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Published: Sunday, Jan. 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Is this Romney supporting his stellar record of military service... oh yes... there isn't one. Perhaps he is just showing us he knows where the country is... after all everyone else has gone there for the photo opps.

Casa Grande, AZ

Greaaaaaaaaat. Mit is going to run in 2012 obviously.

Provo, UT

Who is Mitt Romney? I mean, isn't he just a common citizen. He is nobody special. He has no official position representing our country, our military, our government, or anything else. He is just a rich guy.

So why does he get special treatment? Why does he get to go visit our military in Afghanistan? If I declare that I might run for president in 2012, will they let me go visit the troops?

As far as I know, Mitt is just a Venture Capitalist - meaning he is a rich guy with lots of money. That should never qualify a person for special political or military treatment.

Durham, NC

Trying to look presidential I guess. Why the commander is meeting with him is anyones guess.

I just hope that this time he runs as "Mitt Romney", not some charectorization of the republican parties wish list for a candidate. He just needs to be himself, then we can judge him for what he really is. All this political theatre does him no service what so ever.

Blue Bolshevik
Salt Lake City, UT

He's probably there to make a deal on behalf of his rich pals to steal all of Afghanistan's natural resources; the MO of American imperialism.

John Stewart Pill

I wish Romney, or any Mormon could serve as POTUS one day. But, I don't think anti-Mormon southern Christians would ever allow that. Even though we always support their candidates. Oh well.

Sandy, UT

If Mitt intends to run, then this is a smart move to reassess for himself the current environment and reestablish his relationships. Wouldn't anyone prefer a [potential] leader who is personally familiar with the current tone and views of key allies and their leaders? His trip speaks to his leadership savvy.

Littleton, CO

He is a much better leader that Mr Obama who did not have a foreign experience either, eh I AM LDS 2?

Springville, UT

Going so he can say he has foreign policy experience in preparation for a run for President. He lost me back in early 2008 when he dissed the people of France where he served his mission. It wasn't the government of France, with which expressing differences would be OK, but he dissed the people. It told me that he did not connect with the people he served. And I believe he does not connect with the middle class or the poor of America. He has lived a privileged life from the moment he was born. He is aristocracy, and has no clue about those of us who aren't very rich. I'll go with our current President in 2012.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Romney will "train Afghans and share with local leaders his views on issues of leadership, public service, economic opportunity and democratic participation,"

Train them how... to do what?
Guess he was there visiting one of his son serving...
oh yeah, that's not for politicians kids.
Can Mitt See Canada from his house?

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