself.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Careful coogs, we don't want to upset our TUN friends...you see they are a bit edgy of late, losing in a big way last night on their home floor, barely hanging on to beat a 6-6 cougar squad, stumbling and bumbling in their last 6 games to a 3-3 record, will simply relegate Utah's move to the PAC10 to the back page of the local sports pages, w/ the Baggies and WSU Wildcats, as mediocrity sets in for the long haul.

Next years prospects on the Ute gridiron just got uglier now that their best interior DL & DB are leaving to the NFL (that would be "Not-For-Long" for both of them).

Boy the bad news is coming out of the woodwork for the red faced boys on the hill. Sad, sad, days ahead for Ute-ville. Geez boys, start watching more successful sports programs (i.e. the TDS)...Oh the excitement ahead for Cougar sports just never ends...GO COUGARS!


Re: BluCoug - there you go again, talking big in the off-season. No one cares about preseason.

@OnlyInUtah - I read many posts and Veritas Aequitas is a zoob. So Rock of the marne is justfied.

American Fork, UT

The pebble whines about Cougar fans posting in utah articles every day while alternately posting in every single BYU article. LOL

As to the subject at hand there are a few points here. Yes he is getting out at least in part to avoid the humiliation of next years terrible pac10 debut. He will also get his wish about remaining part of the "ute family" as he will undoubtedly watch every one of their home games standing on the sidelines of res since it isn't very likely he will even get drafted.

He's really in a no win situation. Stay at utah and get it handed to him all year or declare for a draft he has no chance of being picked in.

All things considered he probably made the right choice as it is going to be ugly on the hill next year.

Logan, UT

Come on Utes start watching those successful programs like the 7-6 Cougs. I'm sure everyone is jealous knowing that BYU had to win their bowl game against a team equivalent to Alta High to not have a losing record.

Salt Lake City, UT

I actually feel sorry for the kid. Seems he has issues still with commitment. I remember the big article about how he debated going to Utah vs BYU and how he thought and prayed about it. He got a spiritual confirmation he was supposed to go to the Y and how happy he was to go to BYU. Then less than a week later he switched to the U and didn't ever explain how his spiritual confirmation had been switched.

Now he has the same advisors telling him to go pro and step up to the next level while all the pro evaluations are telling him don't do it, the NFL may go on strike and leave him out of both, and his head coach won't comment on it.

I remember a BYU quarterback that thought he was pro material who left after his junior year and then never got a sniff from the NFL.

Don't over estimate your value Mr. Siliga. You are giving up your last year of playing football.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

UgottaloveMaxie | 11:02 p.m. Jan. 12, 2011

@OnlyInUtah - I read many posts and Veritas Aequitas is a zoob. So Rock of the marne is justfied.

Just curious, what makes one a "zoob".

I read many stories, and make comments on what I observe. If I think Tommy Connor would make the U a better program, am I a "zoob"?

If I think that Rock, Uteology, UtahCounty Ute, Dutchman, and Chris B are biased, use insignificant selective facts, am I a "zoob". If I question the logic they use to come to their assumptions, am I a "zoob"? If they amuse me and I push their buttons, am I a "zoob".

What makes one a "zoob". Exercising their right to observe, think, and post those thoughts?

And is the best you have to respond calling third grad names? Have I ever called anyone a name?

My comment on Siliga was that this year might be a better year to go pro, tan next year, based on the reasong that they are considered at least a top 30 team right now. Basing it on reality, no bias.

Come on, YaGottaLoveMaxie, lose the blinders.

Bountiful, UT

BluCoug - That is great that BYU is ranked #13 now for next year. I would recommend printing up some tee-shirts about going undefeated. Maybe call it Quest for Perfection. Don't worry, if you lose a few games you can always claim that it didn't mean perfection in football but in the priorities higher than football.

BYU - Everyone's pre-season champion - when it really counts.

Bountiful, UT

Good luck to Sealver, hope he does well on Sundays.

For the Utes, this will open up some more playing time for Star and Latu. This is one position that the Utes have the luxury of depth right now.

sandy, UT

I'd love to know which website has byu ranked 13th.. espn just came out with their rankings im sure byu is nowhere near the top 25... zooby's are my favorite

Jealous U
Alpine, UT


"I'd love to know which website has byu ranked 13th"

Google: College Hotline With Jon Wilner

He's an SEC homer, though, so you can dispense with the "he's just a BYU homer" dismissals.

Folks on the hill are always so insanely jealous of any positive recognition BYU receives.

Get over it. Being in the PAC 12 isn't going to give U a free ticket to national recognition.

Finishing unranked in the final AP poll is proof of that.

Bountiful, UT

Congrats Jealous U - Put the championship on the books. Print the tee-shirts. Start celebrating. Make your reservations for the BCS.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


BYU has an infinitely better chance at the 2011 championship than NC2010 Utah.

Have you made your reservations for Pasedena yet?

Better hurry before it's booked solid because all we've heard from the hill since last summer is the Utes will be playing in the Rose Bowl.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Marked it Down | 12:29 p.m.

"Better hurry before it's booked solid because all we've heard from the hill since last summer is the Utes will be playing in the Rose Bowl."

I believe it was a MWC team that won the Rose Bowl this year.

Ann Arbor, MI

"College Hotline With Jon Wilner"

Jealous U,

You do realize that if you "google" long enough you will find some yahoo projecting Central Arkansas as a preseason favorite... you do know this right?

How about we leave the "projections" on the shelf for a few months and at that point let the creditable sources take over.

Now go "google" "Jimmer number 1 pick in the NBA draft"....i'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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