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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 12 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"After Tuesday's performance, Fredette now leads the nation in scoring, averaging 26.1 points per game. He surpassed UConn's Kemba Walker (25.3), who scored 18 Tuesday in a win over Rutgers."

Jimmer 26.1 x 18 games = 470 points
Kemba 25.3 x 15 games = 380 points

Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah fan in front of the Jimmer's House sign doesn't look so pleased.

Fort Wayne, IN

I wish BYU would stop the nonsense and stop playing Utah, at least for a few years. What's the point lately?

Orem, UT

@Hoosierdaddy, I hope that was tongue in cheek. It wasn't long ago that BYU was 1-25 and Utah was headed to sweet 16 and final four appearances.

I am a paying BYU fan. My money and time are all BYU, but Utah's football and basketball teams traditionally gives us fits and their football team, sadly, beat us this year.

Our pride will come before our fall, if we are not careful.

Utah basketball will be back, which I would rather have than what we have had lately.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

What a great venue - the Huntsman Center - in which to score 47. Especially by a BYU Cougar.

The sad part is, it could have been over 50.

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Isn't that their coach in front of the poster? Right where Boylen belongs...in the stands!

Salt Lake City, UT

It was sweet.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Swoop....it's Majeras!

Cedar Hills, UT

Stay classy Salt lake city! You to Jimmer, see you when you come to San diego

West Jordan, UT

BYU Basketball 1-25 season (1996-97)
BYU Football 14-1, Cotton Bowl, #5 Ranking (1996)

FYI @ Ute Fan/Y Hater

If you're intellectually honest, can't use the one and dismiss the other as being respectively "not too long ago" and "ancient history."

Funny how that works.

Logan, UT

I am not a BYU and never will be yet I tuned in to last nights game just to watch Jimmer and what a performance. When BYU got the ball back with 4.0 seconds left in the first half I don't think I was the only one thinking what would happen. I can only recall one player of recent memory with such a deep range and that was J.J. Redick of Duke and Fredette is a much more polished scorer and player in my opinion. And the unfortunate part is the rest of the team gets a little overlooked.

Fresno, CA

Fun highlights!

Lubbock, TX

utah shows a lot of disrespect by being so awful at the D1 level. Does the pac-12 have a development league?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoy the run, cewgs. Fact is, once you get to the NCAA, you'll be out of your league and fortunate to win maybe two games. And, what will you do next year with Jimmy? Pretty much nuthin'. Utah has no where to go but up, tds no where to go but down. Ain't it grand.

Salt Lake City, ut

I am with Chris B on this one. Getting to full of yourselfs tds fans look what happened with bandwagon fans with Utahs football team. Lost games they were supposed to win and the fans where no where to be found and byu has the biggest fan base of bandwagon fans ever. When you lose which you will in the tourney what will you do then? Plus you lose jimmered next year how will you ever contend with the wcc highschool teams?

Provo, UT

I love Jimmer. He is a special college player. He is fun to watch and he rarely disppoints. He deserves all the props he is getting.

But there is another component to this team that allows them to be successful -- that is the players who are mature and unselfish enough to not be affected by living in Jimmer's shadow. I especially appreciate Jackson Emery, a star player in his own right, for not begrudging that Jimmer is getting most of the focus. I loved his response to the reporter who tried to get him to comment on whether or not he thought Jimmer was a ball hog. He said, with a big smile on his face, if he's making shots like that, he can ball hog all he wants.

My hat is off to these guys, and to all players who play with a superstar, who willingly make their personal ambition and need for acknowledgment secondary to the good of the team and who allow the superstar to enjoy his/her time in the spotlight. It's not always an easy thing.

Ferron, UT

Since the Utes are currently dead last in the conference, they truly do have no where to go but up.
I remember when UCLA was unbeatable. I remember BYU's awful b-ball season a few years ago. I had season tickets to USU's two-win basketball season in the 80's. And I remember when the Utes played in the National Championship game.
School athletic programs have ups and downs. That ain't grand -- it's just life.
I spent two days with the Andre Miller-Utes when they visited our area on a team outing. They were nice young men who represented their school well both on and off the court. I knew Shawn Bradley, and the same could be said for him.
Maybe all us fans should take a lesson.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Did you just say "ain't it grand" that Utah is in last place and can't sink any lower?

Hilarious stuff.


By the way, check out the recruiting for BYU basketball.

They'll be set for many years to come.

And we aren't talking about JC players.

Herman Finklemeiyer
Orem, UT

Jimmer Mania is sweeping the land!

Anyone who say elswise is a sour grapes Utah fan or a UNLV player who thought it would be a great idea to give Jimmer even MORE incentive to crush you.

Bask in the excitement and national media coverage because you can only get yourself Jimmered for a few more months before he goes pro.

I'm looking forward to getting myself Jimmered again in person when San Diego State comes to town!

Rob of NV
Las Vegas, NV

Jimmer is indeed a tremendous basketball player, and he deserves all the recognition he is receiving. Not to rain on his parade, but comparing him to Danny Ainge is difficult. Danny's record points is even more remarkable when you consider there was no 3-point shot when he played. This also needs to be considered when comparing game-point performances. Congratulations to Jimmer for his achievements, and I wish him and BYU continued success.

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