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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Mapleton, UT

The truth is in the debate over a Robles bill vs. a Sandstrom bill that the simple-minded jingoism of the Sandstrom group about "the law" is clearly less a legitimate concern than a symptom of a deeper angst stemming in part from a mindset of scarcity, typical of more closed and conservative societies. Lacking documentation in and of itself hardly qualifies as reasonable justification for the harsh, vindictive treatment of "illegals" advocated by those who in their fervor mistake the law for a club.

Ventura, Ca


So the truth (according to you), is that obeying the law is a symptom of a simple minded crowd of conservatives who from a closed society.
Typical liberal response...if you can't win the argument, vilify your opponent.
From where I sit, the truth is that there is a scarcity of jobs all over America and I want to see the law enforced so that American citizen's don't lose their houses, due to an influx of illegal aliens who drive down wages and take jobs.
I wonder which one of our "truths" is a reality for Americans?
Oh, and by the way, no one is advocating harsh or vindictive treatment of illegals. Sending them back to their homelands is simply undoing a wrong that the illegals themselves perpetrated.

Kenwa Mabuni
Provo, UT

All the self righteous people here should concentrate on something more important. The Department of State is gonna make "gender neutral" passports removing father and mother from the application and instead put Parent 1 and Parent 2 to be sensitive to the feelings of "other kinds of families"...yeah right,,Look into things like this that really damage your country...immigrants do not

Syracuse, Utah

The only thing more ridiculous than Robles bill is the kid glove treatment and acceptance news sources such as the Deseret News are giving it. Why isnt it called a controversial immigration bill. It surely is just as controversial as the Sandstrom bill. It just happens to be controversial to a different set of people.
How tone deaf can you be to the will of the citizens of this country and state? The United States Congress attempted to pass an amnesty bill, using the code word comprehensive back when Bush was president. It didnt work then and it wont work now. You should find a new code name we all know what comprehensive means to you.
You want a comprehensive bill try this:
Secure the boarder
Make it a felony to hire an illegal
Correctly interpret the 14th amendment

Spanish Fork, UT

Pro illegal alien politicians and the criminals themselves are all using the constitution like a piñata. Smashing it to bits while hoping for some free goodies to fall out. Stop this madness and enforce the laws.

Mapleton, UT

To undertake legislation affecting thousands of families in the facile and cavalier fashion of the Sandstrom crowd would be a huge mistake, costly in the extreme and leading to a level of human abuse to our lasting discredit.

Henderson, NV

Clueless: Perhaps you are unaware that in Denmark today every attempt is being made to restrict immigration into that country. An enormous number of Muslims are attempting to move there and the Danes are attempting to limit them, most recently by passing a law raising their legal marriage age to 25 (Culturally, today, Danes dont marry at all or marry late, while culturally Muslims marry as young as teenagers). Making the laws of their nation undesirable to Muslims is a rather ingenious way to stop the onslaught, wouldnt you agree?

Just a heads up for you, Clueless, that ALL groups seek to maintain their culture and their ways for the benefit of their future young, and rightly so; even the extremely liberal Danes who generally love and have welcomed all. When too much becomes too much, the welcome mat SHOULD be removed.

Ventura, Ca


To continue things as they are (allowing illegals to continue to come here, use our resources, take our jobs, etc...) is also costly in the extreme and leading to the detriment of the U.S. citizens that our politicians are supposed to protect.
Tell me Ajax, who stands up for OUR citizens?

Sylmar, CA

wow. all you conservatives ranting about "illegal is illegal" and the constitution, etc is just mindboggling.

this lady's idea is actually a pretty good one. it's not like the undocumented workers aren't already here. might as well integrate them into society.

and to all you naysayers - I say walk a mile in an undocumented worker's shoes. you are simply lucky. that's all. simple luck to have been born here instead of somewhere else.

i see your attitude as the same as winning the lottery and keeping it all to yourself instead of helping others. it's the exact same thing.

i feel bad for you. especially if you call yourselves christians. I'm not even religious but even I know that what you are saying is wrong...

Green River, WY

At least someone is thinking of solutions and thinking out of the box, it is a start, thank-you Sen. Robles.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a step in the right direction.

Mapleton, UT

Consider the empty rhetoric that could be avoided in recognizing what we all should know by now, namely that 1) being in our country without documentation is not necessarily a felony, 2) undocumented Hispanic immigrants are not the cause of the downturn in our economy, nor of people losing their homes, nor of high unemployment 3) undocumented Hispanic immigrants pay taxes, and 4) undocumented Hispanic immigrants receive decidedly less rather than more of the benefits and advantages available to the rest of us.

Yes, undocumented Hispanic immigrants make a convenient scapegoat for your problems and mine. But they are in all too many ways unjustly accused. Let's act responsibly in understanding that the real solution to our problems lies with us and not with them.

Murray, UT

We know it's illegal, and therefore a crime. We know that the Federal government is not doing it's job, costing local and state governments billions of dollars each year. We know something has to be done.

We need self deportation laws that make it difficult for people to live here illegally, and for states to put the responsibility back on the Federal government by flooding the system with local arrests country wide.

Guest worker programs are dependent on proving that citizens will not work the jobs available. Federal law states there has to be a need. Robles bill ignores this fact, and that is an insult to the 100,000 Utahns out of work.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

Call it as it is: a minority politician representing an illegal minority group's interests angainst the will of the American people.

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