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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

Perhaps Senator Robles should read some of our federal laws before attempting to violate our constitutional government. The federal labor laws state that no illegal aliens, including those renamed immigrant to muddle the issue, cannot be employed in the Untied States by any company, business, or government. They are not even allowed to open a business by our state laws.

Robles better learn she represent citizens of america, not illegal foreign nationals from Mexico. Her being a Mexican does not give her the right to represent illegal Mexicans who she can't even identify or name. She is representing ghost foreign occupation by ghost residents. These ghost residents are a curse and a plague for the economy of the State.

Robles cannot write a state laws to invalidate any federal laws which this one of his is attempting to do.

This bill is violating federal labor laws as well as federal immigration laws, a double whammy criminal attempt to save the illegal from deportation and use Utah as a sanction state to hide them from the federal government.

This bill and all like it are in complete violation of the constitutional laws and rights of citizens of this country.

Santaquin, UT

Calling Robles' bill bipartisan because it has support from the Sutherland Institute is wishful thinking. In a legislature dominated by Republicans, the bill has no chance for success if it doesn't have support from Republican lawmakers. Nothing written in this article leads me to believe the bill has support from any Republican. Ironically, if Robles' bill becomes a national model as suggested here, it will have to do so without being passed in her own state.

Santa Clara, UT

National model? I hope not!

Ogden, UT

At last some sanity with the hard work of Luz Robles!

One has to wonder, with today's hard-line Republicans and the tea-party bullheadedness in Utah, will reason ever prevail here in the state?

Fortunately, the Utah delegation to our nation's Senate and Congress hardly ever prevails upon the more rational approach to lawmaking in Washington.

Would the Declaration of Independence have ever won approval had it's signers been of the mind as most of Utah's politicians? I think not.

By the same token, would the Constitution have ever won a majority of votes if the current non-negotiating, uncooperative, unrelenting approach of our state's politicians had represented the majority of thinking in 1883? The answer to that is a resounding NO!

More power to you, Luz Robles!

Murray, UT

National model? of what? Insanity?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

"Because immigrants would be required to carry their permit on them at all times, Robles' believes the bill would help law enforcement weed out criminals."

And when would they be asked to show this permit?? Would law enforcement have to have some reasonable suspicion that they are immigrants required to carry the permit?

How is that DIFFERENT from the provisions of AZ's law all the liberals call RACIAL PROFILING? This bill, in practice, would require just as much racial profiling as AZ's law. Of course, I don't believe it's racial profiling, but those who want amnesty for illegals ignore the same basic requirement in Robles amnesty bill they call racist in AZ's bill - hypocrits.

No way this thinly veiled amnesty bill gets trough the Utah legislature. The Sutherland Institute must be heavily dominated by businesses who use cheap illegal immigrant labor.

Tremont, IL

Sen Robles bill flies in the face of federal regulations. This is another if passed will end up in the courts.

Illegal is Illegal any way you slice it.

Make the Legal Methods simple and Quick and all will use them. Make them Difficult and Impossible and only those that play the game will comply.

Immigration needs radically simplified.
Enforcement needs practical methods that are enforced on ALL immigrants, EVEN CURRENT ILLEGALS.

Close the Border.

Get rid of USCIS and Dept of States Immigration VISA Systems. Merge their functions with The US Customs Service. They all handle different portions of the process. That will streamline and shorten the process.

Register all immigrants here illegally at local customs offices (traditionally the post office, they need justification and funds).

I know most would say this is insane and not possible.

Our country does not have the money to support the continued inefficiencies of government. Streamlining is required to fix the budget alone.

We need comprehensive real fixes.

Root out Members of Government that are causing inefficiencies and take their pensions from them for their contributions to these issues, being part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Tremont, IL

Have two systems. Immigrants Immigrating to the US Permanently.


Immigrants (Workers) that are transient. The second are not here permanently. Also any and all children of Transients are NOT American Citizens Period.

Legalize the process and streamline it all.

Add residency requirements just as current citizen process requires with maximum time limits that are monitored in a mandatory employment monitoring system (e-verify).

Kearns, UT

A national role model? It goes to show you how out of the loop Robles is. No one will even consider her model. I hope no one else in the nation views this. We are already the laughing stock of America for allowing illegals to drive.

Ogden, UT

Like always reward the ones who broke the law! If you let the ones already here stay they have won!

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . bill could become national model."

Yeah, for illegal, sanctuary-movement-based, amnesty laws.

This is nothing new. Nothing innovative. Nothing on which any model should be based.

It's just the same tired "progressive" agenda.

The only thing new is the political spin.

Newbury Park, CA

The details are not as important as the process. Someone is thinking outside the box. There are solutions that do not lead to either another Reagan Amnesty or the Great Wall. When someone from the other side offers a creative idea, maybe it can lead toward a solution.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This can only be a national model as an example of what NOT to do!

This is not an attempt to fix the problem of illegal immigration, it is an amnesty scheme and nothing more.

Giving out permits to illegals and then getting tougher on employers is ridiculous.

This would be like trying to reduce bank robberies by giving robbers a pile of blank checks and penalizing banks for having cash on hand.

The only proper solution to illegal immigration is to secure the borders, and prosecute violators of our current laws. And, to grant states further powers to round up and deport illegals if the feds will not do it.

Robles and the Sutherland folks are just plain wrong in their approach!

Home Town USA, UT

This bill and all like it are in complete violation of the constitutional laws and rights of citizens of this country.

I completely agree. Illegals have no rights, which Robles is so desperately trying to amend.

This is still an insult to our Constitution. There are NO two ways about it. There is NO way this is going to pass in the UTAH legislature.

What part of illegal immigration does "LUZITA" not understand? To say it is bipartisan is an insult to my intelligence (and everyone else). You do not have the numbers to carry it anyway.

Let's make it a voted issue and see how far it doesn't go.

And how do you expect Ms. Robles, to get the illegals to register? That will never happen. They would be/are perfectly happy to stay anonymous.

You have got to be kidding yourself and be blindfolded to the truth.

To many holes in this proposal to carry a bucket of water.

It is a NO GO.

Salem, Utah

I think Robles' bill is encouraging. An if it steps on federal toes -- a fed that is unable to act towards reform itself -- it is in good company with federal laws that needed changing. Sometimes a state has to show the feds how to do things. The US Constitution has proven flexibility in the past when human rights were at issue. It can do it again.

American Fork, Utah

Have anyone read this bill? I just read it and to say that it could become a national model is hard to believe. Illegals want to remain anonymous so they will not get caught by ICE and sent back home to their country of origin. In the last section of the bill it states very clearly that Utah would share the permit holder database with the Feds.

Am I missing something here? Let me see if I get this straight. If I'm an illegal and I want to remain here, why would I apply for a work permit so that I could have my name put in a "illegal worker" (for all intents and purposes) database. Additionally, business who want to apply to become a "permit holder" employer is voluntary.

As far as I can tell, who in their right mind would sign up for this. Not the illegals I've run across.

American Fork, Utah

yarrlydarb...read the bill...it won't work!

Immunity isn't provided and this bill gives ICE a reason to round up all of the illegals and send them home.

Actually, maybe Robles is on to something. This could save ICE a lot of money.

Salt Lake City, UT

The bill doesn't have a chance. With no mandatory law enforcement included, it falls way short. Moreover, to say the bill has bipartisan support is simply wrong - over 60 percent of Utahns support enforcement and Sandstrom's bill even though media are not stating this in their one-sided stories. Even the leadership of Hispanic Republican Assembly believes Robles' bill is short on substance and long on ineffective bureaucracy.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

WE do not need guest workers, or illegals, or amnesty. Her bill will never make it in utah or anywhere else.

Stockton, UT

So the same people who scream, "States can't mess in an area reserved for the federal government," when a State attempts to help enforce existing federal law, then turn around and support a bill that flat out undermines federal law!?!?!!!??

The hypocrisy of the pro-illegal-alien crowd is beyond the pale.

To big business looking for cheap labor to be used and abused, to liberal elites and race baiters looking to undermine our culture while perpetuating a permanent underclass and criminal class I say the same thing:

The grassroots has had a gut full. Republicans, democrats, and independents alike are sick of this. Read the comments here, or on the SL Tribune. The regular folks, the voters, agree on immigration as we do nothing else.

With rare exception, among the regular voters, hardcore conservatives, pinko commie liberal, and everyone in between is sick and tired of open borders.

Cannon and Bennett have been retired at least partly over this issue.

Let's see how many State legislators want to lose their seats.

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