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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 4 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Houston, TX

Its pretty simple. The starters do not give the effort needed to run the offense in the first Q. They do not execute well.

They may be tired? The other team may be fresh enough to disrupt the Sloan system? It may take a Q for DWill to figure out how to attack the other team?

Most likely the team is still learning to play together and is still adjusting.

The Jazz have never been a 4 Q defensive team. They play D in the 4th Q and that is enough to win 2/3 of the games. They are not willing to play 4 Qs of intense D every reg season game.

Sloan tends to play his best players long minutes and that tends to cause them to play just hard enough to stay close and then turn it on at the end.

More/Better depth at 2/3 would help. Okur being in real game shape would help. Consistent outside shooting would really help. Ditto for better rebounding.

There really is no excuse for the poor rebounding.

Several of the lost games were due to inability to break a zone and poor rebounding.

Tokyo, Japan

I agree with you Bugoff...i think they are still feeling each other out...but its close to mid season...they should have picked up the pace by now...im guessing we would really see it after the all-star break...if this team could be a contender...or just a better playoff bound team...they need to give both rookies regular time to improve...and i think...millsap should be relegated as the 6th man again...let Fes or Okur start...find better players at the 2-3 before trade deadline...

Winter Springs, FL

Why does Jody continue to get quotes from Andrei Kirilenko on what is wrong with the team? Is there any bigger under-achiever than Andrei? Is he really giving us a 16 million dollar effort this season? I've seen most of the games this year and I cannot think of a single game where Andrei excelled. Lets get quotes from the top three performers on what is wrong - Not one of the major causes.

Roosevelt, UT

there is very little spark in the starting 5. Deron tends to walk the ball up the court, which stagnates any offense.

AK had better be on his way out as he has filled up only bench stat sheets this season.

Millsap had a good game months ago. Find out what is wrong there. Boozer is still killing opponents and Millsap is playing good but hardly inspired

Salt Lake City, UT

It was one thing when they were losing leads to the Heat, Magic and Thunder, its a completely different thing when its happening against the TWolves and Pistons.

In my opinion, this team isn't good enough (then again, last year they were losing to the TWolves!)

Can we talk about eventually starting Memo? Do you guys thinks that might switch things up? Who would we bring off the bench, Jefferson or Mansap?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I love the caption on the photo with this article:

"Utah's C.J. Miles and the rest of the Jazz need to find a way to stop coming out of the gates in their games like cold molasses, yet continue their honey-sweet finishes."

I didn't realize that CJ was a starter? Why not put a picture of Millsap who does nothing the first quarter, or AK?

This is all on Jerry. He determines who starts the game. If they are the worst team in the NBA in the 1st quarter, maybe he should make some changes. But perhaps he likes the overall play and winning percentage this year and doesn't really care about the 1st quarter? As it stated, they are 5 wins better than last year at this point. That's a huge improvement considering most of you think Boozer was a huge lose for the Jazz along with Korver, Matthews and Brewer.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Some good points made,I also think those freak come-back wins actually hurt us,they`re thinking they can turn it up anytime,won`t happen against the top teams,and btw we are not one of those top teams,4th in the west at best,and lastly AK is still a big key to our season,I think a lot of folks are looking at only his scoring,he does alot that won`t even show on the stat page

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Kakashi.........It is not possible to have an All-Star player at every position when your team is based in Utah and has no market for individual stars to make big revenue off the court.

We are fine at the two and three. Where we are weak, is finding a shot blocker for better interior defense. If anything we need to move Jefferson to the 4, Millsap as a back-up and find a true center.

Houdini, I do have to agree with you (that pains me to say that) that AK is a big part of the Jazz being successful. He has a ton of intangibles that most fans can not see.

Draper, UT

Think about the last time the Jazz had a great 1st quarter...that would be vs. Portland at home. Had the lead 27-20 and ended up losing the game 91-96.
It is irrelevant if the Jazz have a great 1st or not. How the scoreboard reads at the end of the game is the only relevant score that should be given any attention.
By the way, when was the last time you remember watching a game where a team played a complete 48 minute game? I would guess that teams rarely play their best for an entire game. There are runs and droughts in every game.

Can't we just be excited that our team is tied for the 3rd best record in the Western Conference rather than try to create issues that are irrelevant?

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

All starts with Deron. He warms up slow. Jazz pushes ball and wins. Slow pace maybe good for Derons stat sheet walk dribble and shoot.

Farmington, UT

@ CJ Miles

We don't need to put Millsap behind Al off the bench. Paul is quick enough and athletic enough to play 3 spot. If we could start Williams, Bell, Millsap, Al, and Fesenko I think the Jazz would be a better team. AK is not a starter anymore, he jacks up the first 3 shots every game that are bricks. A good passer yes, but not a starter.

Winter Springs, FL

"AK is a big part of the Jazz being successful" - If this is indeed true... We are in BIG TROUBLE. AK is representative of the Jazz in the 1st Q - difference is he plays the same for all 4. Intangibles? AK is in a contract year and the only stat he is up in is Turnovers/game. If its all about AK we are in Trouble.

delta, ut

thank you lench. why is every body freaking out. we are5 games ahead of last years pace and we can still get better. i would much rather start slow and finish strong. another game we came out on fire against dallas and we ended up losing. only the final score is the one that counts not the first quarter record. what is our record in the games we led after the first qrtr? go JAZZ!!!!

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

The slow starts are because of:
#1 coaching.
#2 the intensity, and execution from the 5 players who start the game.

That being said, after all the talk about slow starts, I am still waiting for these 5 guy's to come out like they want to win the 1st quarter.

Longmont, CO

I'm not convinced that Milsap can play the 3. Watch our 3s play on the defensive end. They are constantly having to run through and around screens. I don't think Milsap would handle that situation as well as CJ, AK or GH. It would also leave us with even less outside shooting on the offensive end.

I could maybe see it working with Okur in the starting lineup instead of Fesenko. Fesenko, AJ, and PM on the court at the same time would leave too many people trying to work in the paint.

The question I have is can Gordon Hayward actually play the 2??? All of his good games have occurred when he got significant minutes at 3 due to AK or CJ being injured.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


Last year it was "we can't win a road game" now we are as good as anyone on the road but we have to have something whine about I guess so now it has transferred to "slow starts"

Quite frankly I hardly care how they start because the best teams in the NBA know how to FINISH!!

Where are the Jazz right now?

Lets see, they are only #1 in the entire league in DEFENSIVE FG% in the 4th Quarter.


People need to relax. Most of the entire starting lineup....is NEW to the starting lineup and/or the team!

Was AK the starter all of last season? No.
Was Bell even playing let alone starting here? No.
Was Al Jefferson here last season? No.
Was Millsap starting last season? No.
Where is our starting Center? He has essentially not even played!

Yet here we are with a top 5 record in the whole league.

This is going to take time for this team to operate as efficiently as we did with Booz.

AK? Maybe you should check the hoopsstats.com before you complain about our SF position. It is top 10 in the league efficiency.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

re: B Russ

"...the slow starts are because of coaching"

Please be serious. We have the same coaches we have for the last 20-some-odd years and slow starts were not a problem. Now suddenly they are because of coaches?

Did we all miss a coaching-change announcement?

The players on the floor either play hard and execute in the first quarter or they don't. This same cast (with the occasional sub) is playing hard and executing in the 4th quarter and winning most of our games.

Do we have different coaches 1st quarter vs. 4th quarter?

Its all the players who now believe they can "flip the switch" and win games, which they have actually done for the most part.

Millsap can NOT defend the 3 position on a regular basis. Maybe in a rare situation against a weird lineup but there is not a chance he can run the perimeter/wings/screens and keep up. No chance.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

The Jazz are alot better when Ak47 plays, so what, he's a better clutch shooter than he is given credit and I agree, all the intangibles make him what he is, a pretty good team player, jazz and every team needs more team players, not less...as long as the 16 million is out there doing something, I'm not going to belly ache unless he starts getting injured.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

if anybody should go to the bench it would be al. most games he has 2 points by half time . most games paul is leading scorer at half time unless cj is on his one of 4 games he is hitting. sap could be leading scorer most games if he took as many shots as al and williams his percentage is better than all of them. if sap goes to the bench dont know who does the scoring? just not the same team as sap and boz. they were shorter than al and sap but played better def together and boz wasent known for his def. at the end of the day sap is most games second leading scorer behind williams.to me the biggest problems is kirlinko most games does nothing for his 17 mil. cj is they key if he is hitting as he throws up a shot everytime he touches the ball they win if he is missing everytime he touches the ball they lose

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Another jealous fan talking money Orlando man or resurfaced Jazznation. Just watch a game and open you..
So far Ak played good except maybe couple games. When wins who gets "prize" of course scorers and it is Deron or rookie. When looses it's AK's problem or CJ's not Derons not Al's and i'm not talking about rookies.
My Weihnachtswunsch Fuer Ak was any team other than Jazz. But he loves crazy place for somereason.

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