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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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We the People
Sandy, UT

This bill is a disaster. Supporters of this bill who hate the AZ law because it "violates federalism" have shown their hand. They do not care about protecting federal power.

Taylorsville, UT

What a joke! There is only one answer: deport the illegals and jail the companies who employed them! That's the only answer..

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"This bill just brings those people to the surface and lets us know who they are and where they live."

So if we can know where illegal aliens live and who they are, we can certainly send them back to their home country.

Holladay, UT

I am not in favor of amnesty, etc. I am in favor of getting to solutions that don't dehumanize illegal immigrants from ANYWHERE (illegals are not all brown).

How odd that all of you fighting for state's rights can't even allow a discussion of Robles' ideas. Perhaps start with a good idea, and make it better.

One good idea...admit what you really are.

Make up your minds, hypocrites!

Brother Paul
Livermore, CA

Let US All be nice here.

I see a lot of negative attitude towards
recognizing that we are ALL God's children.
We should respect other's situations and Not
Judge just because of which side of a "man made"
border their mother was on when she gave birth.

Respect is the Word: Red and Yellow, Black and Brown and White, They Are All Precious in His Sight!!

Thanks to Luz Robles for coming up with some New Ideas!! Hopefully some of them will Help in this

Empathy is a Gift!!

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

Just yesterday, I was listening to a talk program while driving in Colorado and the hosts were discussing illegal immigration with Congressman Jared Polis. He mentioned that Utah was a State known for being welcoming to illegal aliens.

At some point it would be nice if Utah would get its act together and actually pass something that cracks down on illegals instead of creating a magnet for them. I'm pretty confident that this attempt at state-based amnesty will not get very far in the GOP dominated legislature.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Passing the responsibility to verify legality from the illegal immigrant to his employer is nonsense. At the very least, the illegal immigrant would still be guilty of being an accessory to an illegal act, just like the driver of the get-away car is as guilty as the bank-robber for whom he 'works'.

Validating their 'status' and allowing them to 'work' legally just because they're already here would be the same as paying a bank-robber to empty the garbage on his way out of the bank, because 'he was already there'.

Don't reward corruption.

Don't reward anything illegal.

Require that those who are doing anything that is illegal be subject to the full extent of the law. Ignorance of the speed limit is not a valid defense in traffic court, neither is ignorance of our immigration laws a valid defense. Make EVERY person who is here illegally leave the country before being to re-enter.

Just because politicians are willing to look the other way in exchange for votes does not magically make illegal entry into this country legal.

Rye, CO

Would it make a difference if these "illegals" were beautiful,blond haired,blue eyed danes,from lets say Denmark or Norway? I`m sure it would.You`re showing your true colors again utah

Holladay, UT

And if you're going to treat "illegals" as illegals, what about white collar and politicians who do illegal things? How many are in luxury "jails", or not in jail at all?

Consistency, my friends.

"I smell mendacity"

Sandy, UT

Elliot, the Sutherland Institute has an extremly liberal view of illegal immigration. Also, Deseret News, call it illegal immigration, not"undocumented worker" Have you noticed supporters of amnesty call them that?

Kaysville, UT

I think this is a great idea but it should be ammended to state Illegals can work but they will be taxed at 50%. This way they can either pay to live here since they are illegal or they can go home.

Sandy, UT

Why do liberals like "Clueless" think that if Utah wants to enforce laws because people are breaking the law in front of our face. Only liberals can get angry at the law because they will get more votes if they grant amnesty.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Making E-Verify mandatory - YES!
Issuing state work permits - NO!

Saint George, UT

With real unemployment at 17%, do we really need to let 12 to 25 million additional foreign nationals compete with Americans for work??? Who is Senator Rubles representing??? Certainly not American citizens.

Home Town USA, UT

Great Insight Re: Considering in Stockton, UT!!! Well said.

Sounds like someone wants us to believe their bill will pass like the Emperor's new clothes s scenario.

"The hypocrisy of the pro-illegal-alien crowd is beyond the pale."

Cedar Hills, UT

This bill is taking Utah and the rest of the country in the complete WRONG direction. This is sort of a "throw up your hands" bill instead of a law enforcement bill. Just throw up your hands and admit we can't control illegal workers so let's just allow them all in and then "try" to keep track of them. So just open the flood gates and bring in all of these non-tax paying illegals which will bring the public school system to its knees (actually it is already there) and not to say what this will do for the health care system as well as the local county jails. This is INSANE and I hope the Utah legislature gives a quick thumbs down for this thing. This is EXACTLY the sort of thinking that has brought California to bankruptsy.

Home Town USA, UT

Brother Paul:

Come on. Read Robles' body language in the photo provided. She has a forlorn look that she is not fully convinced this bill will ever fly.

Whoa is she. She must have a conflict of interest somewhere. All of God's children should also keep and obey His commandments too. Do they? Laws are laws and are not to be broken or challenged when they are supporting illegal activity. A no brainer.

Cedar Hills, UT

E-verify is the answer and it must be made MANDITORY. Take a look at California right now if you want to see the eventual outcome of promoting and accomidating illegal immigration over the long term. The state is bankrupt. Bankruptsy serves no one - including the lower income citizens - and Ms Robles is more concerned with amnesty for Hispanics than the economic viability of the state.

WestValleyCity, Utah

Good for Miss Robles Encourgment
Helps to others..

Not everyone is born
Illegal not everyone is a Criminal!

Columbus, OH

Re: Considering

I noticed you pointed out the hypocrisy of those who deny AZ's law on basis of Federal law and support this, but conveniently ignore all those that bash this proposal on the basis of federal law (see: first comment), but still support the AZ law. There are clearly two sides to that coin.

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