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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 4 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Burley, ID

That's okay guys, I'm still immensely proud of my Utes. The past eight years have been an incredible ride!

Two BCS Bowls.
Good to great teams almost every year.
And now PAC-12 membership!

How many programs would sell their souls to have accomplished the same thing?

As Bill Marcroft (the former Ute sports announcer) put it so well many years ago ...

"These are indeed halcyon days for the University of Utah."

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

The Utes are facing some serious rebuilding in the skill positions next season especially at QB and RB. Nobody knows for sure how well Wynn will recover from his surgery and even so, is Jordan sturdy enough to last a full season at QB in the PAC 12?

Santa Monica, CA

It's tough for me to imagine anyone being all that down after a season that included ten wins, but that's how things have become in Ute land. Success breeds huge expectations. Still--double digit wins, losing to 3 good teams (please don't try to tell me that Notre Dame was not a good team this season) and the glorious memory of on Brandon Burton---flying in from the side and bringing an entire Cougar nation to it's knees with (wait for it please) THE BLOCK??!!! Sigh-----And so now, we move to the mighty Conference of Champions. An upgrade that we deserve and which represents the high esteem which the University and the athletic program of the U has earned. No, I'm not feeling very MARRED right now. I'm sort of feeling like a resident of football nirvana. Go Utes!

Sandy, Utah

Geeezzz, I am from the predominate religion here and a true Ute fan, I have a difficult time reading DN you're so pro BYU and Anti Utah. There is no way Im going to read the other local rag, its the opposite in bias views and spews hatred. DN, cant you guys give us Ute fans a break? We are not sinners! We love our school as do the BYU fans. Write positive articles, A 10 win record is a great season, to go into the PAC 12 is going to be great for Utah.
Stop showing your jealousys and write like professionals.

Littleton, CO

C'mon, Dirk -- give ute fans SOMETHING on which to build hope for next season! Rough finish, bad current trajectory, injured QB with many ??? and missing spring ball, loss of many key skill players and d-backs, poor special teams play, and a daunting season ahead. Well, to be be fair, you DID mention that the utes have a pretty good kicker returing next year....

Salt Lake City, UT

Dirk is a Ute homer, so if he's predicting storm clouds on the horizon, believe him.

Utah was very mediocre in the last half of the season. I mean come on, the Utes were lucky to beat a very mediocre 7-6 BYU team, AT HOME, by ONE POINT!

And now they're faced with replacing most of their skill players and possibly having to develop a new starting QB.

Utah's basketball team hasn't shown a pulse in years.

Is Dirk supposed to sugarcoat that just to make us feel good about a season that started 8-0, but finished with three humiliating losses?

A 10-win season is great, but falling from a #5 ranking and possible NC consideration, to barely ranked or not ranked at all, is a huge disappointment.

To put it bluntly, the Utes won't carry any momentum into the PAC 12 in either football or basketball.

Boise, ID

this 10 win season will look a lot better in 5 years when everyone has forgotten the lucky wins, lucky calls, and the collapse at seasons end. The Utes may just be lucky. Even in 2008 with missed field goals by TCU and a 3 point win over NM, they pulled out a big win over Alabama. Only time will tell.

Atlanta, GA

Coach Whit said, "We didn't get a league championship, which has been our first and foremost goal." Based on that criteria, they only achieved their foremost goal once in the past six years. And that was in the lowly MWC. Wow, how you gonna top that moving forward?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I have total confidence in Coach Whit!

He knows what needs to get done and get ready for next season. He's proven to be one of the best coaches in college football. With Stanford on the downhill with Luck and Harbaugh leaving, we'll enter the Pac 12 as the second best team in the conference.

No reason we won't have as good of a shot at the conference title as anyone, especially since we avoid Oregon and Stanford in regular season play.

Those losses were bad this year - but again I think Whit will make the necessary adjustments in the offseason.

Can't wait for next season already!

Payson, UTAH

I think it is great that Utah is going to the Pac-12 and has a chance to compete in the BCS and their cooked books. Utah has earned that respect. As a BYU fan, I hope to see the Utes bounce back quickly in basketball as well. The Pac-10 is down now in basketball, which is fortunate. The rebound of Utah in basketball will coincide with the rebound of that conference. I will not be rooting for anyone in the Pac-12 to beat any team from Utah.

Utah football will draw the recruits it needs to fill any holes that develop from injuries or graduation. The traditional difference between the stronger conferences is depth, especially at the top level skill positions. Utah will do fine and I look forward to a great first year's experience in the pac-12. The conference championships will come. So will the return to the BCS.

Roy, UT

One GREAT THING they accomplished was this, they are now in the Pac-12 where they will be a mid level team at best and have the goal of aiming themselves to getting to the "Vegas Bowl" every year with a 6-6 or 7-5 record! That will be the goal for the next few years.

Salt Lake City, UT

Both BYU and Utah got plastered by TCU. Utah beat BYU by a 1 point and had the better record. It is clear that Utah was the better team last year. But I think BYU Football program is in better shape.

Both had very good recruiting classes. But BYU was able to play a lot of freshmen, while Utah ridiculously thought that they would be playing in the Rose Bowl or a National Championship most of the year and really played a senior offense with a more balanced defense.

Player Utah Lost:
Asiata, Wide, Smithson, Brooks, Schlouderaff, Taylor, Burton, Cox, Chapman, Manis, Taplin-Ross, Phillips,

Utah Freshmen that played significant minutes
Blechen, Fitzgerald, Taumoelau

Players BYU lost:
Rich, Burton, Bradley, Ashworth, Speredon

Freshman that played significant minutes
Heaps, Hoffman, Quezada, Van Noy, (4 tight ends) Reynolds, Stout

Herriman, UT

Kyle has to get control over his program, based on what I saw towards the end of the season and the attitude of the players. They were more concerned with talking trash to the opposition before the games started rather than just coming out and playing with confidence. Maybe that is what inferior teams do to bluster it up to better teams but my Utes are better than that. If Kyle doesn't get that attitude back under control the Utes could be in for a LONG 2011. Oh, btw...season ticket holder and true Ute!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Rose Bowl within 3 years, national championship within 5


San Francisco Bowl? Fantastic

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"Rose Bowl within 3 years, national championship within 5"

Maybe for USC.

But, for Utah, not a chance.

Provo, UT

Almost every Ute fan has four goals for the team each year: Go undefeated and play in a BCS bowl; win the bowl game; win the conference; beat BYU.

These are the real fanatics, of course, not the realists.

Only a gnat's eyelash allowed the Utes to reach just one of the four goals that define their fantasy program.

Since the inception of the MWC, Utah has had a better

Evanston, WY

CougarKeith: so, you say, with a little effort in a better conference, the Utes,in a bad year will equal the record now of the cougars?

Provo, UT

I stopped in mid-sentence. My apologies.

Since the inception of the MWC, Utah has been terrific. Tremendous bowl winning streak, five ten-win seasons, 3 conference championships, and one tie for the championship.

During the same period, which includes the Crowton years, BYU has played better in bowl games (not as well as the Utes), had 5 ten-win seasons, won three conference championships, and tied for another.

Neither team played for a national championship.

But both programs, Utah 3A and BYU 3B, are looking up at the 2 dominant non-AQ schools of the same time period: TCU and BSU.

The excitement lies in the fact that both teams show great signs of improving in the next few years.

But my sad prediction is that neither team will play in a BCS bowl between now and 2015.

By 2015, Kyle Whittingham, rated the fourth most important coach in the country by ESPN, will be the head coach at USC.

At the same time, Bronco Mendenhall, the 20th most influential coach in the country, will be retired.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

10 wins in a mid major conference is great on a local level but hardly noteworthy from a national perspective. 10 wins in the PAC would be worthy of some recognition. Time will tell.

Those predicting that the Utes will dominate in the PAC are the same fans predicting that the Utes would dominate TCU and BSU. They can use a little reality check.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I sense a feeling of uncertainty within my group of Ute friends(some attneded both the TCU and BSU games)and the media. I sense a feeling of optimism within my group of BYU friends. I doubt if honest Ute fans have ever felt worse about a 10 win season. I doubt if BYU fans have ever felt better about the future after barely having a winning season. Utah really fell off with alot of seniors. BYU finished stoong with a very young team. I would love to see the Utes be successful in the PAC and win a Rose bowl in the next few years but they will have to get much better play from their QB and they will need some players in skill positions to really step up this fall. I predict a re-building type year for the Utes with 6-8 wins. I also predict BYU will end up with at least 10 wins and a top 25 ranking.

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