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Published: Sunday, Jan. 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

The tail is wagging the dog. A few pro-illegal groups are waging war against the majority of American citizens. Clearly, a vast majority prefer deportation and no benefits to illegals. It is a matter of patriotism and security. However, the media and minority political groups continue to undermine the foundations of America. Let our elected politicians represent the will of the people, not the will of invading illegal aliens.

Enough is enough!
St. George, UT

"You can't reward illegal behavior with benefits," said Ronald Mortensen, a member of the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration. "You do that, you encourage corruption."

Not much else left to say.

Glendale, AZ

Why do we keep hearing the mantra: our immigration laws are broken? Nothing could ve further from the truth. The simple fact is our immgration laws are just not enforced. But most important, they are not enforced by the federal government by design. Having served in law enforcement for over 32 years, I am appalled; this is not just incompentence on the part of the federal government, but burders on corruption by failing to protect those they have sworn to do so; legal US Citizens.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you continue to encourage it, more will come. If you do things that discourage it, fewer will come. That is not too complex to figure out.

You can decrease the impact on our neighborhoods, save costs in social services and schools, and be more compassionate to both illegals and our citizens merely by enforcing laws that were intended to be enforced.

By doing this you will also be defusing the decention that exists.

Salt Lake City, UT

Guest Workers #1
Creating a Utah Guest worker program violates federal law. It is also NOT needed, as there is already a way for workers to come to the U.S. legallythe existing Guest Worker program with categories for different work types:

- Permanent Labor Certification: A certification issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) allows an employer to hire a foreign worker to work permanently in the United States.

- H-2A Temporary Labor Certification (Seasonal Agricultural): Program for agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.

- H-2B Temporary Labor Certification (Non-agricultural): Program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.

For those that say the process/program is broken, an article published in the NY Times, 09 July 2010, shows otherwise. Continued...

Salt Lake City, UT

Guest Workers #2 - from the article:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted an audit of employees at Gebbers Farms, an apple producer in Brewster, Washington. ICE found evidence that more than 500 of its workers, mostly immigrants from Mexico, were in the country illegally. ICE then advised Gebbers Farms of Social Security and immigration numbers that did not check out with federal databases. The workers were then fired.

John Morton, the head of the immigration agency, said the goal of the audits is to create "a culture of compliance" among employers, so that verifying new hires would be as routine as paying taxes. ICE leaves it up to employers to fire workers whose documents cannot be validated. But an employer who fails to do so risks prosecution.

After completing a federally mandated local labor search, Gebbers Farms applied to the federal guest worker program to import about 1,200 legal temporary workers most from Mexico. The guest workers, who can stay for up to six months, also included about 300 from Jamaica.

Gebbers Farms easily obtained the legal Seasonal Agricultural workers they neededand the price of apples did not rise, as a result of following the rules.

Murray, UT

We do not need to make any deals with illegal alien criminals. Luz Robles, Tony Yapass, the signers of the Utah CON PACT, and their ilk haven't been able to accept the fact that the people of Utah aren't buying what they are selling and we are never going to buy it. NO amnesty, NO guest worker programs, NO deals, come here legally through the front door and wait your turn or get out of the state and stay out. We are all fed up with illegals and the crime and other problems they bring, they have no right to be here and we have every right to demand that politicians and law enforcements officers do their job and remove them immediately.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

This just makes my blood boil. The arrogance of these illegal aliens.

First they make a total mockery of our laws by breaking into our country, then they have the gall to ask; "Who would Jesus deport?" as if the law breakers are in the right. They are not!

The first law of heaven is obedience.

While I cannot speak for Jesus; I would not be surprised to learn that Jesus would deport them all. The law of justice must be satisfied and these people show not sign of repentance or remorse.

Enforcement first! Zero tolerance!

Mapleton, UT

I would think that with the recent attention on the harmful consequences of bullying we would be more cautious of those in our society and our state legislature who deceitfully misconstrue and manipulate the law to rationalize vindictive agendas needlessly harmful to others.

Lacking documentation in and of itself hardly qualifies as reasonable justification for the harsh, vindictive treatment of "illegals" advocated by those who in their fervor mistake the law for a club.

To undertake legislation affecting thousands of families in the facile and cavalier fashion of the Sandstrom crowd would be a huge mistake, costly in the extreme and leading to a level of human abuse to our lasting discredit.

Provo, UT

Most of the people who claim our laws are broke, are the ones breaking them.

Mapleton, UT

Measures such as fences, more laws and stricter law enforcement are in effect more posturing than substantial in stemming the rising tide of racial and cultural diversity. Reactionary rumor-fueled resentment, moreover is self-destructive. The browning of north america is the inevitable outcome of an ongoing global leveling of people.

The wiser course for everyone, citizen and noncitizen alike, in achieving a fair and workable national immigration policy is mutual respect and peaceful accommodation. Difficult to understand but nonetheless true is that the well-being of others and ourselves is not exclusive but always intertwined.

Murray, UT


There are a whole bunch of families with relatives at point of the mountain who thought the law didn't apply to them. I guess the law was "manipulated to rationalize a vindictive agenda" in their cases and they are now the victims of our gross "human abuse" and their incarceration is to our "lasting discredit".
The average illegal immigrant comes to Utah by breaking the law and crossing the border illegally, oftentimes they carry a backpack full of drugs to help supply the Salt Lake hub of black tar heroin distribution. After that they steal an ID (usually from a minor) so they can go on and steal a job from an American family. They then get health care they don't pay for and send their kids to schools we pay for. They then systematically loot the treasuries of the state and federal governments.
Maybe in your infinite compassion you might find a little for those who are the real victims, the people of the United States. You and others who preach similar nonsense need to get a grip on the real issues and discover the real victims.

Mapleton, UT

Consider the empty rhetoric that could be avoided in recognizing what we all should know by now, namely that 1) being in our country without documentation is not necessarily a felony, 2) undocumented Hispanic immigrants are not the cause of the downturn in our economy nor of high unemployment 3) undocumented Hispanic immigrants pay taxes, and 4) undocumented Hispanic immigrants receive decidedly less rather than more of the benefits and advantages available to the rest of us.

Less well defined is the degree to which the undeniably substantial contribution of undocumented Hispanic labor to our economy balances the significant additional expense of health care and welfare services. Who knows for sure? But regardless, I as a Mormon highly recommend the Catholic heritage of natural law in meeting what I understand to be our obligation to the less fortunate.

Education for the undocumented is a notable exception in the equation of costs and benefits. Rather than another expense to bemoan, education is probably the only real solution to the Hispanic immigrant dilemma of slummers and gangbangers.

Certainly the call for a forceful, unconditional expulsion of all undocumented Hispanic immigrants is a recipe for disaster and is itself an uneducated response.

Iowa City, IA

The bottom-line question is: Do we want to encourage people to violate the law by allowing them to keep the benefits that they broke the law to obtain? I believe that just as the thief should not be allowed to keep stolen property and the speeder should be stopped and lose the time-savings accrued by speeding, the illegal immigrant should not be allowed to remain in a place that they broke the law to enter.

Trespassing is often only a misdemeanor, but that doesn't mean that the offender is allowed to remain on the trespassed property after paying a small fine.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

It seems that the Deseret News and the SL Tribune have joined forces with propaganda (mixing facts and untruths) and hyperbole trying to convince the citizens that uncontrolled immigration from Mexico and Latin America is unstoppable and a benefit to the United States.

The DN reports, "The Utah Minutemen were going red in the face." I was there and this is totally false hyperbole, and an indication that this article should be on the Opinion Page.

As for the LDS Church's position on illegal immigration, they continue to state that they are, "neutral," probably because to support illegal immigration, they would be in conflict with the 12th Article of faith.

In reading this one would assume that living in the United States is an entitlement, that the U.S. should provide for everyone in Mexico and Latin America. I wonder if this entitlement attitude applies to everyone on the planet?

Lots of opinion and bias reporting in this article.

Salt Lake City, UT

There is another side to the coin, my son-in-law keeps getting hired by contractors that try not to pay him. He is legal American, licenced Hipanic. It infuriates him that he does quality work and the contractors try to stiff him. I tell him to just put a lean on the homes.

Provo, UT

Reading the quotes from the experts, it's easy to tell what side of the fence they sit on. Part (not all) of Arizona's SB1070 was put on hold, not due to constitutional issues, or just on Federal/States rights, but more on implications with neighboring countries.

It's time we started bringing the average American into the discussion, how it has hurt them, and the cost to them. They need our compassion also. Any attempt at a guest worker program would be a huge insult to the working people of this state. Especially the 100,000 people out of work. I would suggest the Hispanic caucus start showing compassion for all Americans.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Having great respect for the law, we need to change the law to allow for much greater visa quotas of both permanent and temporary workers. Artificial barriers to the free flow of labor is harmful to both sides.

Amnesty should follow such a change, as an apology to those we treated as unwelcome. Until then, we at least should treat those who here without documentation with the respect that every human deserves, even those who violate rules, and especially those who are actively trying to contribute to our society.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The elected ones will continue to get this one wrong.
Why? Union influence, biz looking for cheap labor and identity politics.
Obama's administration is playing an interesting balancing act. They've ended worksite raids and limited deportations to felons only.
Their message: Unlawful presence in general is OK.
The GWB message was that they were too busy to pick them all up.
At the end of the day, these are merely signs of the lack of political will. The best they hope to do now is release the valve on the pressure cooker with amnesty.
America isn't going to like that!

Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing.....yet another in a long line of Immigration articles by the DNEWS pandering to illegals.......I wouldn't be surprised if all future articles are printed in spanish!

Keep up the good work

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