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Published: Sunday, Jan. 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

We don't break up families, illegal actions do.
There are plenty of American families each year that are broken up because of illegal actions.

If all are here illegally, all leave. That is not breaking up a family.

Americans make mistakes all the time, and we have to pay for our mistakes.

  • 6:17 p.m. Jan. 10, 2011
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Layton, UT

We decide what is legal. We decide how our laws may be applied compassionately. We decide which laws are enforceable and by whom, and what gets paid for, and who pays. We have the means and ability to be generous and to choose positions that are sympathetic to families of those immigrant workers who come here and plant deep roots of families, values, and hard work. That some are so strident based upon the technicalities of the law is a sad reflection of placing an idea above a human soul.

Iowa City, IA

raybies, Your post appears to imply that a human soul cannot also exist and flourish abroad. I do not believe this is true, as I know many human souls abroad who are doing just fine. In fact, I would argue that people with the desire for a better life can bring about more good in struggling countries than they can in the U.S.

On that note, would you care to explain how deportation harms the human soul in ways that other legal penalties that you likely support (incarceration, etc.) do not?

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

"Tom" - I live and work amongst MANY illegal aliens so I know what they do and don't do! First and foremost: MOST of them are very hardworking people. I see them standing in the parking lot of the local home improvement store (especially in this weather)waiting for someone to come along and give them some work. My heart goes out to them!

BUT - I think of the other 5 billion or so people around the world who DIDN'T SNEAK across the desert to get here. Should all of those folks be allowed to come? Where does it stop? What good are laws that aren't enforced? Should we re-write our laws to be merely "suggestions", and have little to no consequences involved?
The schools around me are WAY OVERBURDENED in the first place, and when we take all the illegal children who's parents pay little or no taxes, how can we possibly keep it up?
I think the illegal aliens that have such a good work ethic should go home and work to make THEIR homeland a better place. We simply can't afford to care for the worlds nomadic populations!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thanks "Fitness Freak" I appreciate your recognition that these people on the most part are good hardworking people. I still do not see how it is just to have 3 million American citizen who when they are young and fall in love with 3 million individuals who were brought here as children and do not have the proper documentation, and they marry why we can not provide some means of normalizing their status. When ever i have a problem with the law, be it a traffic ticket or what ever, I always try to go before the judge and seek mercy and see if I can get the fine lowered or at least do something so the points do not go on my insurance. What would be so wrong with showing some kind of mercy to these individuals.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

"Tom" I'm sorry, but the illegals I know don't see things the way you do. They ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, will not show up to court! If they are caught, or "found out" about something they simply switch identities! Or return to Mexico for awhile. (I assume you've heard about all the "ID" mills who have been busted in the news)They switch identities fairly regularly depending on what's needed. The ones who live near me sometimes have 3-4 families to a home although there is still only ONE property tax bill being pd. That would be o.k. if just A FEW families were doing it, but there is a lot of it happening on the west side.

Definitely, the adult children who can never attain citizenship status are being "victimized", but it is their PARENTS who have victimized them, not Americans!
We tried using amnesty back in 1986 and that obviously didn't work. The longer we put off dealing with the problem (along with gathering ALL the facts)the harder the problem will be to solve.
Using amnesty again (in any form) just "kicks the problem" down the road for the next generation.

Mapleton, UT

Why is it that we so avidly support military ventures abroad of dubious worth and so costly in blood and national treasure yet react so indignantly on hearing of free prenatal care locally for indigent undocumented mothers?

Murray, UT

Prenatal care for indigent undocumented mothers is just a small part of a much, much bigger problem.

Wellsville, Utah

Maybe these "poor indigent undocumented mothers" (non-liberal translation: illegal criminals who hopped the border to get freebies from the American taxpayer) should have thought twice about coming to a country and popping out kids that they can't afford.

Maybe, since they love mexico so much and they supposedly are so hard working, they should stay in mexico and work to make it a good place to live.

Maybe we should make our government stop giving out every free entitlement in the book to illegals who expect to get them, and then they will deport themselves.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

When they call themselves undocumented immigrant, they are illegal aliens.

I suppose under the illegals logic, I could break into a business and if I'm caught, I could claim to be an unhired employee....

C'mon that logic might work in the third world country they come from, but, it doesn't work here. We actually have laws and follow them. Which is one reason why this is a great place to live (until Obama became president).

Dan Walters
La Quinta, CA

If Utah appears as though they have become soft on Illegal Immigration the message will quickly spread to newly arriving Illegal Immigrants and those already residing Illegally in other states. It is evident that talk is being frequently heard in Arizona that many Illegal Immigrants have decided to move to Utah to escape the new Arizona law. There would be little to stop tens of thousands of Illegal Immigrants looking for greener pastures from making Utah their choice destination for residence. The guarantee for Utah is if you are weak on Illegal Immigration you will likely be a recipient of mass Illegal Immigration like you have never seen. Choose wisely...It will change your state and it will change your future and not necessarily for the good.

So Ogden, Ut

Under current U.S. immigration policy, the Obama Administration will authorize an average of 138,000 new foreigners each month to fill American jobs, regardless of whether the U.S. economy is producing or losing jobs, or whether U.S. wages are rising or falling. This should be of concern to those LEGAL citizens and those LEGAL immigrants who are unemployed! Recently the unemployment rate was 14% and that is calculated only by those who are LOOKING FOR WORK, not those who are unable to find a job! We need to find equity in wages for our legal citizens and those who are here illegally, you should come across the border LEGALLY! There are many immigrants still waiting to become legal and it's taking them several years. Why should you receive special treatment by breaking the law? Just needing a job....

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