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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

If we ever want to get a handle on immigration this bill offers something that is reasonable almost. My concern stems from the fact all immigrants would have to carry papers. Does this mean hispanics who are citizens will have to start proving to police they are here legally? If so this bill is unacceptable. Just like the Arizona law.

No laws should be allowed which place more of a burden on minorities than the population in general.

Farmington, UT

I really don't see most illegals who are either working for cash only or stolen social security numbers to be running to stand in line for this voluntary work permit thingy.

But offerring any kind of permit to those who have committed misdemeanors and felonies (with stolen ID) is nothing short of martial law.

Stockton, UT

Let's be clear: we are ALL children of God.

That includes the roughly 1 BILLION people world wide who would like to come here if they could.

It includes any number of persons worldwide who would love to kill every US Citizen and level every US city. It includes my own children and parents. Simply put, "children of God" is a meaningless platitude as it is now being tossed around. It is also an overtly religious belief that is not shared by everyone and so maybe its application to public policy and law should be every bit as limited as say religious beliefs about sexual morality, alcohol, or Sabbath observance.

We ALL believe in humane treatment of our fellow men. Let's just not be too selective in only worrying about a few illegal aliens among us. How do we show love and compassion toward the millions of LAW ABIDING persons who want to immigrate but can't just illegally walk across our borders? What about showing love to our own citizens who need work, or own children who need a quality education? What about those victimized by ID theft of other crimes common among illegal aliens?

Cedar Hills, UT

Doesn't really matter anyway because this bill has ZERO chance of passing in Utah. I think the national media picked up on it to try and put pressure on the Utah legislature but this thing is headed for the dumpster. Every attempt at amnesty for illegals - whether an out right amnesty bill such as Harry Reids dream act or a smaller step such as Ms Robles bill - will fail espeically with the results of the Nov 2 elections nation wide. Many governors and state legislatures turned GOP so on Nov 2 so all these back door amnesty tricks are toast. Sorry libs.

SLC, Utah

Robles' bill simply means amnesty. We don't want amnesty. We can't afford amnesty. Amnesty of any kind, including what Robles is proposing. We have 15 million unemployed Americans who are sucking up billions in unemployment benefits. Illegals are taking these jobs. They need to go home. We don't need them and can't afford them. And we can't afford the millions of illegals who will follow should they see that their illegal brothers and sisters can remain in this country.

What we need is enforcement of immigration hiring. E-Verify, they call it. Americans need to get back in control of our country. We are not a country if we continue to be overrun with immigrants, illegal and otherwise.

We need Sandstrom's bill. We don't need Robles' bill.

South Jordan, UT

I think my white ancestors didn't file the proper paperwork when they emigrated in the 1700s. I'll have to check with the Native Americans and see if they have any records.

Mr. Bean
SLC, Utah


"As far as I can tell, who in their right mind would sign up for this."

We need a bill that will require illegals to come forth and identify themselves... so we can have them arrested and deported.

"Not the illegals I've run across."

If you know of illegals you need to report them. Failure to do so is in violation of a federal Harboring of Illegals law.

Miss Piggie
SLC, Utah


"I am not in favor of amnesty, etc. I am in favor of getting to solutions that don't dehumanize illegal immigrants from ANYWHERE (illegals are not all brown)."

Anything that allows illegals to stay in this country, for whatever reason, is AMNESTY. We don't want amnesty. Too many people are doing things right to come to this country for us to even consider allowing illegals to stay. It's an insult to those who are trying to do the right thing.


@Brother Paul:

"Respect is the Word: Red and Yellow, Black and Brown and White, They Are All Precious in His Sight!!"

No, no. Respect for the laws of this land.

Salt Lake City, UT

Can we get a govt airline that will run back and forth across the globe and usher in Illegals from all parts of the world who want to live here?

Why are we only opening our border to just Mexicans/Central/South Americans, like Robles?

SLC, Utah


"Would it make a difference if these 'illegals' were beautiful,blond haired,blue eyed danes,from lets say Denmark or Norway?"

It would be nice to get someone other than Hispanics. They have a wonderful country with lots of resources including an abundance of the precious commodity, oil. If Danes, Norwegians, etc., had that kind of resource they would see no need to immigrate here. And if they did, they would likely do it the legal and proper way.

Murray, UT

Take a look at the postings here today and the support it is gaining AGAINST this ridiculous idea by a large margin. This couldn't pass in a million years and if it did it would be shot down instantly by a court. How can you set up a pass to break the law for one group of people? A group of people who already have no right to be here no less and who have already broken the law. This thing is a monument to stupidity.
Ask millions of unemployed workers who actually have a right to be here if they think these job stealing criminal out to given a free pass. This is nothing short of completely outrageous. No one with any brains is going to get behind this, and any politician in Utah who supports it is done in the next election.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I hope the republicans will support this bill. Everytime a republican takes a real hard line stand on immigration he/she go's bye bye. Tom Tancrado, J.D Hayworth ect.

Sen. Robles. Talked with you on the phone. Im a republican, and many other republicans I know supports your bill. You are becoming very popular across the country. Your bill is full of common sense.

I hope this bill will pass. It will show a great example to the country that Utahns are practical, non extremists, and has commpassion for their fellow man.

Utah can look like a hero and a leader, or an Arizona that is causing nothing but hate, discrimination and divide.

Iowa City, IA

The greatest tragedy of this bill would be seen abroad. Conditions abroad will not improve as long as those who want something better are encouraged/empowered to leave their countrymen to their fate instead of working to improve circumstances, reduce poverty, etc.

If the focus is to help people improve their living conditions, I think a government-sanctioned brain-drain from foreign countries drastically misses the mark.

Port Alice, B.C.

In 1856 when my great great grandfather and his family came to the US and Utah, they showed up at US immigration in New York. Their names were taken down and they were sent on their way.

They then walked into Utah with the Martin Handcart Company and were welcomed with open arms.

Then there was my grandmother, who was born in Utah, moved to Canada in her early 20's. After about 70 years in Canada she was still an American Citizen and a registered Republican. Nobody gave her a bad time.

We LDS of all people should be more than a little understanding of immigration.

Provo, UT

How can we not have the money for local enforcement for local immigration enforcement, but we do have enough to start an entirely new department and enforcement agency.

Every child born here to the guest workers would be a birth right citizen, and further complicate the situation.

gramma b
Orem, UT

How I wish the Deseret News would stop propagandizing for illegal aliens. One front page story after another. This bill is ridiculous. And Paul Mero, I love ya. But you're up in the night on this one.

Springville, UT

What nonsense. Sandstrom's proposal has a much greater chance of becoming a national model because the majority of Americans want the rule of law upheld and for illegals to be held accountable. Only a minority want illegals rewarded, as they would be with Robles' bill.

Deseret Media, you're not winning the debate on this issue. Your behavior as self-appointed chief propogandist for the state only makes me want you to fail, along with all businesses that actively employ illegals. Breaking the law is wrong.

And by the way, everyone should be cautious of anyone who claims they've cornered the market on Compassion.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Erika - Salem, UT; you say, "I think Robles' bill is encouraging... sometimes a state has to show the feds how to do things." I agree with you 100%, however, not in regards to Senator Robles' bill, but to Arizona's 1070 and our own coming Utah/Sandstrom bill. Let the State and Local law enforcement help ICE enforce federal immigration law that has been virtually and literally ignored by the 'feds' for twenty-four years.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Erika Salem, UT; you say, I think Robles bill is encouraging sometimes a state has to show the feds how to do things. I agree with you 100%, however, not in regards to Senator Robles bill, but to Arizonas 1070 and our own coming Utah/Sandstrom bill. Let the States help ICE enforce federal immigration law that has been virtually and literally ignored by the feds for twenty-four years.

Jazz Bass Man
Wellsville, Utah

When is the liberal media machine going to finally get it, that the people just aren't buying this propaganda anymore?

The overwhelming majority of us will never be convinced that amnesty is a "model" for America, and no matter how many times they try to push it through, we will never allow our lawmakers to give amnesty to these illegal border jumpers.

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