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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Let's not kid outselves, the Jazz will be lucky to make the playoffs the way they are currently playing or not playing, depending on how one looks at it. If it weren't for the fact that people would be losing jobs, I would favor opting out of next season for the league. We would all welcome a rest for the rigors of the NBA (Neverending Basketball Association) I've about had it, beginning with the have gun will travel Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. Free agency is killing sports. If it's so great, why don't we let high schools and colleges try it as well?

Sandy, UT

If they can get this thing figured out, they'll be fine & watch out NBA. That said, I'm pretty concerned about the whole lack of killer instinct thing. But something like that can come on in 1 game. I just hope once they get it, they'll keep it.

I'd love to see the bench start a couple of games and see what that does.

Sandy, UT

Sometimes you gotta hit the bottom before you get the spark you need. They seemed pretty low last night. I hope that did it. If so, we'll take the loss and move on to bigger & better things.

Santa Ana, CA

I do not think Detroit will make deals with a new owner pending, I went into ESPN trade machine all day to try and figure out combos. Bottom line the idea of Raja as part of a package to Detroit for RIp would not happen. Raja was wanted by Sloan to come back and he wanted to be here. Detroit I cannot see this season will trade off better players like Prince or Rip.

A trade proposal however worked on ESPN trade machine and it involves all expiring contracts.

The Jazz can deal CJ Miles, Francisco Elson and Ronnie Price to Toronto for 27 year old 6'8 power forward Joey Dorsey and SG Leonardo Barbosa.

This would be for another possible needed chemistry change. Dorsey is younger than Elson. He had 13 points and 13 rebounds vs Boston last week, and Toronto media is reporting he will not get much time with injured guys coming back. He is more of a banger than Elson. Dorsey is not good from line but he would be a sub. He does average 5 rebounds in only like 15 minutes per game, more...

Santa Ana, CA

Barbosa is shooting slightly better than CJ this year. He is a backup. he is averaging 13.2 per 25 minutes a game slightly better than CJ, You could put him at the #2 and rotate with Bell whis taller. I have Leonardo starting though and is more consistent than CJ He solves #2 spot to start lifetime shoots 39 percent from 3, CJ 33

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Todd.....Why would you want to trade CJ for Barbosa? Old for young?

Murray, UT

How about AK for Rip? Does that one work?

Santa Ana, CA

Barbosa is 28, Do not take it personally, I am trying to figure what best works for the Jazz not for any of our feelings. I just would like better consistency. If CJ was the answer at the #2 before injury, why would he not start? I have been calling for his starting but it never happens

Santa Ana, CA

Ak for Rip straight up does not work. Detroit taking on too much salary, again expiring contract. However, it would work with this scenario: AK and Elson to Pistons For Richard and Chris Wilcox. For some reason Wilcox has fallen out of favor, however he can provide some scoring with time off the bench. Chris, the former Sonic, only 28 still 8 year vet: 5 points, 3 rebounds only 11 minutes per game. Career wise he scores between every 2-3 minutes, 1 point. Not bad,,6-10 235

Captain L
Provo, UT

I don't like the Barbosa for CJ idea, I know CJ is inconsistent and that bothers me but I'm not a Barbosa fan, he is more of a gunner than CJ and he is 4 inches shorter. All around game, I like CJ, I don't want to see us get another combo 1 - 2 player, that is what Barbosa is.
I'm a CJ fan, because I see his potential, I am frustrated by his inconsistency but he is only 23 and still has time to improve. With CJ as inconsistent as he is I'm not apposed to a trade IF that trade would make us better, I'm just not sure who that player is, I wouldn't want to trade CJ just to make a change. I'd love to see a combo of players in exchange for Granger and he may be available.

Tokyo, Japan

i dont like the idea of trading CJ for barbosa...i also dont like the idea of getting Granger...Granger needs to have the ball in his hands majority of the time to be effective...i'd say...trade CJ for some lockdown defenders that could score...or some role players that could be consistent...Chase Budinger? Trevor Ariza? Brandon Rush? Shane Battier? Reggie Williams? Jared Dudley? Tony Allen?

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